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  1. I think the Beyer was a Ks kit.
  2. Oh dear. Another suicidal transmission.
  3. A mid-1890s down train headed I think by one of the troublesome 0-4-4Ts. I'm not sure whether the on signal is Saltash's advanced starter (no 18?) or RAB box's outer home. (The signalling varied over the years.)
  4. Cylinders and buffers are different.
  5. British Rail Main Line Diesel Locomotives, Colin Marsden and Graham Fenn, OPC
  6. 701 is not the same type of Andrew Barclay that Hattons is producing. Look at the pictures.
  7. https://web.archive.org/web/20160324222351/http://www.plymrail.co.uk/705.html
  8. Generally, the E140 B-sets appearing in numbers from 1930 swept away the remaining 4-wheelers from branch line use.
  9. I'm not sure when the GWR's 'busby' design originated, but it was long before Sam Ell's time. Here's a different 1610 on 11 September 1927. (1610 was a regular at the Didcot Ordinance Depot for many years.)
  10. Although tending not to be visible on most pics, capping strips (3/8") seem to be the norm on GWR opens. But when did cleats begin to appear? Or are they are preservation thing?
  11. For perspective, 16xx locos were allocated to Thames Valley sheds only in ones or twos. The larger panniers continued to predominate, and by 1950, ordinary 57xx had gained yellow status, so there were no longer any weight-restricted lines (Brentford, Watlington) where only lighter engines could go. I get the impression the 16xx spent their (distinctly unspectacular) days on shunting duties, pottering around and between local yards in close vicinity to their sheds. By 1960, panniers of all kinds were starting to line up idle in their sheds. The O8s were either taking over or had taken over the yards.
  12. The body moulding is very good and is the same as the original Airfix (and now Hornby). The accuracy of the underframe depends on how far back into GW times you want to go, and if that obsesses you, you will need the books.
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