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  1. All in good time Robin! .....................although I can see the similarities to the discussions which caused the Barrow Road diorama to grow like topsy! A Barrow Road-esque shed and roundy roundy is the ultimate aim, but I'm also trying to be sensible and break things up into bite sized chunks. I might be tempted to put a bit more thought in to Midford Goods and at least make some provision for running trains, but I was at least trying to keep this one to a test piece for the larger plan! At least you'd already completed Sheep Pasture when I started dropping ideas that Barrow Road ought to be that little bit bigger! Thanks both for the encouragement! Paul
  2. Peter, Thanks for bringing this subject back up. I did quite a bit of research into S&D Wickham trolley's a while back now. I found a lovely colour image of one on EBay a while back just outside of Midford Goods. B30W was indeed an S&D Wickham and even better news is that its preserved, in safe hands and in great condition! More information can be found at the following link. http://www.theonetoonecollection.co.uk/the-one-one-collection-museum/on-site/b30w-wickham There was an article that I remember seeing a copy of (may well have been the 1965 article that you've mentioned in your opening post) which had a few images of the Wickham trolley at Evercreech Junction. Does this sound about right or have you found another one? If the latter, I don't suppose there's any chance that you could PM me a photo/scan of the article? Many Thanks Paul
  3. Not sure if that was aimed at Richard or myself? For info Richard, it was Gordon who drew up the Templot plan of Midford Goods for me as included in my post above. Gordon, not much more progress at my end since the 16T experiments, however I did receive the base board material just over a week ago that I order back at the start of November! So you never know, this might get picked up again in the not so distant future!
  4. Niteshadex I'll be open from the start here in that Justin is a good friend of mine and I can usually be found assisting on the Rumney Models stand. I choose to help not only because Justin is a friend but also because I have full faith in the products and have found that Justin's chassis are those which are best suited to my own need's. I haven't had experience of the Alan Gibson chassis before so I can't fairly comment on a comparison between the two. I have however had experience of several others. I'll talk through other options shortly, but I will also mention that these will be limited depending on the stock that you model. So as to your options, as well as the two mentioned there are also the following that you could consider. These are one's that I either have experience of or I'm aware of. Dave Bradwell - LNER chassis, BR 20T brakevan chassis Craig Welsh - RCH PO Chassis's, available from Scalefour Stores Masokits - various RCH brake gear, SR CCT chassis Bill Bedford - various (I have built a BR 16T chassis) Brian Morgan - GWR chassis available from Scalefour Stores Brassmasters - RCH PO Chassis's Generally we have a small range of suppliers and as a result, any duplication is generally limited. Instead each trader tends to be respective of other ranges and either do something different or provide a different approach. So as to my own opinions, I lean towards the Rumney Models, Dave Bradwell and Craig Welsh products. The RCH PO chassis is the one area where there is some duplication, for this area I can fully recommend the Craig Welsh chassis. I really like the way the brake gear folds up as one piece and locates in the chassis. The Masokits equivalent have a high level of detail, but the individual parts which require pinning and the hand drawn vs CAD artwork does in my opinion does make the assembly process a bit more fiddly. I can't comment on the Brassmasters offering as I've already agreed to standardise on Craig's chassis's where applicable. So having started with your second question, I'll go back to your first. There are many positives for the Rumney chassis's, Justin test build's all his etches before they're released, he's spent several years developing a standard assembly process that features across all his kits, so once you've built one you're already prepped for how the next will go together, there are some very detailed instructions that are available to read and download at no expense (I can fully recommend that you read these before deciding whether this route is suited to your build style and level of skill), they've all been developed on CAD using the latest design techniques so don't suffer from faults in the design work (incorrect allowances for fold lines, misaligned holes etc). So what negatives can I say? Not a lot really, apart from the build time and perhaps delicacy. So, don't expect to build a chassis in a couple of hours! Recognise that you need to be gentle, if you're heavy on the solder or struggle with tiny drill bits or tiny fold lines, then these probably aren't the kits for you. However this will also apply to probably all etched chassis's, no matter how good or bad they are! On to your third and final question, I would advise a piercing or razor saw for both the control and accuracy. I'd then finish off with a sharp scalpel and files. The big problem with a Dremmel is the speed at which things can go wrong if you slip or make a mistake. The other issue I've found is keeping the Dremmel under control if it snags or bites the material and can whip the model away from your secure grasp. You're also more likely to take a chunk out of yourself! So to summarise, the Rumney Models kits would be my go to chassis no matter whether you're a novice or a seasoned modeller, they're very well designed, fully tested, and highly accurate. If a novice, start with one of the more simple chassis's like the single sided 16T etch. I hope that is useful and informative. Good luck with your experiments, it's worth trying several options even if just to establish what works for you and what doesn't. Finally have fun! Paul
