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  1. MGRs The 58 is Toton area. Am I right in thinking the 56 is at Doncaster?
  2. 5. Bogies, underside and roof. Knocked back the roof, you can see how the grills are now picked out. Dark blackish weathering powder painted ontop of the framedirt wet and then rubbed back when dry. To give that dried on oil feel. So more detailing need on the roof and bogies. Such as silver on the steps. But they are 90 percent there now. I have yet to go near the sides as that is how I am handling the loco.
  3. 4. Front ends. I tend to treat the front ends first. They need very minimal amounts of powder. The power in various shades of muck colours is painted on using thin washes. Excess is taken back with cotton buds and kitchen paper. I want that knocked back slightly faded look. I treat the first pass as 90 percent done. Then let the photographs show all the imperfections or bits missed. Started on the roof with a wash of darker powder. Progress so far. Still a long way to go. Also to add. I think if you are not into weathering but wa
  4. My Grandfather served on Repulse for quite a few years. But had left that ship by the time the war started. So I have a soft spot for 50030. And cracking pictures Kevin. Cheers
  5. Near Miss. These are a few I took in the Willesden area. Although I am not sure of the actual specific locations. probably 1982. What was interesting or a bit full on was. I remember seeing a 37 pass light engine fairly slowly and stop at a red down the line. And then not long after a 47 appeared with the Steel wagons sees the 37 and rams on brakes, I remember the noise was full on as he brought the train to a halt just behind the 37. I was half expecting an impact. Close up
  6. Que - someone now posting a picture of a dogging scene on their layout with a Highland terrier adorned 47 in the background. ....I think I will leave this discussion before it gets even more surreal.
  7. 3. Paint stage. Railmatch frame dirt on the buffers and underside. I find this is a great base coat for the layers to come. A bit like painting your base board green brown before you static grass it. I give this several passes and also vary the thickness. For example I notice that on the real thing even with a lot of muck on the red of the buffer beam still shows through a bit. So a thinner layer is on these. I usually put black paint on the roof. But, after looking at pictures of 56s, I am going to give it a miss on this one. The silver paint f
  8. I have found the real problem colour is Black. I have had a fair few tins from various manufacturers that have turned gloss. However I will give the stir it very very thoroughly method a go. Instead of my usual just quite a bit.
  9. Agree. It's the only part of the process I don't like. Even just on a high detail model like this, it's a dogs dinner. If I wanted it as an ex works model it would look a bit of a mess close up. However it's going to get mucky so no problem.
  10. They followed me! Couldn't shake them off. I left Kent and I went to study in Bristol in 1985.
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