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  1. Hi everyone, Just a short post but i have been busy 'behind the scenes' this last 12 days. Here is the latest fruits of the labour that is the N gauge King. Received today as a very nice 'kit of parts' which i am currently putting together ready for priming, and display at this weekends Fareham show. If your around, pop by and take a look. I'll obviously post more pics of the 'finished' item on here when its done including the 1 hexagonal driving wheel. (something wrong with the data there i think as the other is round. lol Cheers Dave
  2. Hi everyone, please dont forget i'm away for week as from right now. So forgive me if i dont reply to e-mails until i return. heers Dave
  3. Hi chaps, Like i've said, i'm not unduly worried as there is a pattern to this crowdfunding 'malarkey' (i love that word) regarding consciousness in peoples thoughts. I'll show the chassis mechanics on here in a bit, as it might please some of you. Cheers Dave
  4. once metal cutting takes place, its about 6-8 weeks until first ep, then the same again for second ep, about a month for painted samples, 6 weeks for manufacture, 6-8 weeks for transport, and distribution and a bit of wriggle room. Cheers Dave
  5. the project needed 300 product 'expressions' converted to orders. like i said, i am confident this will happen, but may take time. after all, the initial 'spurt' last time went quiet and then picked up....... almost 'ebbing and flowing' as it progressed, can usually account for this ebbing and flowing by holidays, christmas, job changes, other more important bills to pay etc.
  6. i dont think it wont reach the figures, and i'm sure that there are those out there (and we all know who they are), who will talk down anything, because its a) too expensive, b) not their thing, c) not the right colour, d) not the right manufacturer and so on, etc. Negativity does seem prevelant on forums these days, which is ironic as i dont think we have ever had it so good as modellers, but its ready, it will go to tooling, but it may take a little longer and it would be ashame to lose the tooling slot. but i can always get another one of those. lol I would hope that the 'nay sayers' havnt put off the modellers that are quiet on here and more positive about things. anyway, lets see what the next few months bring regarding sales etc with advertising and press releases.
  7. Agreed, i have just block booked 12 months of advertising, and will be pushing the king and the APT there, in press releases and on new show advertising / flyers up to Christmas. I have no doubt this will get more orders and in fact the confirmation of those who had their refund, re-ordering, and those that originally 'expressed and interest' coming back with a firm order. please note this is for N gauge expressions and also pertinent to the OO firm orders.
  8. To be honest mate, i have not kept their contact details after mailing them asking to transfer their 'expressions of interest' to the new site if they were interested in the no frills one. Basically with all this hoo ha about data protection i felt it was better to expunge those contact details from my system, and start afresh. It is early days still, and as has been said elsewhere, christmas is coming. I do have a database of names and preferences though, which i will compare in a couple of weeks once back from my jaunt east next week.
  9. Hi everyone, No need to reply to this posting, and i'll update it as and when i am away for a time which might affect my response times in replying to e-mails and questions here. I am away on Business and a little bit of pleasure from Saturday the 22nd September until the 29th September as i will be in the far east for that time. I will respond to all, when i'm back if i cannot while away. Cheers Dave
  10. Hi everyone, A month in since the new e-commerce site went live, and a few figures for you. We are currently at 168 deposit payments for the APT so i think thats quite good bearing in mind some haven't received e-mails or read social media that often, and as the info will be propagating through the media and more of the original expressions and refunded orders will be back on board. As with the N gauge King, i cannot seem to get a 3D company to print the APT (4 cars) so if anyone knows someone who can print the APT from the STL files, then please PM me. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi everyone, Just a small update regarding the 'less frills' APT model in N gauge. When the specification was changed the higher price and specification APT's had around 400 orders / expressions of interest. As of 11.00am today the lower price and specification model is at 48 models! Early days yet, but it's not looking too good. cheers Dave
  12. Hi everyone, Crowdfunding pre-orders have been open around a month on this project and at present we are at the following figures to share with you. Original Crowdfunder sign ups / 'expressions of interest' = 706 Current Crowdfunder deposits paid = 264 Now on paper, as you read this, it seems a problem. But what needs to be remembered is that the crowdfunding was open many many months to get to the 706 figure, as information takes time to 'propagate' through the press, internet, clubs etc and reach the consciousness of the modeller who still might want a King but didn't, express, and those that did but as yet dont realise the deposit payments are now open. so please spread the word if your able. Things are progressing though , and i have paid a deposit to China against the tooling, and am still trying to get a 3D company to print the models for display at upcoming shows. I'm surprised at the amount of professional companies that don't want the business and say its too difficult. so the search continues. More updates when i have them cheers Dave
  13. Hi, Sorry to hear your having problems. Which J94 was it and from whom? As for the controller. As long as you used a controller that throws out straight power to the track with feedback or and electrical gimmickry, and your not using an electronic track cleaner then you should have been fine. If it's still running, then it might be anything really, from pcb to plug in 'blanking plug' but unless it stops dead, as a complete failure it might be worth taking the smokebox door off, pulling out the pcb board and running it, looking closely at the board to see if it is overheating at all. Cheers Dave
  14. Dennis Lovett = good guy! from his playful elbow in my ribs for answering modellers questions on here at 3.am in the morning, to great chat, and laughter. ​Yup, a good all round egg, and i hope we still get to see him at shows occasionally.
  15. Thats lovely isnt it? i have a list of around 100 liveries that i really want to do, but more keep coming in, such as this one. i'll add it to the list, and thanks cheers Dave
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