  5. I've just revisited this thread as I'm looking at building Midford Goods in P4 as a smaller/experimental part of my wider Radstock plan. I'm still torn between doing this as a diorama or fully functioning module. The experimental element being the journey in to honing my track building and scenery skills etc, and to this extend the diorama stage is more appealing I think as a bit of a photoplank, but with the ability to remove building and place them in to the larger layout at a later date. Anyway, coming back to RTJ's latest question I have indeed recently stumbled across the plans for the NSLR branch from Radstock Goods which was of great interest. For those who are a member of the S&DRT the article written by Mike Arlett can be found in Bulletin 123. Here's a link to help, but I think it'll only work once you've logged in. http://pass.sdrt.org/files/bull123.pdf This could be another way of making Midford more suitable to your purposes and you can't be held to account for getting the details wrong either! Benefits of a fictional scheme. If the article doesn't work for you then let me know and I may be able to sort something over PM. Best Wishes Paul
  6. Thanks for doing this Nick, it's a wonderful album of photograph's and one that I often refer to. I did wondered how you managed to get so many good quality scan's from Ron's images but by no means a full collection. Does anyone know what's happened to Ron's images since his death? I'd be most interested to identify the dates on the images of Ron's you've got Nick, there's certainly a large number of early to mid 50's images which are invaluable to my modelling period!
  7. I'm sure I've seen piccies of Princess Elizabeth visiting Robin and I thought she was serviced on Barrow Road at the time. I'll let you know if I find any evidence! :-)
  8. Very sad news. Like many others, Bob was a massive influence to me in my younger years, had so much enthusiasm for our hobby and was full of encouragement. I'll be forever grateful for his help and support. Adam's summed up Bob's achievements brilliantly, he was so proud of Tornado. RIP Bob
  9. David, Yes I'm afraid that you are very unlikely to get a response from Nick. A few of his models appeared on Ebay quite a few years ago and I was fortunate enough to purchase his 1P project. His Sentinel shunter also appeared at the same time along with some stock which went elsewhere. I contacted the vendor to ask about the models, but it turned out that he'd come in to possession of the models from a house clearance and that he had no knowledge of what had happened to the owner (Nick). No idea if the layout survived but I suspect not unfortunately, although I'd be very pleased to hear to the contrary. Best Wishes Paul
  10. Fantastic stuff Dave! Got to be the best example of a 4mm Black 5 I know other, closely followed by your previous efforts. Very much looking forward to seeing David's efforts once it's been through the paint shops.
  11. Looks great Dave! Interesting observation about the revision to the drawbar pivot, I'll have a think about that for mine. Many Thanks Paul
  12. Excellent post Dave. I find the dismembered Ivatt 2 image particularly useful. It demonstrates perfectly how you've tackled the separate sub assemblies and what's permanently fixed to the main frames. Also items such as the keeper plate and pickups. One question I do have is how you've split coupling rods. Do the leading and trailing rods not need to be permanently assembled? I assume the crankpins hold the rods in place and as you're not using a forked joint on this occasion, the pin is sufficiently long enough to avoid separation once assembled? I've also been avidly following your Black 5 build on the S4 Forum, as you know I have a few Brassmasters loco's in the queue so the detailed build has been most useful. I look forward to a running session when its safe for us all to do so! Many Thanks Paul
  13. Thanks for the extensive demonstration and write up Nick, I'm sure that many will find your notes interesting, even for those who know what they've doing when it comes to P4 wagons! I certainly still find useful hints and tips from watch how others work (not that I put myself in the know's what he's doing category either! ) Looks like i need to try the hard sell when we're next allowed out though and convince you to give one of Justin's Rumney Model's chassis's a try! Perhaps even an alternative sprung coach bogie!? And a wider thank you to all those who've taken the time to write up their knowledge, experiments and suggestions! Mick and Taz just to name a few! I've come to this thread a bit late, but one of the major positives of this virtual show has been the ability to visit or return at a later date, particularly useful for when you forgot all those handy tips you learnt only a few days later! All efforts very much appreciated! Paul
