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  1. Great work, love the buildings and the weathering of the whole scene, vehicles and rolling stock. Best wishes, Martin
  2. Hi Niel, Great idea and a good choice of charities. Best wishes, Martin
  3. Very good vegetation, looks realistically overgrown. Martin
  4. Very nice garden, the shed looks very good, I thought it was a kit. Martin
  5. Hello, I looked out my old model railway equipment for my grand daughter to use when she can visit again, I'm using the Ezee track which came with the Underground Ernie starter set. This afternoon I set up, as a test bed, a Inglenook sidings layout using the Underground Ernie Bachmann Ezee track neither of the two shunters, a Hornby class 08 and a Lima 09 ran well so I resorted to using the driving unit from one of the Underground Unit units as it has a conventional coupling on the rear end. The wagons are Mainline and Bachmann. The Bachmann unit ran well over the track the only slight problem is the coupling is slightly too low. Here's a snap of the track set up on the dining table: I'm sure the old shunting engines need the wheels and contacts cleaning and probably a drop of oil. I had an enjoyable hour or so playing trains. Best wishes, Martin
  6. Very impressive modelling and colouration of the whole is consistent and conveys the atmosphere of a quarry. Martin
  7. That's a lovely idea, you can remember your father whilst operating the layout. I may pinch it for the same reason. Best wishes, Martin
  8. Hi, That does look nice, and yes, I think using a wash of Smoke or similar colour on the glazing is the way to simulate tinting. Martin
  9. Hello, I hope someone has in their spares box the two petrol pumps and if possible the small base they fit into from the Wills Station Garage kit. Thank you for reading and regards, Martin
  10. I have a set of the Bachmann e-z track from an "Underground Ernie" train set for the same thing. There's a complete circle here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bachmann-E-Z-Track-12-Sections-Of-18-30-Curves-Complete-Circle/324021624022?hash=item4b71319cd6:g:0BsAAOSwG49d6Cr- for just under £18 including postage. Many other listings of odd straights points, etc. too. Edit: another circle here steel track less than £13: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bachmann-HO-OO-Scale-E-Z-EZ-Track-Circle-Loop-18-R-30deg-Steel-Rails-12pcs/323887321674?hash=item4b6930524a:g:VakAAOSw901dWTDk Martin
  11. I have one, in yellow, mint in an unopened box. Please pm me if you'd like it. Regards, Martin
  12. Lovely photo, very good modelling. I think I'll copy this for next Christmas. Merry Christmas, Martin
  13. That looks very good, really conveys the atmosphere of a cramped canal side yard. Martin
  14. Hi, for modelling pipe you could use a knitting needle, I have got some in the past from a charity shop. I agree that the scene would make a great model railway. Martin
  15. I too saw this layout at Caistor, on Sunday, nice to see some small additions since I last saw it several years ago at a Cleethorpes show. A well made layout with plenty of operational interest, the sector plate worked very well. Martin
  16. Hi, Knightwing do some, the link is to the smallest pack it's available in bigger packs. http://www.knightwing.co.uk/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?cart_id=1571768098.665&product=OO-HO_Building_Kits&pid=184 Regards, Martin
  17. Hi, With that track layout, if you ignore the lower right hand siding, you have an inglenook sidings layout and could use the puzzle rules to give you some entertainment. Just in case you havent seen it: http://www.wymann.info/ShuntingPuzzles/sw-inglenook.html Regards, Martin
  18. Hello, Your local library might be worth a vist as they often have railway modelling books on the shelf you can read there or take home. Some libraries may have copies of railway modelling magazines either on the shelf or in the archive, it's worth asking. Charity shops are also worth looking in for railway modelling books or magazines. Regards, Martin
  19. Hi Carly, Thank you for your reply. As I'm not going to Hornby etc. this offer isn't for me. Martin
  20. Please can we have some clarity around this offer. Is the "goody bag" being sent out to everyone who subscibes via this link? Is the subscription for just the initial 5 issues or does it "autorenew"? Is there a minimum subscription period? Can you cancel your subscription online or via email? I need to know all these things before I entertain this offer. Martin
  21. Hello, Good idea using bed slats as they have a nice finish. I now wish I hadn't thrown all ours away when replaced our bed! Martin
  22. An excellent concept, very well executed. Martin
  23. Yes, the model has to fit in a box measuring 8 x 8 x 6 inches. Regards, Martin
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