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  1. Hi Great pics thanks for posting Any idea what the vehicle on the blocks behind 26027 is.
  2. Gareth 73

    Dapol Class 21/29

    After having chance to look at the model today I would say it's superb apart from a couple of minor niggles ( I won't comment on body being right etc as I don't know if it's right or not) 1st there s no instructions for mounting the headcodes discs or buffer detail. Not a great problem if u have access to pics I suppose but could catch 1 or 2 out e.g. disc folding to the side not up like a cl20. Also disappointed that there 7 open and only 3 closed discs. Ok not a problem if u have a spares box, or feel comfortable cutting a full 1 in half I suppose. Also that the closed discs are painted white not yellow or green as per body colour surely it wouldn't of cost a huge Amount to supply 8 closed discs (either all green or 2 green,6 yellow depending) that way u won't have to try matching the factory colour. The supplyed hook for the 3 link seem a tad to big and fouls on the bottom of the cab front which would make things a bit difficult in real life. (Again having a spares box comes in handy) While there is a fine mesh scavenger fan grill there's no (on mine anyway) fan under it and u can see the wires for the lights through it. Now of course I don't know if this is just missing on mine or an ommision in general as I take it the speaker would sit on chassis under the grill. So perhaps some one could comment if theirs has 1. Thank you Dapol for finally producing this class and can't wait for the 29s to follow.
  3. Gareth 73

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Well it's been 9 years of waiting but thanks to excellent service from hattons I now have what I think will be the first of many class 21s waiting to go through the works for detailing and weathering
  4. The 2 boxes at glyn arnt connected in anyway only the box by the level crossing controls the railway. The one carrog end came from barmouth and is a museum piece not connected to any signalling ( well it was as there is no reason to have 2 working boxes there). Bewdley for example on the Severn valley has a box at either end of the station worked by absolute block between them. And as for tcb boxes together I had a major brain failure as where I work is exactly that oh well it was early in the morning
  5. Your question is a little vague but I'm guessing you mean the likes of either end of a station then it's usual absolute block regs and bell signal communication. I am not aware (so there probably is somewhere) where track circuits block regs are used for 2 boxes close together like a station because if they had gone to trouble of putting tcb in they would of abolished at least 1 box to save money.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I haven't had much chance to do much on this project. I don't need it to be a full blown NX panel with full interlocking etc (That would be way to much like what i do at work). I've now got a mega board which has enough IO for all buttons, servos and route leds. I've got a sketch that works holding the entrance button down and then pressing the exit button at same time which will set all appropriate servos to normal or reverse. It doesn't matter what state the points are in before button press I won't be using track circuits or similar to hold the route. (As it probably be just me running it all I 'll try and use mental interlocking ) All I need is rather than probe and stud or individual point switches etc is just to have 2 individual push buttons per route which are push and release the entrance and then with in a set time an push and release the exit . I still haven't got head round sketch that robin put in July 16 post as not had time to mess with it. Thanks again all
  7. Sorry but I had to chuckle at that comment. I can't rember the numbers exactly but in Severn Bridge Shrewsbury to come off the loop from Abbey Forgate to Sutton Bridge was something like points 175 lever and signal 20 lever fine during the day when double manned but at night a complete pain. So as already been said there is lots of exceptions when new layouts were made to existing track plans. Again in the case of Severn Bridge the original locking didn't flow well for use and meant the box was 3 stories high. Where as when it was relocked by the western it did flow well (apart from 1 or 2 cases) but did mean a lot of cooperation was needed between signalmen at each end of the frame e.g. my points his signals or his block instruments to release my signals etc.
  8. Very little. The last time I had anything to do with programming was 30 years ago in school when I built an automated train system for a project, and that was on a BBC master computer that you more or less had to tell it it was a computer before you could do anything. With the arduino I've got my head around assigning pins and getting combined inputs (using &&) to move multiple servos in appropriate directions to set routes. But didn't want to have to hold the entrance button down while the exit was chosen. If the arduino is not suitable and the programme would be to difficult I'll leave the NX idea and just use the arduino as a servo controller on a basic route setting panel. Then in the future perhaps look into the pi. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  9. 1st Only reason I'm using arduino is it's the 1st 1 I got after looking for a servo controller type thing. I will have a look in to what you've suggested. Thanks 2nd ok Robin I get what you are saying could you tell me how you write a sketch that records the button presses and then how do i action on that result Thanks for you help
  10. Thanks for the reply while I accept that arduino is computer based I was hoping to avoid more computers in the running of the layout. I've already got a sketch that will set the routes with 1 individual button per route. I lack the commands to make the sketch work with 2 buttons where each button might be associated with multiple routes (i understand the "and (&&)" function to get it to work but this requires the entrance button to be held while the exit button is pressed which is not quite what I want) As the junction is loosely based on Water Orton from Saltley North panel it goes from a 4 track to 2 track mainline and 2 track branch. I don't think it matters that the system doesn't know the current state of points because if it sends the servo a command to move to a state it's already in then it's ready to go. The signalling will be automatically worked by microswitches on the servos sending the data wire from the correct advance signal back to the protecting signal and held at danger after passage of train possibly through a second arduino board.
  11. Ok a NX panel is eNtry eXit which means u decide where u want to start signalling the train(entrance) to where u want to go(exit). So using a simple junction ud would start at signal A(1st button) and choose either signal B (2nd button) mainline or signal C (3rd button) branch When the route A to B or A to C has been selected the system then has to set the points as needed e.g. normal position for mainline or reverse to go to branch. In the set up I want there would be a maximum of 4 routes that could be selected from a signal so route A to B, A to C, A to D, or A to E. Each route would entail a different mix of normal and reverse for the points. Hope this clarifies things abit
  12. Hi I'm fairly new to using the arduino boards but have worked out how to operate multiple servos in different ways depending on which button is pressed. But (and yes I know this is sad) I want to operate part of my layout as a NX panel with a layout similar to a panel I used to operate at Saltley PSB before we transferred to westcad. It won't have any need for track circuits but will be integrated with the signalling and will not have any input to driving the trains. The problem I have is I don't know how to code the action of pressing button A then either button B,C,etc to then action the appropriate set of route commands to the servos on the points. Also wether it is possible to have route cancelling though not imperative. While I've spent ages searching on the web I can't find or perhaps recognise might be better, a suitable set of commands to adapt. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be gratefully received and sorry if this has been covered before I could find it. Thanks Gareth
  13. Hi A long shot I know but if anyone has a pic of 33063 running at the Spa Valley Railway preferable showing the cab front I'd be grateful if u could share it. It Must be of it today the 18th of April. And a big thankyou to the spa valley railway for running 33063 today. A friend and colleague of J B
  14. I cant see hams hall being very happy with us asking to put a train away in there. It would interfere with their workings big style. Their shunter has to be involved in both getting a train into and out of the yard. The only time I've put a train in there that had nothing to do with hams hall was an enthusiast special that went straight through. As whitacre loop is close by and bidirectional that usually suffices unless the train is too long then we can usually hold it at waterorton and if that ain't possible then pull off and give the driver greens.
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