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  1. .............. R. Butt. ................... Now ya see it...... Now ya don`t..........
  2. I have no experience with Concepts flux as I don`t need to...... ...but I have done a load of droppers in all gauges over the years..... So if you have tarnished rail I would find a cheep small screw driver and file into a scraper tool... then use a really strong, disolve your skin away, allergic to the touch acid flux...I use Carrs Green label or mega strong Bakers Fluid which will bite through the tarnish and facilitate the solder to flow.... then plenty of heat 40 to 60 watt..... with a leaded solder get you self some of these.... ........as a heat sink either side of your soldering to avoid damage to surrounding to the track..... and away you go with just a quick in and out with the soldering iron ( put the solder on the tip of the iron first.....) Cheers johnny rosspop
  3. No not in this instance, My Dapol Pannier was DC only with no decoder just the PCB and had the `annoying` flicker. I hard wired my own decoder (Zimo MX645)without this function and removed the cheap looking PCB board so it could`nt be a possible source of running issues in the future. John
  4. Well, the dye has been cast...... the through Station is no more....... Track work has been uprooted and a base for the engine shed is in situ...... GWR water fascilities have been carefully fettled from an old whitemetal kit...... The long awaited cattle dock at the front has been made..... A replacement signal box, not made by me, but snapped up on ebay made by a longstanding regular seller was snapped up and is fully detailed internally and fits well at the end of what will be a new platform.. The new detailed platform will be fabricated platform in the next few weeks using 422 Model Making products....
  5. Hi I use Slaters plunger PU`s and their sprung hornblocks they are very easy to use using very simple processes. A sprung (or compensated) chassis will always produce and maintain better electrical contact with the track in any scale and is of great benefit running with DCC a few simple tricks.... unless you are an engineer with a complete workshop!!!! Gets some old fashioned graph paper to help match the frames up and keep everything square. I use a good old slitting disc to cut out the frames etc. make sure you have established the kits inbuilt axle ride height and assemble one hornblock to work out the positioning. make up and use the coupling rods very early on as a jig and use a simple axle jig to solder everything in position. save your pennies and get a quality motor and gearbox. Make sure you use very flexible and thin wire for the pickups to enable free movement of the plunger. (DCC wire is ideal) position the plungers if you can at the driver axle centreline and be aware of Slaters plastic pyramid on the backs of the wheels. Then comes the excitement of fitting the decoder etc..... Cheers John
  6. for a quality decoder (Zimo) MX645 and Zimo double dumbo speaker £120. I removed all the Dapol 21pin gubbins as I don`t like flickering lights in a cab. and did a similar job for the Lionheart..... Youchoos and digitrains do very good sound files...... This is the Youchoos...... and this is the Lionheart.......
  7. loco detailing is`nt really the same as Dapol 87XX and 57XX are the only Panniers to have a fully detailed chassis including an Ashpan, correct double brake pull rods around the rear drivers, correct pattern wheel profiles including the characteristic GWR tapered spokes and axle `dimple` and a semi working valve gear between the frames and better detailed brake hangers. The weight is just fine. Dapol have clearly upped their game with the involvement of Richard Webster (The Lionheart King)
  8. No Sir Captain Your just in the wrong scale......... `ere b` a Dapol 7mm....yes Dapol.. straight out of the box on the day it arrived..... the quietest , smoothest, RTR chassis I`ve ever purchased in any scale...and all for less than £200....... and a bucket load of detail...... Cheers johnny Rosspop
  9. Hi, do you still have Geoff Kent's 3rd wagon book for sale?




  10. A little more progress this week. A dose of Clostermans grey etch primer from their quality rattle can.... Then airbrushed with a 1970`s tin of Precision GWR wagon grey......... A recent stock of the same GWR grey is a darker shade.......
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