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  1. These pigeons need a cat..... I've looked at the Peter Swinger book "BR Standard Pacifics", which contains a colour picture of every loco in the three classes. DEFINITELY GREEN- 70023 in 1958, 70038 in 1967 PROBABLY GREEN (rivetted angle on bottom of deflector is green rather than the black of the deflector it is attached to) 70045 in 1957, Significantly other locos have this angle iron painted black. DEFINITELY BLACK - 70005 in 1959, 70000 after preservation in 1992 All other photos are too low angle or too filthy to tell. As a possible explanation for differences- how many different works painted Standard Pacifics over the years? All the very best Les
  2. deleted- I thought Lemberg was modelled with wrong side drive but I'm wrong..... Les
  3. I did panic a little when I connected the first one out of the box and it went the opposite way to the controller knob. then I tried another loco and it did the same. A quick check showed said controller had had wires disconnected when borrowed a few weeks back and had been reconnected the wrong way round. Shows how often I run analogue these days.... Why didn't I spot it? All of my power supplies connect to whatever track they are used on with a Kato uniconnector- coloured differently for analogue or digital. Reversing the wires screwed into the back of the controller wouldn't show up until I turned the control knob. Les
  4. Having ridden quite a few times on the green ones in service (inc no.503) and also on a maroon one at Prince of Wales Colliery at Pontefract I would have said that for at least 90% of the time the prototype was being used there was little displayed in the way of inertia - and what there was tended to be due to slippery track and thus accompanied by the wheels being stopped or even turning the opposite way to the direction the train was moving.... As a slight aside one memorable trip (actually on D9555) on NCB metals we were invited to drive, which in turn we did. When I asked the driver how to apply the brakes he replied "we don't usually bother as they never work- just put it in reverse". Significantly when we alighted he had coasted up a slight incline almost to a stop and we hopped off before he opened the throttle again. I did adjust CV3 and CV4 to 1 on all three and this has made them behave much more prototypically. For a loco to take over 100 feet to stop from a scale 15mph just isn't prototypical. My locos are driven at exhibitions by a variety of people, and I can't always get a session with them beforehand to explain the different characteristics of each loco, hence a shunter that has to be toggled to shunt using F3 is a bit of a liability when in the hands of inexperienced operators. I keep a degree of inertia on mainline locos (about a third of that which some chips set by default) but remove it on locos whose purpose is shunting. All the very best Les
  5. Then setting CV3 and CV4 to either 0 or 1 should get rid of the coasting and slow start, just as in many other chips. I still think that as a shunter it is just a b****y nuisance to have coasting, pretty much the same as in my sound-fitted WD saddle tanks. A loco that coasts gently to a standstill is a serious menace to everything around it in a 5 foot OO layout (and in a 3 foot N-gauge yard) Les
  6. My three arrived this morning. First impressions- excellent though not a surprise having handled the samples three years ago (was it really that long?) The three came out of the boxes easily and when given a quick test on the programming track two worked immediately but the third wasn't going to go backwards (one of the green pair). However putting it between the other two and running it up and down along the track freed it. It now runs as smoothly as the others and at the same pace on analogue. I've set the addresses on all three to 503, the number on the side of the green ones. They are never going to work independently on DCC on the same layout. As seen in the pic they have spent an hour trundling forwards round my running-in oval followed by an hour running backwards. Very quiet, very smooth and very slow even at top speed. Uncoupling and spreading them out they seem matched to within less than 5% in speed- as good as I've ever got from a supposedly identical pair of mechanisms and chips. The pic shows that the rear one had remembered its setting of headlights on from the programming track while the middle one had its headlights off. One niggle. There isn't a CV list provided with them. As supplied they have rather a substantial degree of inertia- sufficient coast to render shunting difficult unless they are set to shunt mode using F3. In shunt mode they are well behaved. As shunters most of these models will be required (if they ever leave their boxes/showcases) to spend most of their time shunting. With hindsight would it not have been more sensible for them to have been set in shunt mode as default and to use F3 to switch inertia ON rather than off? Failing that does anyone know which CV to change to achieve this? Other than that niggle I'm extremely pleased with them. The pair for Croft Spa can both carry the number 503. The numbers are so small I don't think anyone will be able to read them even if the pair are standing in the carriage dock. Next is to put the detail pack on one end of one (the front one) and change the couplings between the Croft Spa pair for Profis. As the only locos on that layout with Profis it will ensure they only get coupled together. The rear coupling will remain a Rapido to couple to a brake van. The maroon one for Bregenbach im Schwarzwald will get Easi-shunts for its brewery duties. Les
  7. No- mine haven't arrived yet. This is the powered livery sample sitting on the length of unpowered rail on Hawthorn Dene at Warley show. Why there? the livery samples had no DCC bits inside them but this one had a motor. We did drag the Yorkshire liveried one round and round the colliery line sandwiched between the blue Pannier tank and a rake of 21 ton hoppers. The Peckett in the background is a re-worked Farish J94 so this gives an idea of just how small the Hunslet is. Sadly Hawthorn Dene has since been sold into retirement but my Hunslets have other duties allocated to them when they arrive... I paid the invoice for my three yesterday morning and am now looking forward to their arrival. The two this colour will be used on Croft Spa. The batch for the Bowes railway at Springwell Bankfoot Loco shed (including no.503) were delivered in pairs via the East Coast Main Line and the Leamside line. I'm not sure whether they turned right at Northallerton and ran via Stockton or whether they kept on the ECML as far as Ferryhill. My North Eastern pair will pass through Croft Spa Northbound from time to time with a brakevan in tow. BTW - price for new orders (members only) is £82. Early pre-orders got a discount of £7 per loco. Les
  8. Railadventure have bought 4 buffer-fitted HST power cars to be used as back-to-back pairs hauling stock around the UK and possibly around Europe. Did you photograph the class 103? The published pic of them in Germany (Todays Railways Europe) has Railadventure's Taurus pulling them and a class 111 also in the rake. Les I might be wrong about the buffers- it may be that Railadventure are fitting buffers to one or two of the four they bought.
