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  1. An unexpected day as well without social media it was only luck we found out about it and I must try and find out how we knew, probably a snipet in the local press a few days before. I remember walking through 55005’s engine room and it was completely empty no engines or boiler or nothing. 55005 was kept from scrap until the end of BR service in case 55002 was damaged beyond repair I seem to recall.
  2. 39 years ago this morning the old fella and myself set off for Doncaster Works on a DMU from York via Selby to see the last Deltics lined up at the Plant. What a magic day imprinted on my memory! Can anyone remember the DPS racehorse appeal which eventually got enough cash to buy 55009. Many of the above have vanished, the York to Selby line, the DMU, the Plant and most of the Deltics.
  3. To be honest it’s as if they didn’t make as many of a normal run as they usually do but all credit to Heljan it’s a great model.
  4. Good choice of livery, I’m surprised there are few left for sale mustn’t have been many in the first place.
  5. Your ideas and intentions are admirable but the limiting factors are money and in the case of the DPS both money and volunteers of which there are few to keep the locos running as it is. In time most things are possible but without cash and an abundance of free help progress is very slow and I speak from experience. It is good to have goals though.
  6. Got mine today, green full yellow ends. It has to be one of Heljans best so far, they have sold quickly though.
  7. Going to hunt my old pics I’m on a mission lol ... time does play tricks on the mind but I do remember the blue / green tops date panel. Another detail I do recall from the 1980 repaint was that Doncaster paint shop used to paint in black in small hand painted numbers the date they repainted the loco. This wasn’t reserved for 55002 it occurred on a few locos, I always thought it looked cool, looked something like this......DR 20-12-80 or similar and always in italics hand painted in black. 55002 had it low down on the yellow warning panel on the corner.
  8. Thanks Fran stand fully corrected, that’s fresh out of Doncaster in Dec 80. 1st July 81 it was released from York shed repainted / cleaned up for the second time, I wonder if the boiler roof was painted fully grey then anyway no matter but interesting to research. I only remember the 1st July as it ran into York from KX about 7pm and a rather excited 14 year old got his first Deltic cab ride as it followed the stock out of platform 3. 53 and I still remember it .....magic!
  9. On the 1981 version of 55002 the boiler roof should be fully grey and doesn’t line through with the grey on the cooler groups. I think the 2017 version should be the same also.
  10. Fran, I’ll make you Lord Fran if you do a 7mm Deltic....
  11. Sat in most of the Class in the late 70’s and early 80’s never recalled red seats all were black shiny plastic and a grey frame / plinth.
  12. Here is food for thought don’t pre order this and don’t buy it when it comes out and you’ll be able to buy it 6 months later for at least 20% off when Hattons reduce their price.....simples.
  13. Try looking on bens online interview. Class 40 was Spring I think followed by the 47. Probably a bit vague as it changes all the time.
  14. Totally agree, imagine two 40 watt rough service bulbs behind a mostly black blind.
  15. Can’t speak for the 37 but on a Deltic which being an EE product of the same era the tail lights are turned on from a single switch in the cab and both are lit at the same time. I’ld go for both on together. The only front light will come from behind the route indicators ie. on a split headcode two bulbs in each box or one bulb per roller blind. The tail lights don’t switch colour they are a red lense with a bulb behind hit. Hope this helps.
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