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  1. Random Black and White Processed and printed by myself, a bit of trial and error, I seem to remember. Generator at Bounds Green 33 at Swansea 45134 at Temple Meads
  2. That's given me inspiration to hack about one of mine.
  3. 47s at Canterbury East Heading up from Dover Town. Incidentally. I am modeling one of these 47 hauled freights with their variety of ferry waggons. Have any of the transfersea vans used to transport the onions ever been produced in some obscure kit form?
  4. West country large logo 47s Penzance and Bristol Zooming in - Is that a motor rail train behind 47572?
  5. Clapham Junction And some very modern looking units. Which were a bit of a novelty at the time.
  6. Depots Landor, Tinsley, Crewe all late in the day a long way from home.
  7. Thanks, I have never looked at it like that, now I see why I like it but I have never put my finger on it. Its always been one of my favourites. Kind of every day and mundane in one respect, but kind of captures that essence of that rail blue time for us.
  8. It's not a Deltic, but this shot kind of sums up Kings Cross back in the day. Hope you like it. All the best Steve. (It's like there is a little subset of the populus with which 70s 80s rail blue really stirs the soul...and understandably to 99.9% of folks it means nothing) Anyway my rail blue brothers. An every day shot from 40 years ago.
  9. That night was very cold but atmospheric. I had got off a train from Bristol....I have no idea why. Glad the picture brought back some memories for you. Cheers Steve
  10. Blurred 50s Poor efforts from a young man. 1982 Paddington and Plymouth in a blizzard.
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