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  1. Likewise the large logo one I have.
  2. I didn't know that the bodies were changed on these, so what changed on them and when did it happen please? Edit: Also N gauge??
  3. Er, yes I know. Thank you.
  4. No, I recall seeing the 2HAPs into Portsmouth from Waterloo into the late 80s although that would have been NSE days, then we only had units 4201/4301 - 4322, so it probably was reduced from earlier years, but it did happen. Edit: IIRC at some point I think late 80s there was a 10HAP working on Saturday's only from Waterloo to Bournemouth. At this time I think all the units where WD allocated.
  5. According to SEMG 84 is also Waterloo - Pompey HBR via Cobham - Andy's image appears to have a depot sticker for WD.
  6. Got this the other day direct from the publishers. It's a nice little book. Thanks.
  7. Std 4 in Railfreight coal - that is something I would like to see. Presumably there was no issue with levels in the tender either.
  8. AFAIK steamers 2, 3, 5 & 6 are in service. Not sure about the other 3.
  9. I think thats quite a good, sensible list of announcements from Bachmann bearing in mind this us just 1 quarter and another will be along in November. The class 40 and 66 are both examples of common liveries and I think will be popular as well as the previously announced 2HAP. The amount of N gauge coming this quarter is vast. OK, it's pretty much all been previously announced, but until the back log of items already announced is cleared that's just the way it is. Additional green and cream coach coach pack to allow a full rake is very sensible and hopefully the execu
  10. But how long do you give it before saying no more, end of August, end of the year...... Although I have just skimmed through the last few Rail Express Modeller and I cant even see a single mention of either the class 89 or Hastings car in N gauge. Not sure if it would make any real difference though - just an observation.
  11. Shop was open to click and collect on Saturday but not to browse because of Covid.
  12. This is showing the flawed decision Bachmann took in the first instance of choosing to develop the 4CEP - limited choice of livery. Hornby were wiser with the VEP, they just executed it badly where as the CEP was well done but just limited. As you say blue SYP never done but nothing else left to do without full retool to the refurb version. If Hornby would revisit the VEP they have plenty of liveries left to do. The first run of CEPs absolutely flew off the shelves but then I think I only paid £90 each for my pair new, but since then things have slowed substantially, not only just
  13. All I can remember seeing once the 119s had gone were 101 or 117, both types quite common including Redhill to Tonbridge before the Thumpers came back. Never recall seeing a 104 at all.
  14. Oval everytime. Had one as a child and they still grab my attention more than anything else as a 46 year old. I remember being at the NEC a few years ago and trying to peer over the shoulders of crowds about 3 deep at an absolute marvel of a layout, except the operators were clearly following a pre-defined schedule and nothing was happening. Moved on and a bit later came across the Hornby stand with a roundy roundy trainset layout. Must have stood there for half an hour by myself just watching the trains go round and round. Loved it.
  15. Hi Andy. Daft question time if I may. Way back when you converted your National to dual door what did you use/how did you get a clean cut across the top of the door to get the door out? Thanks Steve
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