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  1. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    And how many are us......
  2. You need to have an under baseboard hideout like the box tunnel strategic reserve fleet where you can hide them. Or build another layout for them.
  3. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    The horror of a blank page! Gah loaded for me as a blank page every time but now comes up!
  4. Apologies again for dodgy phone cam pictures but it shows enough of the progress to date. Ive begun the fuel tanks which is a Ratio kit with a homemade base. For the tanks I'm planning to fit the end of them with a similar style to those at St Phillips Marsh Depot in Bristol which have Thomas faces painted on. Its looking like it will need to be a transfer to get it done correctly so a little field trip needs to be organized to get the necessary photos. Ive also begun fitting fencing and flocking in the back. Ive still got more to do as i ran out of ballast bond but i expect to hav
  5. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    Did it involve a Norwegian Blue variant? Was it the nails that gave it away? The trouble is spare parts for some models is drying up and so demand for them goes up. The only way to get said parts is either through reproduction or dismantling "runners". Indeed i wonder if the fact that many of the newer generation of models have specific parts rather than the days of Lima and Hornby where a part would be reused over many models is making this more common and is growing into what is a massive market. In fact i recently bought 10 Lima 67s which were in a fair to poor state
  6. I found them on ebay and simply stuck to foamboard. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114589800388?hash=item1aae1597c4:g:pPEAAOSw8dVe9IUS Is Plan Ahead https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114221516251?hash=item1a982205db:g:UEIAAOSwbPBeussb Measure Twice cut once. They have lots of others too of which i have too many.
  7. Thanks for your comments. I will have a little play and see how it works out as i do have a spare set of points and that wouldn't be a major job to fit and could offer some extra operational interest.
  8. I decided to use the Hornby shed as a base as in some respects its a very useful design and its also something alot of people don't use compared to the Peco train shed which is almost as common as the bus on the bridge. Also I'm hopeless at scratch building but I'm a passable kit builder and kit basher so used it as a base to make something a little different. Talking about Bristol Bath Road. I wish it was an original! Be worth a fortune now! I did think about using it as a layout name board but i think people would get confused!
  9. Had a chance this afternoon to get some suitable sky coloured paint onto the back scenes. I use a colour called Toulon from B&Q as this isn't a bright blue and is more of a hazy/misty blue/grey colour which i think is not so in your face compared to some colours that i have seen used. Ive also added the brick bottoms to the industrial units and put the hard standing in for them to sit on. I do need to find some suitable air vents etc (i used the unit models range before but it seems to have disappeared and i cant find anything to replace it) together with signage to finish the
  10. Today i have been mostly fencing and getting covered in bits of polystyrene. I decided that the industrial units didn't look right at the same level so decided to jack them up a little with a bush/weed/dead grass bank to add some colour. I'm also planning to have some waste ground just in front of the stabling sidings very much like the Latchford Sidings in Warrington and made decide to place a photographer in the bushes just like you used to see in real life. Ive also purchased another low relief unit from Fair Price Models however this one has a roller door on it for the very far end by the
  11. Some of the latest pics with some of my diesel hydraulic fleet posed. I now have to begin the ballasting which is a job i am never really enjoy but then does anyone? Actually looking at the photos again the 1970 scene does suit it.......
  12. Got it all tested now and works fine which is always a big moment but Ive hit a problem. Ive been able to pick up a Dynamis Ultima for a good price which doesn't look like its had much use. The only trouble is for the computer control bit the program has been registered so i cant reuse it. Now my conundrum is do i buy another disk for £50 from Bachmann or do i dump it and go for the other option which was the NCE power cab? It didn't occur to me that the code is only valid once so once its been registered the program is useless without a new activation code and as such will affect any Ultima t
  13. While the layout hasn't had much done to it mainly due to time constraints, in the rare time i have had ive been getting on with the shed. Ive used the original Hornby glazing as it doesn't look to bad and its probably better than i could achieve. Ive also found some old Knightwing portacabins that i have modified and attached to the shed together which together with the brick sheeting is starting to resemble something a bit different. I'm intending to get the track weathered tomorrow by airbrush so i can begin the task of ballasting the track and also so i can do the hard standing for the she
  14. Had a clear afternoon today so decided to get on with the wiring. DCC power bus and I'm now just waiting to get the dcc unit and the point decoders so i can then finish it off and test it. I can then begin with the bit i enjoy the most, scenics. I find that the most satisfying as you can begin to see it all come together. In terms of hours spent so far its about 6 hours so far and while i'm aware its not to any kind of finescale its simply not meant to be that. Its mainly to be quick and simple so i have something to play on in the house while my bigger projects are bumbling along
  15. Just a quick update but i have managed to lay some track tonight all of which is code 100 with electrofrog points. The DCC unit is also on its way i should be here on Tuesday so if i am able to get the track wired up over the weekend then hopefully i may be able to test it on Tuesday evening. Hopefully it will all work as planned.
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