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  1. Yes thanks this was already mentioned see above posts, does any one know how to contact Hollar.
  2. What is available seen the Modelmaster ones any pictures from Cambridge transfers.
  3. Yes have seen this i would if i had a decent printer but then again can you get paper as thin as transfers it would probally cost as much to get these printed professionally.
  4. Yes i thought so have seen the ones on Wizards but was hoping they did a mixed selection all on one sheet there available in 7mm but not 4mm unless some one has seen these.
  5. Do they have there own website only seen there products on traders who list a sheet of assorted wagon posters but only available in 7mm works out expensive buying all there seperate sheets if you only need a couple of each one.
  6. paul 27

    Bachmann B1

    I guess 31-708 has the later motor and the two models are the same wondered why it was re-released in the later box if this is the case.
  7. Thanks for the replies might go with Wizards regarding the thickness of the brass is there any difference between theres and A1s.
  8. They informed me these are only spaced at 2mm as oposed to Wizzards at 4mm if any one have replaced there Bachmann ones not the old Mainline tooling i would be interested in them.
  9. paul 27

    Bachmann B1

    I was refering to the split chassis versions, i have the DCC ready one with the revised chassis, i would have thought there would be a slight modifcation for the body to fit, the models i was looking at are 31 - 708 and 31 - 713 Gazelle is the later model the same just a re release.
  10. paul 27

    Bachmann B1

    Looking at the split chassis models i cannot see any difference between the early and last ones made in new box, body tooling looks the same as is the chassis and detail parts except for an engine crew added on the earlier models.
  11. BR Green with yellow warning panel.
  12. Tender loco Ivatt class 2 Loco chassis brake rigging only. DELETE NOT NEEDED
  13. Plastic ones same as Bachmann are these available.
  14. Have they made the tender sides higher on the new model if so looks a lot better.
  15. Who makes 4mm ladders trying to find the type as fitted to the later Bachmann 14t tank wagons.
  16. Just read this topic any more pictures advice on detailing the model, i remember purchasing the old Triang/Hornby model in the late sixties i think it was a matt blue did they change to gloss when Hornby re introduced it in the 70/80s, beautifull looking model shown above has this been re painted, i was hoping Hornby or some one would make a super detailed ready to run model of this.
  17. Preferably early type in black or green weathered if possible and boxed, but any thing considered.
  18. Yes Fox do some sof these but can not find the information in boxes like Return To Advise with Shell adddress ect located at the tank bottom look the same as printed on the Bachmann early shell/bp grey 45t tank.
  19. Just found this post i can not find any photos of the pre tops shell bp bogie A tanks apart from a couple in Tourrets book would like to see some on the mainline i believe these may have worked to and from Stanlowe as did there 45t but i may be wrong.
  20. Yes looked on your website before, tried to down load a picture these markings are very simular to the Bachmann early shell / bp 45t fuel tanks.
  21. Have some Bachmann 100t tank wagons want to back date to pre tops looking for the information data transfers positioned on the bottom of tanks.
  22. Yes i know but was thinking of converting the Bachmann model will have to wait till we see it released, i have some spare fitted Bachmann chassis as could adapt these and sell the air brake ones.
  23. Does the tender sides sit higher in relation to the cab roof on the new tooling or could it be just photo image angles as the roof seems lower in relation to the tender on the new model.
  24. If not been mentioned already surely top of the list must be the Ford Corsair seen so many on the Ford car trains also would like a Mk1V Zodiac in silver fox as my late Dad had in the 60s all in 1/76 scale.
  25. I just wonder how much is involved to convert the Bachmann back to a vacumn model.
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