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  1. Have a look here (about half way down page 119) :- Kev.
  2. What do you mean by the phrase "Emblaser Core machines"? ie. :- What is a "Core machine"? And :- What sort of numbers are we talking about, five-ish, twenty-ish, or more? It will give us an idea of how the perpetrators might be trying to pass them on. Kev.
  3. I was actually more interested in how the "punters" phone-phots would turn out in terms of the shadows cast. (Left to right weighting depending upon which end you were nearer.) Another point of view - literally! Kev. (Great stuff Stubby)
  4. I thought Rhea's are only required to carry tail feathers... Kev.
  5. I pass these beams every (work) day. Stunning stuff sir. (...and welcome back!) Kev.
  6. "Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg" have just donated 5 Grand - WOW!
  7. I've just donated and it was very easy to do, but in the few moments it took me, the fund went from £2410 to £2885! I am so sorry for every ones losses in this tragic event... Kev
  8. The Manchester MetroLink rails are very "heavy" in cross section. The areas where the MetroLink is being laid on top of old/existing lines the old "small" cross section rail is ripped up easily and then a great deal of care/effort is spent on laying the "foundations" for the new Metrolink "light" rail! I think the contract states that "works" are to last 120 years! Kev.
  9. Seems like a better investment than some I've seen/been invited to! Kev
  10. I played about with SEEPs, PSUs, Oscilloscopes, with my own "designs", where I measured the inductance of the SEEP. (Several transistors were hurt during the experiments!) I'm sure that I posted it up on RMweb at the time, (with the DSO screen grabs), but can't find any trace (no pun...) of it at all now! I did take notes though and the SEEP had an inductance of 2.79mH and a resistance of 2.79Ohms. I used a 1.00 volt step rise and measured T to be exactly 1000uS, (not 980 or 1020 but 1000uS!), with the current quickly levelling off at 358mA. Kev.
  11. Jack dropped into a couple of threads I was running and left with nothing but praise and encouragement - for which I was very grateful. RIP, Jack. A true gent.
  12. 22150mm? Easy - 22 metres and 6 inches! Kev.
  13. 22150mm? Easy - 22 metres and 6 inches! Kev.
  14. I thought it was for verifying that the tail lamps were lit. Kev.
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