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  1. Try looking on bens online interview. Class 40 was Spring I think followed by the 47. Probably a bit vague as it changes all the time.
  2. Totally agree, imagine two 40 watt rough service bulbs behind a mostly black blind.
  3. Can’t speak for the 37 but on a Deltic which being an EE product of the same era the tail lights are turned on from a single switch in the cab and both are lit at the same time. I’ld go for both on together. The only front light will come from behind the route indicators ie. on a split headcode two bulbs in each box or one bulb per roller blind. The tail lights don’t switch colour they are a red lense with a bulb behind hit. Hope this helps.
  4. Yes sale looks good but must say I feel a little miffed at O gauge A4’s going for £579 when I only bought one when they first came out this year at £750. Sort of feel that after signing up to one when they were announced 3 years ago was it that knocking the price back so quickly is a bit naughty. Moral is don’t buy when they first come out shan’t get caught again sorry Hattons.
  5. I breathed a sigh of relief, I’m thrilled for those who want the 26, 27 and 73 but I’ve got a 31/1, 40, 17, 47 and 56 lining up to buy so need a bit of a gap lol....good interview though I enjoyed it.
  6. Can anyone summarise the approx release dates. I had Class 40 due spring 2021. The Class 47 due after the Class 40. Didn’t hear any dates for the Class 17 or Class 56. Did anyone pick these dates up.?
  7. Shawplan Laser Glaze would be great to sort this issue, not sure if they do 7mm.
  8. For me the days of paying up front in whatever amount for some flight of fancy are dead.
  9. Always liked these little shunters with the veranda on the back. The nrm one always looked the part, can’t wait for O gauge.
  10. I want to add dcc sound to my model 60034 before I add all the extra pieces, does anyone have a chip and speaker specification they have used successfully...thanks
  11. Terylene polyester, they don’t make them like that anymore!
  12. Just been checking out the 7mm 3D diesel worksplates, ie. Sulzer, EE, etc. Can you specify individual locos or is that pushing things a bit much?...Thanks.
  13. Thanks chaps, information overload so I’m going to spend a bit of time digesting you’re thoughts. I’m not electrical so need to think it through.
  14. Thanks for such a detailed reply, I’ll have a good read and digest, many thanks.
  15. Can anyone suggest an idiots guide to motorising a peco point I will have about 15 to do. I want to make my own track layout board with toggle switches on the points maybe even some nice led lights showing which roads are switched. I haven’t a clue about power supply or motors but seep ones look good. Oh and although the locos will be dcc I want the points and signals analogue. Thanks in anticipation.
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