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  1. Just out of interest, how are the J15 Colne Valley Cabs and tender cabs coming along?
  2. I’ve just subscribed to the premium subscription. For that you get a platform 9 3/4 diorama to put it in
  3. Thank you to everyone who has liked my build. The kit only took a couple of hours to put together. It practically built itself as that how good the kit is. There was a bit of flash on some of the sprues but for the most part the mouldings were crisp. I can’t wait to get started on the painting into LNER unlined teak. it was such a joy to build I’m already contemplating buying another one in the future.
  4. Cambrian do sell the LNER Diamond Bogies as a separate kit, I use them in place of parkside ones as they are one piece moulding and don’t fall apart easily. Maybe you could try replacing them?
  5. I know this seems like a stupid question but are you using top hat brass bearings and what wheels are you using?
  6. Jesse, Thank you for taking the time to talk to me yesterday, it was nice to finally meet you. Cheers Paul
  7. I am indeed there tomorrow Jesse, I shall make more of an effort to find you
  8. I’ve been looking out for you all day to let myself known to you I just can’t seem to see you anywhere Jesse
  9. Not just for myself but hopefully for a lot of other Ex-Great Eastern modellers, I hope we get a few different varieties of the J69. Plenty of different variants covering a lot of British Railway history.
  10. Then I must be in the minority! At 34 years of age I can see a lot of potential in even the most moth eaten of models. I have over the past few years have picked up kit built wagons cheaply from Ellis Clark Trains ( other traders are available) at a few of the bigger shows, often they have damaged brake gear or are fitted with unusual couplings. I buy them, strip them, replace any couplings with three link couplings (if not already fitted), repair any damage ( usually having to scratch build missing gear from plastic strip), paint, transfer and varnish. The attached picture shows m
  11. I used Bachmann Pannier tank chassis under my two, this was before the Hornby J50 had even been announced, to be honest as I live with 00 gauge as a compromise I’m quite happy to live with the wheel spacing differences too. These are pictures of the second one I did
  12. I purchased one of the LNER ones last weekend from John Dutfield’s, Ken, who is one of the shop directors, told me that they checked its running before purchase and told me that is runs extremely well. He wasn’t wrong, such smooth operation and crawling speed straight from the box. It has a nice weight to it and the printing is nicely done. I can’t find fault with it! An extremely beautiful model by Oxford, even the enclosed cab looks the part. The only things I will change on it, due to personal preference, is take off the NEM couplers and pockets, fit screw links and paint the wheels to the
  13. I have used three link and screw link couplings for years, I have standardised on the over scale smiths hooks and links and for screw links I have used Markits screw coupler and smiths hooks. To uncouple and couple up I have a uncoupling hook attached to a torch, this I picked up from Ally Pally one year. As with anything, with enough practise, I find it fairly easy and the benefit of shunting anywhere on the layout makes up for the extra work of fitting the couplings.
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