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  1. But perhaps we should know which company made that suspension part originally, as they might have a sister company who supplies parts for trains! Thus any conspiracy theories can go on and on and.....
  2. I thought that tube was for mice to scuttle through safely, thus avoiding them being trodden on by people walking off the end of the platform!! Ed Chap
  3. Unusual picture of a model locoshed, taken from the Corgi Diaries page. https://www.corgi.co.uk/media/gene-bluefoot/v/_/v_a4_locomotive_bittern_arrives_at_old_hornby_warehouse_on_corgi_diecast_diaries_blog.jpg Didn't think they had Hi-Viz in steam days though. Ed Chap
  4. Perhaps it is a Peckett that is not painted and comes with a selection of Humbrol paints and 29 sets of transfers, so that you can make your own individual Peckett….. Ed Chap
  5. For those hoping for a GWR locomotive, perhaps the Docklands Light Railway gives us a clue. There are two stations that might be relevant: All Saints and Star Lane Ed Chap
  6. Roxley Models in Bookham, Surrey has a test circuit. Ed Chap
  7. I am surprised that nobody has commented on the latest Tweet from Hornby that a limited number of GWR 5-car models are available to purchase. I quote "Limited number of the GWR Class 800 Five Car Train Pack are now available! Pre-order now to avoid disappointment!" followed by a link to Hornby's website with a delivery time of Winter 2017.
  8. Interesting, a small fire under a Class 230 unit and loads of people are writing it off and wishing it dead. Now we read that a Class 800 has had a small fire under it and there are no comments made about it. Strange.
  9. Just been reading the GWR Help Twitter feed which features a glossy video about their rolling stock upgrade programme. In the comments below GWR Help give some answers to customers. I was interested to read that electric trains will operate from Reading to Basingstoke from December 2018. Also, when a customer asks when they will be able to sit in a new train all the way to Oxford, the answer is that GWR are looking to upgrade Oxford to Paddington services by May this year, whatever that means.
  10. Amazing piece of reporting by a passenger on the Daily Fail website: Radio reporter Sarah Lowther, who was on the derailed train, said two trains were 'kissing each other' in a tunnel. She spoke of a 'Dunkirk spirit' on board as passengers helped one another, but said she was 'worried' about the driver, who had a bad back after the crash. Speaking to Morning Money radio, she said: 'The trees were taken down from the side of the rail line last year. Trees have roots, roots hold the mud ... The mud had nothing to cling on to. 'It was the first time I've actually flown on a train; when we came off the tracks I assumed the brace position. 'Everyone is looking after each other with water and sugar but we're worried about our driver.' Edwin C.
  11. Interesting to see that the Regional Eurostar services are part of Network Rail's plans!! Edwin C.
  12. The fun will be training the commuters to use the new station layout in the way Network Rail wants them to use it!!
  13. This was on display today at Ally Pally. I took a photo in case it was useful to anyone. Edwin C.
  14. This was on display today at Ally Pally, with a further two bodyshells at the bottom of the display cabinet. I have attached a photo in case it is useful to anyone. Edwin C.
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