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  1. Always liked these little shunters with the veranda on the back. The nrm one always looked the part, can’t wait for O gauge.
  2. I want to add dcc sound to my model 60034 before I add all the extra pieces, does anyone have a chip and speaker specification they have used successfully...thanks
  3. delticfan

    Hornby APT 2020

    Terylene polyester, they don’t make them like that anymore!
  4. Just been checking out the 7mm 3D diesel worksplates, ie. Sulzer, EE, etc. Can you specify individual locos or is that pushing things a bit much?...Thanks.
  5. Thanks chaps, information overload so I’m going to spend a bit of time digesting you’re thoughts. I’m not electrical so need to think it through.
  6. Thanks for such a detailed reply, I’ll have a good read and digest, many thanks.
  7. Can anyone suggest an idiots guide to motorising a peco point I will have about 15 to do. I want to make my own track layout board with toggle switches on the points maybe even some nice led lights showing which roads are switched. I haven’t a clue about power supply or motors but seep ones look good. Oh and although the locos will be dcc I want the points and signals analogue. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. Yes fingers crossed, I think it would sell better if not as well as the 50. The depth of the bodyside grille is annoying I must say. A Romanian would be good too.
  9. I think when you see the painted sample it’s usually what you end up getting. I think?
  10. I think that’s your lot boys based on Heljans previous what you see is what we’ll get. Sort of resigned myself to that so ordered 2, blue and large logo can’t wait. I think they’ll fly off the shelves but I do agree it’s a shame not to spend just a little bit longer on it.
  11. Nice model looks an accurate 56 to me, now I’ll have something to go on my 16 mgr wagons.
  12. My A4 Hattons model is stunning, another A4 and a definitive one will just be expensive but let’s face it if DJH can charge what they do someone will have a go. Waste of effort I won’t be buying it.
  13. I have the old green one and I’ve never really liked it can’t put my finger on it so I’m going to respray it into br blue instead of buying the new one. Might use the cash get two 47’s these look good.
  14. Is the 37/0 split head code just a rerun of the 2010 model.
  15. The model from the first run is ok, I got the green small yellow ends but for me it lacked something I can’t quite put my finger on it. I did have to renew a split cog virtually straight away. When I saw they were re running it I was going to get a br blue one but for the money I may just respray my green model. If you’re a 37 fan have a good look at it before you buy I would say as the JLTRT is a more accurate shape, but then you have to build it and will set you back best part of £900 to wheel and motor it.
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