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  1. At last a new Mk1 RB. For years I hoped Bachmann would add one to their range, now Hornby have beaten them to it. Now could Hornby be persuaded to add the Intercity charter white roof livery to the range with the obvious Mk1 FO. Pre-tops 08 will probably head my way as might the GWR liveried HST and Mk3s which up until now I have missed out on because of bigger financial priorities at the time and more HAAs and CDAs too.... APT is one I will certainly watch with interest, but lastly, am I right in thinking no Pullman coaches this year for the first time since.........
  2. Hi Stu. Great modelling. I wasn't born until 75 so missed this time period, but I find the Bournemouth line during this time period fascinating. I have the Rail Express article, which I had intended to copy but was put off because of the marker light alterations. I understand the recently released Bachmann class 03 (D2028) was allocated to Bournemouth around this time period so I was going to cheat and get that one. Oh for a time machine....
  3. Thanks for posting those shots. They look really good, especially the triple grey, looks fantastic.
  4. Any news on any further books you are doing. ISTR you said you were going to do 6 at one point. Regards Steve
  5. Good evening all. At some point during the late eighties or early nineties the Sunday only Brighton - Plymouth service was diverted via Preston Park because of engineering works between Brighton & Hove. The method was for the resident 09 to haul the train Brighton - Preston Park with the ED attached to the rear. At Preston Park the shunter was removed and the ED carried onto to Portsmouth via the Cliftonville spur (I also believe that on one occasion the 56 off the Westbury - Ardingly stone train was used). The 73s started to be used on the service when the train was diverted via Portsmouth Harbour which started with the May 89 timetable change so it was post that date. My question is does anyone have the dates that this happened or even better the numbers of the 09s used as it happened over several weekends? Any help appreciated. Many thanks. Steve
  6. Got my 5 running round my layout right now. Superb models. Thanks all.
  7. No interest in the 313, but a 314 in original Strathclyde livery would probably be a purchase and if it could be adapted to a SR 4 car class 508 in blue/grey that would be an absolute purchase. Steve
  8. As per the running in instructions in the Provincial class 156 (p.3 Sec.1) I'm just logging into my favourite internet form to tell everyone how much I like my new purchase. Regards Steve
  9. I was just browsing the TMC website for something completely different and stumbled across a new Bachmann/TMC limited edition class 40. Hadn't seen it announced previously: https://www.themodelcentre.com/32-482z-Bachmann-oo-ho-scale-class-40-d233-empress-of-england-br-blue-indicator-discs-tmc-limited-edition
  10. Hi Rob. Many thanks for posting that information. Embarrassingly for me I actually have the book you mention - didn't think to look in there. On the class of train - does that work in the same way as today in that a class 1 train is an express train, class 2 local etc, etc? RFS - Thanks posting the link to the photo site - some interesting stuff in there.
  11. Hi guys. Thanks for replying. I have been going back through my books again today and I have lost count of the number of times I've seen the use of C2, always on Cromptons on passenger trains as far north as Woking and as far south as Weymouth, including diversions over the Mid Hants and at Bournemouth West with formations that would suggest London Express services or in 1 instance a Southampton - Bournemouth 3 coach local. With the exception of 1 photo the trains are always conventional LHCS. The 1 exception is of D6554 with 8TC near Woking heading towards London displaying C2 (image dated Feb 67) this is latest dated image I could find with the use of the C2 headcode. The earliest image I have found with one of the 9x headcodes is dated April 1967, so maybe a change occurred at some point around that time. I would love to know the scope that C2 covered. On the use of headcode 15 I have found a 2nd image of its use (actually one is on a very old VHS tape I probably bought in the late 80s). Both are of 33/0 hauling 4TC between Poole and Weymouth - the image is dated May 67. I understand that at this time (i.e. prior to the end of steam) that there were local trains from Bournemouth to Weymouth rather than a through portion from London or a through train so I did wonder if 15 was maybe a short term use for a Bournemouth to Weymouth local.... Regards steve
  12. I have been researching a change of headcode for a couple of my class 33s. The era would be mid to late sixties and one headcode that seems to crop up an awful lot in my books (especially on services seemingly heading towards Bournemouth and Weymouth) is C2. When did the use of 91, 92, 93 etc become common use on the Bournemouth line services and also can anyone tell me a bit about the use of headcode C2. Seperately I have an image of one Crompton (same timeframe as above) between Bournemouth & Weymouth displaying headcode 15, but again cannot find any information related to it's use. Any help appreciated. Regards Steve
  13. I couldn't find a specific topic for these so have started a new one. For those interested in these little units (& I am one) Bachmann have appeared to alter the numbering of 2 of these units due for release according to the website. 31-391 in Blue/Grey was supposed to be unit 6062 now it is 6063 and 31-392 in NSE was originally announced as 4322 and now it will be 4308 which coincidentally is the unit which is now half restored and on display at Shildon. Steve
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