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  1. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    There are so many questions that i don't even know where to start........
  2. The last few courier deliveries i had from them were with UPS although they always used to use DPD. If its with DPD you normally get sent an email with the details. Never had it with UPS.
  3. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    Its because people simply dont look at buy it now anymore. I had two lima 47s on ebay at £42.50 each. After a week or so i put them on auction at £0.99 each starting. They sold for £62 and £54 respectively and the buyer of the cheaper one was disappointed he missed out on the more expensive one. I did say it had been up before the auction on buy it now, the response "oh i don't check buy it nows!" Now while I'm inclined to agree the buy it now listings are awash with overpriced stuff occasionally you can find some good stuff but its also the weird and wonderful logic of eBay and its users!
  4. I noticed that too. I sold an item at half 3 and it was paid and ready at 5pm. Obviously to be paid in tomorrow. Perhaps they realized it was putting people off.........(or am i being gullible for thinking that)
  5. There is now no cashpoint there as it was removed at the end of 2019. Personally i always found it an odd thing to do as it always ran out of money halfway through the saturday!
  6. A question for you good sir. How did you redo the corridor connection of your DBSO as i'm looking at doing the same thing but that looks to be a very professional job so i wondered how you achieved it. I did ask Bachmann whether the corridor connection came off and the reply was buy one and find out. Needless to say i didnt bother with that and thought i'd wait to see if anyone else did the conversion first.
  7. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    The Price on thats has got cheaper. I'm sure it was £700 the other day!
  8. One thing i have noticed is that people don't bother to look at the buy it nows. I had a Lima 47 i put up for £42.50 + £4.20 postage. It was up for two weeks and had little interest. I then put it onto auction at 99p for 7 days. Sold for £56.00 plus £4.20 post (i actually upgraded it to 1st class signed for since it went for alot more than i expected). While i would certainly say the vast majority of buy it nows are probably overpriced i simply think now so few people check them to make them pointless for sellers now. In terms of prices in general i cant say they have gone down too much after all the summer months are always out of season for this stuff so i would wait till October before we can really see how much effect has been caused by the changes. In fact i would say while some items went for less, others went for more than i expected so while its a little green in the face its certainly a long way from dead and buried for model railway items. In terms of the auctions I'm not sure the big boys would want the hassle. After why only take 10% -15% commission when they would try to buy it themselves and make more money for less hassle. For me it would have to be a smaller player as they are more likely to be interested in such a move as it could increase their profits without hurting their own stock holdings.
  9. Ive sold numerous items on eBay since the change and to be honest i got the money from Sunday nights sales into my bank account this afternoon. eBay wont give you the postage details until the seller has paid and while i have changed my terms of 3 days i normally always post on the first working day (normally Monday). So far out of 50-60 items not had a problem at all.
  10. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    I note the photo has been updated already with a photo shopped word popped over the top!
  11. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    I'm after some of those so thanks for bringing them to my attention. Bid to be placed.
  12. G-DIMB

    EBay madness

    Thats interesting. Quite often i get a message from that seller asking me i would take a buy it now offer on an auction (i never reply as i put it in big letters in the listing that i dont do that, its starts at 0.99 and goes for whatever it goes for), they also make stupid offers on the items i do put on buy it now. I just ignore the messages or decline the offers as a matter of course.
  13. Sometimes arrives the same day its sent, normally by the Wednesday morning. I had one sent at 5.18 this morning and it just arrived now.
  14. Indeed, i think its now people know the risks. Before it was just accepted therefore life went on. That is what will eventually happen here although it might take a very long time for it to happen. For me i cant wait to get back to shows and have already attended a few toyfairs were numbers were better than before in all of the cases and that's with certain restrictions in place that i know have put some off so i certainly think there is a clear demand for them to be back. I also wouldn't worry about one persons experience of covid as its likely we will all have extremes of how severe it is (after all if you haven't been tested every 2-3 days how do you know you haven't had it and therefore unlikely to have severe illness) with every ones immune response likely to be different (in some cases minor differences to others which vary from death to no symptoms). The vaccines wont stop you getting it (although they will help), they just stop you have as severe reaction compared to not have it. Thats why we are seeing very low hospitalizations this time compared to 5-6 months ago. Mike Bravo
  15. I believe so yes. Not done it myself as Ive got used to the seller hub now and for me find it easier than the old way. Trouble is with the hub is eBay set it up with lots of weird fields. Once you spent a few minutes configuring the sections its not so bad!
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