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  1. Nigel (Guzzler17) has kindly provided all his info So the database is now updated with lots of new entries I have put a key at the bottom and made a few things a little clearer. So here is version 2. class_47s_east_kent_v2.docx
  2. A couple of shots of the document taken on my camera phone. To show the format. To add. Even if the loco is shown as having visited on the database. Could you please still give me your info on it
  3. Thanks. I was hoping you would surface. As you say it is a bit time consuming! - but hopefully we will end up with a shared document that shows everything. Glad to hear the word doc downloads OK. When I have Nigel's info I will upload it as version_2. Cheers Steve
  4. Thanks Nigel greatly appreciated. I have tapped into tables in word. And I really don't mind retyping it. The exact format in my tables are. Tops number - Number when seen - Date - Location - Destination 47030 - 47618 - 02/04/1987 - Tonbridge - Dover So the above example is 47030 it was seen as 47618 on 02 April 1987 at Tonbridge heading to Dover. I will post up a couple of pics of the document. Thanks again Steve
  5. Yes agree should have made that clearer I am not identifying the working on my list/database. Just if the loco was seen in the area, what number it was carrying at the time, where it was seen and the date. So for example 47097. 05/08/1981. Herne Bay So it would be fantastic if you could post up the list of locos. With location seen and a date if possible, even if it is just a year. For example would be entered as 47227 00/00/1989. Dover. Out of interest. Were you able to download the word document ok. Thanks for your help Steve Also perhaps at the bottom. I put down the names of the contributors.
  6. Hi all The Background is that in the very early 80s I used to hang around Dover, Faversham, Ashford and the like hunting down our exotic class 47s. (Everyday stuff to everybody else I know) I have great memories of the atmosphere of the railway during those times and I always wondered how many 47s made it into the depths of South Eastern Division. I have based the list around tops in the early 80s. But if a loco visited later with a higher number I have noted it as ``number when seen`` Every * that is next to a loco indicated an additional visit. I have a handful with three recorded visits so far. As far as geography goes I have kept it to Chatham/Gillingham and east of and Ashford area and east of. So deep into the South Eastern Division. I have trawled my records and every picture I can find. Hopefully East West Divide and the other blokes that used to hang about in Kent see this Can you please post up every 47 that you saw. Location and date if possible. Even if it was a D prefix or a late 47800 number I will update the list regularly. Hopefully you Kent folks will find it interesting. Hopefully you can download it from here, or if not I will email it to you. Cheers Steve class_47s_east_kent_v1.docx
  7. Hornby...If you read this, I think this statement sums it up. And Lee, long may you excellent resprays continue.
  8. Not sure. I have never seen a superdetail 56036. Not to say it didn't happen... interesting
  9. Not quite Bachmann class 45 money. But still strong. Gives a hint at the demand. I managed to get one as soon as it came on eBay a few years back...it is now 56001.
  10. Seeing as I started the - can we have the Bachmann class 45 thread. And after us wingeing and telling them they were looking a gift horse in the mouth...we now have Bachmann and Heljan OO 45s in the offing. Hopefully Hornby might read this. For us that model 70s and 80s BR. We remember 56s rumbling for much of their lives about in BR blue or large logo. Hornby's superdetail 56 is a great model. And when blue 56013 comes up on eBay they are snapped up. There seems to be lots produced in privatised liveries, fair enough there is a market for that. However there are very few super detail ones from the blue days. A gifthorse Hornby is looking in the mouth is 56036. The first loco in large logo. It could be run on layouts in anytime in the 80s even 1979. So it has a broad timeframe as it were. So if there is a 56 to produce in 2021 that's the one. I wonder if Hornby read RM like Heljan and Bachmann do. A blue Class 31/4 would fly off the shelves as well but that's another a subject (I suspect especially if they slapped a white strip down the side of it)
  11. Fond memories for me of the atmosphere of Margan, S.Tunnel juct, Swansea Dock ect I was late teens so never took enough pics of the right things. Jury's out on what 45 will be better. Heljan or Bachmann. We shall see.
  12. Being a yard man. I really like what you have done Steve.
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