  9. I'm interested in one or two models that Rails are doing- BUT I'm no longer prepared to pre order from any dealer who requires a deposit without the option to pay in full at a guaranteed price at the time of placing the order (largely as I have three N-gauge Society Hunslets coming "sometime" over a year since I sold the layout I ordered them for....) In this case I'm extremely glad. I'll probably have a Precedent and a Sonic A5 but will buy after they have appeared in the shop (likewise a TMC G5). However, I'm passing on this one. The thick cab stanchions have put me off..... Les
  10. Exactly. that is the world we are currently in. No point in moaning about it- expect stuff when it arrives. I'm told by one importer I know that there is a waiting list of uncertain length for air slots- unless you have a "same day every week for x tonnes" arrangement. There was news that the weekly through freight train was increasing (had increased?) its frequency, but even that doesn't carry a huge number of containers per train. Les
  11. That depends on availability of containers to load them in, a ship becoming available to carry it, a UK port having some space for the ship to dock and unload that container, and enough HGV drivers being available at this end to take the container to its unloading place. Given those four major unknowns I suspect KR Models haven't the faintest idea when the models will turn up. No point in doing anything other than wait....... Les
  12. I did use the word claimed... I suspect you got the livery prototype. Funnily enough I bought a secondhand Dapol A3 from Hattons that had no motor, gears or electrics or indeed any evidence of there ever having been any. It was only after I'd sent it back I looked at it on the website again and noticed the tender lining was also in the wrong place. I wish now I'd kept it or offered an "as is" price. What I'd received was the livery prototype of Lemberg. I still don't know how it had escaped from Dapol. Les
  13. DJ Models were the only one I know of where it was claimed that stuff was checked individually - and that was done in China after assembly and before boxing, thus failing to catch packaging errors and things shaken apart in transit. The cost of getting Dave out to China and back for this to happen no doubt helped DJM's insolvency to increase....... Just a thought Les
  14. It was suggested by me to Joel and Andy as a comparatively cheap additional model.... Les
  15. And very many thanks to Farnham Club for looking after us so well. Les, Mr Simon, Tony and Jan (the Croft Spa team).
  16. Aldershot being in Southern Region territory nobody batted an eyelid at 4 car or even 8 car Multiple Units- despite diseasel units of this size being exceptionally rare South of York..... Les
  17. Croft Spa is now loaded into the car at its Nottinghamshire home ready to set off fairly soon. Les
  18. Last train tested on Monday and into the box ready. The J39 is spare engine for most things. The J25 alternates with the other J25 or the J26 on the Richmond and Catterick Camp coal train - hence the brake van next to the tender as it has to reverse when it gets to Catterick Bridge. Tony has been round this morning and the car is now loaded to go off to Aldershot for Farnham MRC's show this weekend. Les
  19. In N-gauge Dapol's A3s had a first production run of 300 per identity. I still have my copy of the production spreadsheet sent by the then "Dapol Dave" for double checking of the identities ..... (and my annoyance with myself for failing to spot one had the wrong dome...) Les
  20. Croft Spa is under test as I write this. Spiders evicted and cobwebs removed, and the layout ran on first asking. Just 24 trains of wheel cleaning and test running to complete.... Looking forward to it. Mr Simon has even finished his 4-car 108 set specially (to run the opposite train to the 8-car 101 buffet train). Les
  21. I spent the weekend there as operator for Tony Forward. Very pleasant atmosphere. Friendly club who treat their exhibitors well. Could have done with a few more punters on Saturday but the club seemed satisfied with the attendance. Well worth adding to your diary next year if you live in or around Lincolnshire. Les
  22. On a layout with perhaps four years life before it retires (Croft Spa) can I justify the outlay for a nine coach Tees-Tyne Pullman rake? Especially as a year after Hawthorn Dene was retired and sold on the three Hunslet shunters I ordered for it many moons ago still haven't arrived........ Les
  23. The layout has been set up on its trestles ready for Farnham show in 16 days time. Quite a few large spiders evicted and a lot of cobwebs cleared out BUT everything works- and worked first time of asking. It does help that the electrics are shared with the other two layouts... Trains are being assembled and run, and all stock marked with track, position in train, and an arrow pointing forwards- at least the passenger stock. I'll simplify it for the goods stock. Both Deltics, four A4s, two A1s, one each A2 and A3 and both Ivatt 2MTs serviced so far and all run their assigned trains without a hint of a derailment. Mr Simon is bringing his 4-car class 108 so that will mean one other train fewer to sort. I've ditched the oil train as too problematical and will run the limestone empties as a replacement, probably a J39 or WD but maybe the crab. The Sonic 56xx will make an occasional Northbound light engine appearance. Picture mostly to remind me what it looks like.... Newsflash. Our new show manager mark wants it for South Notts Show next April. Les
  24. and RMWebbers would have called it wrong in droves...... Les
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