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  1. This is excellent news Simon (and Jerry) Chris
  2. I've just stumbled across this thread. Weathering can be one of the most subjective parts of our hobby but I think what you've done is both well done and fits with my take on how weathered stock for a layout should look. I've just acquired some RHTT wagons - should be an interesting weathering project - when I get round to it.. I'm filing reference pictures at the moment.. I also very much like your 60.... Chris Hopper
  3. If you like a holiday picnic in a very large traffic jam....
  4. I'm pretty certain it was the Wakefield show were we once got an afternoon "snack" on the Sunday plus an offer of sandwiches to take with us for the journey south...!
  5. In my defence I should say that I have not been to the Leeds Show but the best exhibitor hospitality I have experienced at exhibitions is at Wakefield and Pontefract and my favourite show as a visitor is York...... Chris
  6. Being from Lancashire it could be alleged that I may bring an element of bias to the discourse...
  7. Me too. I suspect it will be one layout that looks better "in the flesh" than through a lense.....many are the opposite....(I'll get me coat but I include my own in that category) Chris
  8. Repeating myself I know but... In terms of TV coverage of the hobby I grew up in an era when a Christmas documentary on the Flying Scotsman was a real highlight - if you saw it when it was broadcast.....our glass is half full surely........? Chris
  9. I know about the pasty - posted then realised - am I banned? Chris
  10. Looking at the one review they have had similar issues before
  11. Size also matters - which may play well with Heaton Lodge Junc.
  12. They have a FB page if that helps.. https://www.facebook.com/onlinemodelsltd/
  13. I have not been as a paying customer for a while but it is walkable from the station and if driving it can be better to park a few hundred yards away and walk in. I'm sure all sorts of events cause problems but the exhibition does result in a few parking issues at times. Chris
  14. Crewe has been mentioned but other than that I know nothing else Chris
  15. If anyone has access to Railcam York ROC2 is showing 2 37s with a standard 2 wagon train plus 2 66s unusually with a single wagon. Chris
  16. Cheers an "interesting" build I think... Chris
  17. I cheated and just masked the light grey primer when I did the green.. Chris
  18. You clearly did not take enough coins for the electricity meter provided by the organisers....
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