  14. Just in case you don’t have access to FaceBook, the railway is still planning to go ahead. Here’s their latest post.
  15. Jerry, Yep agree with the previous responses in that it'll be a set of scales for weighing individual axles and setting springs. Interesting piccy as you say, I've seen quite a few from inside Bath shed, but none with that much visible space, there's usually an engine or two in the way! :-) The smoke hood's in the image are the same as those at Barrow Road shed for which Morgan has done a 3D model and printed via Shapeways I think, but not of use to you anyway. I'd imagine the earlier hoods were similar to those at Radstock then. Interesting that both Bath and Radstock shed walls appear to have been white washed entirely, although there does appear to be remnants of a darker lower waist band in the image above, but very faint. Your model's looking very good though! I'm still playing with mock up's of Radstock Shed whereas your crack on and build once approach seems far more productive! :-) Cheers Paul
  16. The trailer was the first lot of the 2 to sell. I assume those who missed out on the first half therefore were not going to bother biding on the driving car as it’s not much use if you only win one end! Having won this DMU i’m Delighted with it. I’ve always admired Rodney’s work and i’d be most interested to speak to anyone who’s got any ROCAR vehicles that they’re looking to sell. P
  17. They did indeed go to the same buyer! ;-)
  18. Cracking set of photo's RedKite As a demonstrator I thoroughly enjoyed myself, together with the rest of the Bristol BS4 group felt overwhelmed by the amount of interest shown in all our individual demo's and felt thoroughly exhausted by the time I made it home (Well actually much earlier in the day on Sunday, but that makes me sound like I'm getting old! :-p ) The photo's are most appreciated considering the little time we managed to escape to view and specifically watch the operation of each of the layouts. On the face of it there may well have been the appearance that there wasn't any big headliner to really draw in the punters. However anyone who made that assumption missed a real gem in my opinion! what was there was some extremely fine modelling with some excellent layouts and I personally felt (both from the punters who I spoke too as well as my own personal opinion) the increased emphasis on demonstrators really made it far more of an audience participation event and hopefully inspiring that many more people as a result. All in all a fantastic weekend once again organised by the Scalefour team, one that I was pleased to be a part of and one which to me fully justifies why I'm a Scalefour member and where I predominantly want to see the proceeds of my subs invested! Very well done all! :-)
  19. Fantastic progress John as always! Just one little observation (and definitely not meant as a criticism), would the internal walls of the shed not be white washed? Just a thought Look forward to catching up in October! Cheers Paul
  20. Some fantastic modelling going on in the 0 14 world! I keep getting tempted and then remind myself of all the existing part built project that I need to finish first! Apologies if this is out of place but as a result of a whim I've got 4 Roy C Link kits available if anyone's interested that i'm unlikely to get round to doing anything with, anytime soon! 2 x LK03 Ruston Hornsby 'LBT' 4w DM's and 2 x LK02 Lister 'RT'Rail Trucks Currently unavailable from KBscale Narrow Gauge, but happy to sell at list price of £95 each plus postage (or happy to meet up at a future show if convenient). Was going to list on EBay but would rather sell at a reasonable cost direct to someone who's been waiting a while. Please message me if anyone's interested! Paul
  21. Albeit in danger of threaddrift, I believe you can get help for that Paul! (Photo courtesy of Viz Comic and recently published by them for public use) Swiftly getting back on topic, I completely agree with Simon. I can't get to ExpoEM due to an annual clash of calendar dates, but I make a point of always attending both S4um and S4N! I would strongly advise against reducing the number of finescale shows unless only through the need of viability, if above anything it fundimentally reduces both societies exposure and could detrimentally affect the future of the finescale modelling family. Paul
  22. Actually I do have photographic evidence in one of my books of a Crab quite far south on the S&D, somewhere around Sturminster Newton I think, albeit in LMS days/late 40's I think. There was also a reference to their increased use over the line particularly during the war period. I haven't however seen a picture of Stanier mogul on the S&D however, perhaps at BGP though. Having done quite a bit of research on Bristol Barrow Road as i'm involved with a P4 model under construction, there is certainly a few pics of a Stanier mogul out the back by the workshop, judging by the comments above I'd assume that this was indeed 2974. Best Wishes Paul
  23. Yes Dave Nicholson did at least one run of 50 I believe, sold as L&B models I think? I've seen Dave's own model built by Neil Kinnison but I've got a feeling that it was circa 1993 that he advertised the kit. I'd imagine the majority are hidden away in peoples kit cupboards, i certainly haven't seen many completed. I spoke to Paul of EDM models in February of this year and he was hoping that there would be a bit more impetus to push the development of the revised kit to support the new coaches from Slaters but I haven't heard any more since on that front. I sure Damien is aware of all this though and can understand the decision to sideline this project until further progress is made by EDM/Slaters.
  24. Bertiedog, I was in Pennine Models a fortnight ago and they had at least a couple of Manning Wardle's for sale, one of each of the L&B and SR liveries were in the display cabinet. 01535 642367 www.penninemodels.co.uk/ Don't know if that's of any use to you? Best Wishes Paul
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