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  1. I would agree with this statement. The only thing of tangible value is the stock itself. And even then at what cost. Current trade rates, trade rates when the stock was bought in or a much lower figure based on there being alot of slow selling stuff someone buying might not want. Most of the time the stock doesnt sell and then gets sent to auction for virtually nothing compared to what they would have got had they been more realistic with pricing. The goodwill aspect is virtually impossible to value as there is no guarantee that customers will transfer over to a new owner. Mike Bra
  2. On my current layout i have a small single road shed with a small coaling stage planned. Trouble is i'm not sure about a few things. Ive seen some sheds have inspection pits and others not, was there a general rule relating to this or was it just location dependent? Also i'm aware that when ash would be removed it would generally be removed well away from a shed, would this be routinely done in a small WR BLT station or would they wait till a bigger shed was visited. While i appreciate some of these questions appear dumb i thought it better to ask for a more informed answer rather th
  3. It depends. Ours let us by pass the queue and take them direct to the drop off door and someone takes it from there. But i think it depends upon your local postmaster and how they work.
  4. Have you thought of drop and go? Its what my wife uses through a much smaller post office (the crown ones are much much busier) and we never have to wait. Or you can do collect from your door, it will cost versus drop and go but again reduces contact further. I have to say round this way (South Bristol) deliveries are fine from royal mail or DPD (i always use them as quite frankly they are easily the best out there given you get hour delivery slots and full driver tracking). Even 2nd class seems to be getting through fairly quickly even next day in many cases. I suppose however in
  5. The shop selling said rail joiners doesn't actually have them in stock. If you read the description they are taking orders for when they are available again. Given Peco said to retailers not to do that as they couldn't guarantee how much stock they would get it really gets interesting especially when ebay states you should only sell what you physically have in stock even as a business seller. Also in terms of the costs the fees on that would be around £1.90 including listing fees, add in the price of a 6x4 envelope and a stamp means its works out about £3.00 costs not including the VAT and ini
  6. Again ordered some stuff from Mark and it turned up next day standard royal mail. Again for me its only about 5 miles as the crow flies and as i work in Portishead i would never normally it get posted (usually use click and collect) those sales do tempt me in more times than they should.
  7. Indeed i was just making people aware that there are conditions attached to that £10,000. For me my local model shop is Model Railways Direct and from what i understand they have been fairly busy with online business but i can certainly see some of the concerns some shops have as it would seem deliveries have arrived in some cases from different suppliers and it sounds like more is on the way. Of course if the public and trade cant pay it feeds back up the chain to the manufacturers. There simply isn't an easy answer and as we don't have a target for which is day 0 (IE the light at
  8. Indeed thats probably the expectation but some may find they have a bigger bill then than expected. I suspect however many claimants aren't aware of that and may be working on the belief its tax free. I think the only thing we can be certain on is we cant be certain on anything!
  9. One thing to point out though about the grants is that they are classed as income according to my accountant and HMRC so therefore you need to pay tax on them by Jan 2022. Of course this isnt widely known yet and the information is still a little sketchy so if anyone can prove different please say.
  10. Even though i resist this is one of the few threads i keep coming back to. My problem is i only have a space of 7x2 for the scenic section and i'm not really sure i could do it justice. Then again there is just something about it that i cant get away from!
  11. Can i just say you guys are really nasty people . Just when i make my mind up on what i want to do i keep coming back to this. I keep visualizing something set about 1987 and keep watching various WHL 37s on eBay. Heck some of the VI trains ones came up the other night for a good price, It took so much resolve not to press the buy now button! Must stay strong!!!!!
  12. Its been a bit quiet here recently in terms of the layout. Ive decided to move it indoors as while the shed was OK and pretty good temperature wise there wasn't much of a desire to go out there in the wind and the rain. Therefore with a little bit of cunning i have managed to find a space indoors. The only trouble is that space is a little tighter than it was outside so Ive had to shorten the front boards by 2ft. This in itself is not a bad thing as it makes the layout more practical to move as i have reduce each board length by a foot. I have also had to reduce the fiddle yard from being
  13. Hi Just spent an enjoyable couple of hours reading this thread through. Ive always had the temptation to do the WHL in some form around 1987/1988 as the train formations really intrigue me. Only thing that has put me off is having to scratch build the station buildings as i'm not a bad kitbasher but will admit at the moment scratch building i think is a little beyond me. In fact i'm looking at my own layout which i was going to do as a WR BLT but yours and the Meanach thread have made me think otherwise. Only thing is i have already wired up a DC panel but i know if i was to go down the W
  14. Been doing a little more work to this. Indeed Ive had to trim a siding a bit as the goods shed i got wouldn't fit in the space right so a little trimming became necessary to make it all fit. I've also cut a little bit more out and will be moving one or two of the roads to remove some of the regimented nature of it as the more i look at it i think that it just isnt right. I am also at the stage where i have to solder all the droppers on. Its not a job i enjoy very much but its a means to an end. I know that once Ive got it done i can then focus on the scenic side which is the bit i
  15. HI I know what you mean and it something in the past ive been torn in which way to look at it, in terms of the end i am adding a small board for the scenic section to give a little extra bit but as i don't have the space when set up at home (at the present time) i have to leave it off. In terms of the parallel nature of the plan i came to conclusion that many lines are simply like that and that many small WR termini are fairly linear. I did consider going a little different in some areas with this but in the end decided that id rather leave it as it is as i wanted something enjoyable to o
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