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  1. Bulldogs didn't start running with 3500g tenders until the early '30s. In the 1920s, they would still be running with Dean 2500g or 3000g units.
  2. Ugh, Why use a lightweight 14 if the loco weight is already in the red category (primarily because of the sidetank capacity, which I guess would have been upped to 2500g)? The Manors were that comparatively rare GWR thing - a failure, It was't until their draughting was improved in the mid-1950s that saw a reasonable improvement, by which time it was arguably all a bit too late.
  3. Yes. The former, a Dean design, is more often referred to as a 'dished' front. The latter is called pressed because the door has a pronounced lip which fits neatly inside another pressed ring of the smokebox front itself. The pressings were highly standardised.
  4. The Dapol Mogul can't be used for 5336 because it has the earlier form of motion plate, and it can't be used for 7333 and 7337 as they were fitted with side-window cabs and extended frames. The rest of your list seems ok. As far as I know, Dapol is planning to make available inside- and outside-piped versions as part of its initial offering. You would therefore need pics of your chosen locos to see which were fitted with inside or outside pipes in your chosen timescale. Although boiler-swapping was as regular as on any other GWR class, I get the impression that cylinder-swapping was extremely rare. Boiler swapping with affect the presence of a high or low safety valve cover - Dapol seem to be offering both, You'll also need to check your chosen locos have the high line of washout plugs on the firebox sides. As far as I can tell, none of your chosen locos were lined post-1956.
  5. Thanks. I can find no reference to a Pooley Van conversion from an S9 in GWR times. The PB pic shows a standard BR(W) NPCCS livery of crimson and black ends.
  6. Steam Colour Portfolio western vol 1, Keith Pirt (apparently)
  7. I like the motion work colour.
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