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  1. Quality video thank you, and here’s me ditching spotting when the Deltics went. Just goes to show how interesting things got when I resurrected my interest in trains with a Lima Class 87 in 1988, then the excitement when Hornby announced their first go at a Class 91.
  2. Thanks for that, I did find last night a DVT in intercity livery attached to a blue grey rake of mk3’s, I couldn’t see what was on the other end though. Hoping Rails of Sheffield do 89001. Hats off to Hornby for the DVT Class 43 though...
  3. Ordered the Intercity liveried Class 91, and Class 43 DVT, does anyone know of any coach rakes to go in between. It’s great Hornby have done the DVT always thought it looked quirky.
  4. Nice job, remember this one in the catalogue in 1978 when I was a kid, still has bags of charm to it.
  5. I stand on that very platform every morning, I can remember the Deltics there too, the two centre roads went mid 80’s.
  6. Beautiful layout photo. Well done KR models the colours look spot on.
  7. Looking forward to 2022, Mike Cook would never have believed it though, who would for that matter!
  8. What a Great story of your fathers, written material on GT3 is so rare, I remember an article in one of the first Rail Enthusiast mags in 1981 and I was captivated. Imagine where those artifacts went maybe sat in someone’s shed not knowing their significance. Looks a cracking model.
  9. I missed out on the first issue but had a nice email about the second release order book end of March. Looks a great model so pleased they made it happen. I just had my jab this morning to but all I got was a creme egg for being a brave boy lol...
  10. Yep me too panic bought Ballymoss tonight it does look nice. Now I’ve got 55011 and 55002 1980 stylie and 55018. Now I hadn’t realised I had paid for 55011 in full nearly 2 years ago so with that surprise there is one more maybe if they aren’t due until September. But which one!!
  11. Really interesting stuff there. Another cold war use was to power communication aerials beneath ground / water level to a level above ground / water level (clue there) in order to send comms to the RN Polaris fleet. Location not disclosed! Not sure if these were 18 or 9 cylinder units likely 18 though.
  12. 9009 wasn’t zapped by the overhead power it was an internal fault and a massively expensive one at that.
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