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  1. Marc, one of my friends in the Fort has taken some photos around distillery for you. Too big to post/email but if you send me your email address I'll We-Transfer to you. Robert
  2. Mark I have a railway pal in 'the Fort'. I'll see if he can help. best wishes, Robert
  3. Rick, Worth persevering with CAD, as as with the M5 and M1 drawings I produce with it, with your M2 you quickly built up a library of standard parts for future drawings and its very easy to move parts around within drawing. best wishes, Robert
  4. Hi Rick, Interesting discussion. I can supply signalling information on Dunkeld, including locking diagram, also copy of the ScR TB Regs. If of interest drop me a PE. Robert
  5. Folks I thought I'd post this as it has very good detail for modelling. best wishes, Robert
  6. From the days when there was more to see...
  7. Hi Jim, Here's a diagram from gate era. best wishes, Robert
  8. Here's a wee reminder David. best wishes, Robert
  9. Martin this gives some scaled details of Grandtully layout. kind regards, Robert
  10. Hi Graham I had a trawl through also. Cream was certainly common with chocolate brown for windows, barge boards etc. Some boxes were, as you say different, i.e. Achnasheen was light blue at one stage. best wishes, Robert
  11. Hi Keefer. Thats it, the Up-Down Main would allow through running with box switched out; and King Lever allows you to set signals/points for what would normally be conflicting moves. best wishes, Robert
  12. Hi Keffer, The Tokenless Block was driven by a number of reasons but reducing operating costs was envisaged as with the Crainlarich - Rannoch set up you could switch out any, or all, of the intermediate boxes at Tyndrum Upper, Bridge of Orchy and Gorton. Also the TB had the advantage the signalman could switch out whilst a train was still in section, but heading away from his box. However the ability to switch out became a double edged sword. The signallers in the intermediate boxes realised that they would lose overtime and the Murray's who ran Gorton resigned. The railway couldn't get anyb
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