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  1. As a happy soul who worked in both times - I have a letter thanking me for my service to the board as an employee at Saltley depot - trainman G when BR disappeared and have worked for RegRail ( Yarmouth to Barmouth Railroad or Rusty Rails to friends in IC as a power controller. Then EWS (Engines, wagons and slaves) now for the German nationalised railway on contract to HMG. - Previously Richard Rail and Arriva. But started my "career" selling guidebooks on a Tourist line - an early customer took the sales pitch well - Alan Pegler but it was "his" railway.- This work covered all aspects o
  2. Brilliant info. just dived into my tinlet collection- and I have Revell 51 ! But have an agreed visit to pick up and collect from Tornado books today, so hopefully I can go up one number. P264 Which is Chiltern blue v close to 51. Thanks Robert
  3. Revisited 5408 with the gaps filled and a dose of paint again - issue with ends so a spot more filler, need to drill for commode handles and sort some vent axia roof - N gauge 3D print bogie retaining pins or a kitmaster 3mm version might work, something for tomorrow. A case of the start of 547 the 1969 MK2B catering car - the one that breaks the myth as it was built new as a catering car early MK2 along with the MK2d caterers for CIE. BR having plenty of Mk1s catering vehicle I guess not really a priority in the build plans. This is a Lima SO with window holes cleaned out and
  4. EGV showing whole affair hinges and handles to add, one of a pair from MTK many years ago funnily the other has hinges better done - however some thought here as a landing provided for hinge etch so easier to mask/ paint and add later hinges etc in final detailing . Three white dots by door steps is that etch allows folding steps but leave a gap in shell below - so this is plasticard to close. 3 devlopement shells, top is Halford Ibis White , middle is a slightly botched Gen brake 914, Railtec verson 3 of NIR loco livery with white stripe and logo panel. Bottom is a SO with Darius creat
  5. More coach action - a good day yesterday with 12 bodies getting a bit of progress ! NIR 8911 - roof hatch and exhaust box fitted side grills are trimmed class 37/4 units, new roof vents fitted and round grill is an n gauge class 47 grill. I realised it has taken a decade to get this far... End shot of a Brass etched - MTK MK 2 EGV, plasticard roof hatch as etched one would double as armour plate. 0.4 mm wire for roof lift lugs and exhaust elbows formed by cutting up a mould sprue from a Tomix N gauge lorry details pack! The enlargement shows why this has sat ar
  6. A quick tidy turned up a not lost but buried box of old part built treasures! After a bit of -as it turns out not quite good enough prep I leapt into action with Rattle cans - Seville orange and Inca yellow. The Orange one will be a tippex livery coach 5408, a 1972 Derby build exported to Ireland and became the Presidential coach and now preserved, basis is a Lima coach and Bill Bedford sides - been part built best part of a decade... The Yellow driver trailer was an intermediate vehicle on the NIR 4 piece 80 railcar sandite set. - the only non motor car in the consist. IIRC 752, but it
  7. BR lines are now showing a coreless with the spring style universal joint section and 4 white bearing units for around £20 - while not to much away from a Bachmann price it does have the risky bit of faffing with shafts done. Being about the size of the old farish armature I was hoping to use as a replacement in the dmu and railcar chassis that had the extra pairs of gears to lift the drive level in the chassis. Robert
  8. Hi Thanks, heard of them - friend has 009 models decaled by their products. Robert
  9. I guess if I liked lager ! Tasty regardless. Makes a party 7 look a bit limp. Photos of wagons are still quite rare but looking on Fliker has been quite productive, folk always happy to phot the horse at the front, behind less so when film was fairly expensive and all wagons looked the same !! Decals homebrew? ( sorry bad pun! ) Robert
  10. Barriers got to the finish line ! stuffed and mounted, both done.
  11. Well, got stuck in cement... latest faffing with MIR resin pallet cement wagons with the natty door gear! Body cutdown to match height as a first off, pulley door gear and balance wheel added. for three wagons. End with gubbins for limiting pallet movement - a moveable panel in end of wagon that had adjustable location - twiddling the wheel caused a cam action to push plate against pallet side. Here part built as upper camdrive to fit. The castings are of their day and possible that moulds a little worn as a result even my low standards could not use
  12. Point rodding had really fierce galvanzing on the bits in 1:1 I have used on the Ffestiniog railway - we got loads back in the 1960s - thanks to a Doctor. And even today the remaining lengths are still clean of rust. - a mid grey would be mute enough. The cast cranks might have been painted black to impress the boss but in the field soon had a lovely rust finish, but every rod eye with a grease nipple had a lovely blackish satin finish. Rod stools seemed to get sporadic treatment with oil or grease - I guess fault finding from binding...but the rods still "shone" through- a fine brush load
  13. Got some of the tiny transfers on the beet boxes and water barriers tonight - beet transfers are very small eyes defo cross wobbbbbled now ! The barriers are in Brunswick green as that was to hand but will get a dose if CIE grime and grot .
  14. Couple pics to end the day. Now added cable troughs so ballasting in platforms can go ahead with out platforms in the way. Second shot shows 156. given its all a bit tight I can report the 47/7 2MK3s and DBSO roared round all through trackage happily and the 156 and a 180 likewise. While they do clear the bridge I would not want to lean out ! A class 40 happily runs on all bar one point in the facing direction ( bang road move from the outside platform to the "main line". - removed fluff from leading axle but no improvement so will have to have a play..
  15. Track painted , buffer stops in yard, levels over crossing sorted platform foundations and accommodation bridge in place. Not bad for a couple of hours. DBSO arrived so 47/7 , 2SO, DBSO and 156 tested . The height of code 40 /80 a bit obvious but some weeds and dross around the track should help . This stop will be mainly hidden from view by Goods shed which is a shame as it is a signature item. Track is weathered sleeper with a dollop of track dirt, when ballasted I think a waft of rail grime required . Imagineer advises that the level crossing will be the ma
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