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    N gauge Class 50

    I only have the one 50 but I agree with you about the running. I have about a dozen Farish 47s and they are prone to pickup issues.
  2. So who is going to be snapping up those public toilets? Form an orderly queue!
  3. I used to go to C & G Models in the 90s. If I remember correctly, Cliff was the chap that was usually working there. Nice fella. Now I'm back in the hobby (N rather than OO now), Monk Bar is my retailer of choice. Great shop and nice bunch of guys. Combining a few model purchases with the many real ale pubs in York, it makes for a fine day out.
  4. I've ordered every version except the one with Mainline branding and current hazard flashes, as that one is just a bit too modern for my era. Really looking forward to these.
  5. I'm with you on this. I have a rake of RevolutioN early KFAs and also have some C-Rail FSAs on order for an early 90s rake. There just aren't many good quality standard 20ft and 40ft containers suitable for this period.
  6. Great to see this break cover already. I'll certainly be taking an olive green and a 'Dutch' version.
  7. Here is an interesting one if you fancy a Class 08 in the middle of your freight train: 1981-04-09 37079, 08860 Eaglescliffe by John Carter, on Flickr
  8. I'd like to see them do a MK3 in the later RTC livery, as well as a re-run of the early RTC red/blue they released a few years ago - minus the lettering error this time around.
  9. I remember seeing 47712 in full ScotRail livery heading south through Darlington on a rake of InterCity MK2 aircon stock somewhere between 1989 and 1991. Whether this was it's transfer south, I don't know. It definitely operated Waterloo-Exeter services after repainting into the then new Parcels red/grey livery, with NSE flashes.
  10. I'll throw in a guess. Class 305 EMU, with a nice number of livery options.
  11. Superb photos. It is also the first time I've seen this thread and am very glad it was bumped.
  12. These were my spotting days and I will certainly be following this thread with interest. Excellent choice of locos and stock. Those polybulks look superb too.
  13. I never knew that! I live and learn. I just noticed it at 2:22 in this video too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9lA9g0BTyE I'm also still planning to model a couple of blue/grey MK2As with white Trans-Pennine branding, although close up reference photos are hard to come by. I've identified at least two such vehicles that existed though.
  14. I'd love such a rake and am determined to have one. I actually asked Mike about this when I visited his shop a couple of years ago, but at the time he did not think it would be practical. I am looking at having a few of the Regional Railways MK2s partially resprayed and rebranded once they are released, but the FK and MK1 BG might have to be full resprays. A RTR Trans-Pennine set would therefore be very welcome.
  15. I have a handful of Farish 47s that prefer corners to straight sections!
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