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  1. As we talking about non rail blue liveries. I think this was the last picture I ever took as I lost interest. The unusual sight of a 47/7 at Bristol Temple Meads. Fresh in its NSE garb. As you can see it is attracting a fair bit of attention. Can anyone date it 1990 1991?
  2. However, despite being a rail blue man, I agree the late 80s early 90s provided a great variety of liveries and makes for a very good era to model. But also for me they represent the culling of classes and the slow creep towards privatisation and my gradual decline in interest
  3. Yes I was wondering if it was the first. Thanks for confirming it. Must have been special for me to expend 3 pictures of my 24 roll film on it. Although not world's best pictures mind.
  4. New Livery This obviously grabbed my attention in the sea of rail blue at Euston.
  5. Bath Road Every day view, early evening. Northern visitor Welsh visitor
  6. 56001 on a steel train. I have just finished the coils for it and a lone BG in the yard. A class 45 is my next purchase. I await the Heljan one and then make my decision. Also a vehicle or two as mentioned earlier.
  7. StBlazey Around about 1990. I have some good memories of Summers in Cornwall. Atmospheric misty mornings. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures at Fowey, despite spending quite a bit of time there.
  8. Taken in artificial light. I think I might move it into better light and have a day mucking about taking pictures.
  9. Reading Early to mid 80s. I seem to have spent a lot of time down the western end of the station.
  10. Where are these? Can any of you helpful chaps identify the locations please. 08695 under a fairly distinct canopy Blurry but atmospheric......somewhere a long way from home. Sheffield? 47661 under another distinct canopy. I think it is Doncaster? Cheers Steve
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