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  1. From MarshLane´s original list - This loco seems to be the last spotted in original green. 20141 [CHB] noted Westhouses in 1980 - early badge Can any one beat that? Or was that the last loco to carry original green in service?
  2. What colour are you painting the underside Steve? Just a blackish mucky brown by the looks of things. Do you definitely need to use gloss - as most my paints are matt? Have you tried both? Thanks.... and your project is looking good
  3. I have some slides already so I will give them ago. However I prefer the plasticard way as it seems safer and bit more robust. I have made the cover so it can be stored under the sofa. And as you can see, I stuck an Nguage back sceen inside the cover. Perhaps I might use this with a freestanding low relief layer between the layout and the back sceen. However the back scene did not take properly - dodgy glue. Oh well never mind I will order another one. But at least it gave me an idea of how the concept might work. Next stage is painting the track, making walls and very low relief bank at the back. It just finding the time.
  4. Agree totally. I follow the prices and availability on that internet auction site as well. As you say, Hornby never fail to miss. Stick a white stripe on one of the 31/4s as well - it would fly off the shelves. I wish them commercial success, perhaps they are more switched on when it come to other segments.
  5. I model the 1980s Surprised they do not do a class 31/4 and a few more blue class 56s. Perhaps 56036 in large logo. I think these would sell well for them.
  6. The bridge looks spot on Steve. Nice subtle effects on it.
  7. Marc and Steve Thank you both for your detailed puddle advice. Will post up progress soon
  8. Here is 31117 with some PW waggons in my existing yard to give a feel for what I am trying to achieve. Has anyone used microscope slides to create puddles? Did you inset them into the board or lay them on top and build ballast/dirt around them?
  9. I have another shunting layout. I find it all a bit limiting after 5 minutes. Not knocking those that like a bit of shunting. I find I end up just set up dioramas on it most of the time. So decided to stick to that. If I ever have the room to build a large layout then it will be definitely be operational. If I ever felt the need I could wire it up and stick a fiddle yard on one end I guess. Progress today. Fishplates are on, track packed out where need be. A SPA someway to being finished.
  10. I hope you are all well. I have found time to start my latest effort. Space is limited. like many on here. This will need to be stored under the sofa. The cover I will make for it is 5cm high in order to fit under the sofa - I have plans to mount the back scene inside the cover. So therefore, I will concentrate on the ground cover and nothing with be more than 2/3cm high. Bullhead track mounted onto a painted baseboard today. Hope to get fishplates, buffer stops down tomorrow and perhaps even paint the sleepers and rails. It will have puddles and perhaps hard standing. I have recently weathered 5 steel wagons 3 SPA, a BDA and a VTG ferrywagon. So perhaps that is a direction to take. Have not got a fixed plan with this. Will probably keep it quite minimal to show off my weathered stock. Anyway it will be my usual 1980s BR grime.
  11. Reading Depot's Route Learning Class 121 TDB975659 - W55035 was in blue until at least 1987 Some western Region ones were blue in 1980 Steve
  12. Does anyone have an indication of a loose time frame of when these are due to be released? Thanks
  13. I always had a soft spot for Peafore Yard. So will follow this one. Know what you mean about the eyesight!
  14. Thanks As quick overview. after painting the baseboard brown 1.I lay the track 2.paint rails then sleepers 3.Ballast with a mixture of colours - often fine 4.Blend in with weathering powder 5.then I use pollyfiller to get the filled in feel 6.I also then use scale sand and use that to fill in the gaps as well. 7.Then more paint but largely weathering powder. I do it in stages and keep refining it as I go. I use a limited pallet and try to use colours that are in keeping with the backscene. The backscene is off the shelf. ID backscenes are good, that particular one is Gaugemaster which are also very good. I hope this helps Best wishes Steve
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