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  1. Had to press 'load more activity' 18 times before all the unread content was showing. How tedious is that? Still, I suppose the mobile users like it...


  2. Always a bit worrying when a supplier's Mastermind specialist subject is avoiding the question.

  3. Notification settings still very flaky

    1. bgman


      Maybe it's a Cadburys thing ? 

    2. RedgateModels
    3. Miss Prism

      Miss Prism

      I'm glad I didn't use bollox instead of 'flaky'...


  4. Shouting at prats on the TV or the radio doesn't stop them, but makes me feel better

    1. Corbs


      When I was a very young child, I thought that if I shouted right into the speaker on the TV, they'd be able to hear me. It never worked, sadly.

    2. Hroth


      Invest in a foam brick to chuck at the screen, that'll help too.

    3. Mallard60022


      Don't worry as Mr Humphries is actually and really, really leaving the morning shout over anyone interviewed (except in very special circumstances) programme.


  5. tenders and fenders, coffee and toast

    1. Hroth


      One is burn't 'tother roast!

    2. bgman


      Good luck with the first two,

      enjoy the second !

  6. holy hyperbole, Batman, the battle of the large Prairies is on

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    2. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon


    3. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      One can but hope that Dapol will do a different series from the one chosen by Hornby.

    4. 88D


      Or that Dapol go for a Manor instead, assuming Bachmann don’t announce it!

  7. The trouble was due to the large lap and increased travel of valve. It had come about through the increased throw and the angularity of the quadrant link. In the Walschaert gear the more lap obtained, the more work the combining lever had to do, and only a small percentage of the work was taken by the quadrant. In that particular case the angularity of the link was rather excessive, and it would be an advantage to decrease the angularity of the link and increase the angularity of the radius r...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Northroader


      But you still need to oil it.

    3. Hroth


      Optical alignment is your friend here...

    4. Compound2632


      Gift of the gab motion.

  8. HM customs charge of £18 on a few kits from Canada - daylight robbery!

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    2. John M

      John M

      Brexit is unlikely to make any difference as toys and models are duty free or Zero rated under WTO Rules or a free trade agreement with Canada.


      At least HM Customs don't appear to charge an Entry Fee in addition to any duty or purchase tax liable at the time of import.


      New Zealand Customs Service charge a flat rate Entry Fee of $45.80 + purchase tax on imports of $400 (approx £217) or more.


      A lot of the increased focus by Customs on personal imp...

    3. centraltrains


      taxation is theft

    4. Patrick


      Import duty or VAT?

  9. "rmweb is performing better than other Referral traffic"

    1. mike morley

      mike morley

      Sounds like a government report on an organisation put into Corrective Measures.

  10. Have just discovered 'Manage Attachments', which has provided a route back to parts of RMweb time has forgot

    1. Dave47549


      Alas poor VNC, i knew it well...

    2. DonB


      VNC .. Still there on my Forum Index page.

    3. Dave47549


      That's bizarre. Yep, the VNC tab's always been there, but it's not worked for a week or so, but it's back up and running now. Ah well, i'd best get back under me bridge!

  11. Swindon's policy of continuous improvement translates to continuous confusion to anyone who tries to follow it

    1. toboldlygo


      Probably explains my stress headache! lol

  12. History is just one darn thing after another

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    2. Hroth


      Thats life!

    3. TomE


      History is written by the victors

    4. Welchester


      I'd like to see the comment you made before Mr Bowdler got his hands on it.

  13. catching up on Brent-nodding - only 2 million pages to go...

    1. bgman


      Good luck with that Miss P.

      Maybe worth asking Rob to start an Audio book ?

    2. Hroth


      Get yourself a mug of Class 5 coffee - you'll need it to keep alert!

    3. gwrrob


      I blame the management.

  14. I can't keep up with RMweb when it's working properly...

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    2. Harlequin


      Probability factor of 1:1. Normality Has Been Restored. (But your computer might not realise that yet.)

    3. MarkC


      Hear that? That's the sound of Andy Y facepalming...

    4. Hroth


      Got to keep Andy on his toes.... ;-)

  15. What's happened to BG John?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Miss Prism

      Miss Prism

      Oh, that is a pity. Many good people seem to have left.

    3. Northroader
    4. Compound2632


      Disappointing. I can't see the point in falling out with people you've never met.

  16. hmmm, weight diagrams, you can't live without them, but you can't live with 'em either

    1. Hroth


      A foot on each pair of scales and you feel much better. Weight halved!


    2. Londontram


      You lead an exciting life don't you miss P

    3. The Stationmaster

      The Stationmaster

      I bet Mr Skinley found them useful!!

  17. If anyone is going to the Glos & Warwickshire Railway, I'm after a pic of the top rear of City of Truro's tender showing the position of the partition between coal space and the water dome

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    2. Paul.Uni


      I thought CoT was at York atm.

    3. stuarttrains


      CoT is at Swindon

    4. adb968008


      I understand itsat Swindon

  18. I've got a feeling Brian McD is going to reveal all today...

    1. Hroth


      Nurse! The Screens!!!

  19. 2999 Lady of Legend - what a cracker!

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    2. toboldlygo


      Jacobs Or Hovis ;)

    3. bgman


      I look forward to seeing her in steam

    4. Mikkel


      Nice tender flares.

  20. Brunel was a fantastic civil engineer, but just abuut everything else he did was complete rubbish

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    2. Hroth


      He made some bonkers films too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Un_Chien_Andalou


      Oh, BRUNEL....

    3. sharris


      My quest for the meaning of BSJ has turned up some very strange answers.

  21. Brunel was a fantastic civil engineer, but just abuut everything else he did was complete rubbish

  22. Feeling slightly neanderthal, listening to Planet Rock

    1. bgman


      Neanderthal !

      Does that mean you'll be going Clubbing later ? :)

    2. Hroth


      Go, Caveperson, GO!!!

  23. We've got provisions and lots of beer, the key word is survival on the new frontier

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    2. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      I was listening to that song (and album) earlier this morning - spooky or what.

    3. vaughan45


      Stockpiling already, food, medication, warm clothing & models

    4. The Black Hat

      The Black Hat

      An independent station, double your Jay Ay Zeee

  24. The basic equations: Southgate + waistcoat = England win, Southgate - waistcoat = England lose

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    2. snitchthebudgie


      What item of clothing should manage Scotland, then?

    3. Hroth


      A sporran?


      As for the waistcoat, whats the prognostication if he's wearing it at kickoff and takes it off at half time?


    4. DavidLong


      There goes another theory!

  25. The basic equations: Southgate + waistcoat = England win Southgate - waistcoat = England lose

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