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  1. I wish Heljan O gauge were as critical as you Fran ..don’t rush it get it right then do an O gauge one just for me and thousands others....
  2. Hopes was showing spares until this week now gone.....
  3. I would go Heljan over DJH much better quality bodywork and you don’t have to build it.
  4. Not the worst and not the best my Dapol Y3 is far smoother. Maybe under dcc it would be better and maybe it needs running in.
  5. My coupling had come apart too sorted quickly though did you get instructions with yours...love the cab detail too.
  6. Pity I think Dapol would do a better job of the 56 and cheaper...
  7. Wasp stripe received today. Crest is ok not worth changing, movement is ok not the smoothest but dcc may improve that, body is a bit lopsided but sorted that quite easily with two paper packs, the body comes off really easily with four screws, the footplate side access is a bit warped but only because it is wafer thin so should be easy to sort out. Overall a cracking little loco can’t wait for the blue version...oh and no instructions in the box.
  8. Selling out fast on Hattons website!
  9. Agreed, I would just love a prototype HST, came close with Rapido but slipped the net again.....
  10. I would swop guises to either Class 89 or HST prototype, both would have the wow factor and Hornby wouldn’t do these. Silly to try and take on Hornby as irritating as it may be with the 91.
  11. Just checked my DVLR loco pic and it does have a black band on top of the bonnet but Heljan have extended a little too far down, should be easy to sort out though. Can’t wait for mine maybe Tuesday from Hattons. Then the BR blue one ooooh!
  12. Yes agreed with the crest I'll have a look when it turns up, if not I'll change it when I renumber it D2111 (Railtec) the last passenger special on the DVLR to Cliffe Common Jan 1965. I bet there are a few variations with the stripes so might take a view on how they look, Heljan yellow on BR Green always looks a bit pale to me ah well.
  13. Not too impressed with the pics of the 03 on Hattons website. The BR crest colours look poor and the wasp stripes stop over the bonnet stop with a black strip. Looks like a bit of airbrushing needed, not welcome on a £350 model!! Especially when Dapol can do a nice Y1 for £150...
  14. 16 has always been second best since the DPS overlooked it for the better mechanical condition of 19 in early 1982. It’s a shame really but wrong place wrong time.
  15. Have you tried o gauge yet, I highly recommend it!
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