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  1. Can't help thinking Kohler is making a rod for his own back by claiming his rivets are all present and correct.
  2. Facing connections into a lowly goods yard? Trailing connections would be better.
  3. Lovely. Gives good depth to the whole scene.
  4. e.g. two D98s sandwiching two E131s. Like wot Hornby do. Ruislip/Wycombe trains were generally non-corridor.
  5. Lose the Halt and the factory siding (the latter implementation looks distinctly american, and inappropriate). Suggest keep it simple with a simple trailing connection:
  6. A Hornby 4-coach suburban set with a strengthener all-3rd would be suitable. A bit like the top pic of http://www.gwr.org.uk/no-prairies.html minus the Toplight and Clerestory.
  7. The first 2721 to be fitted with standard panniers seems to be 2771, in May 1909. Many received panniers before and during WWI (which is why photos of 2721 saddle tanks are comparatively rare). Your plan to cut the Hornby tanks off at the bottom, just before they turn under, and replacing the upper part is thwarted. Saddle profiles in relation to the cab were completely different to the panniers: Btw, what does the Hornby measure over the pannier sides?
  8. Not imaginary, but some very stupid and ugly GWR specimens are explored in the GWS Going Loco blog. authored by our @Castle. Always worth a read.
  9. It's the new ads. These ads change basic browser positioning functions. The back button places the ad where it is most prominent, and the actual page content is then pasted underneath the ad. In effect, the ad becomes fixed on the screen and the page content floats behind it. It's spectacularly good or spectacularly nasty programming, depending on one's point of view. On RMweb, I now avoid using the back button if possible. When viewing VNC, I open topics in a new tab. This still produces the characteristics described above, but at least the tab can be closed immediately, and avoids one back button move. I expect this thread will be closed because of the existing ad thread (although currently it is not discussing ads).
  10. What did they do at St Blazey? Pickup goods on the Newquay branch?
  11. I don't see the purpose of using these engines on the St Ives branch.
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