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  1. Finally... Does anyone want to buy an older farish DBSO conversion?
  2. While fully accepting the principle of a higher wattage iron giving a quicker and generally better joint, I am also cognizant of my ability to melt anything within a 6 inch radius, so choose the smaller iron for these tasks.
  3. I have a 12w antex for such shenanigans. I will say try to get the one with the flexible silicon cable rather than the PVC cable as it's a lot easier to handle.
  4. Assuming it's similar to the 40, Farish diesels are the easiest sound install possible. The speaker is attached to the bodyshell (which forms the sound enclosure), and contacts with the PCB. No soldering, just put in the Next18 sound chip and you're off. Dapol you normally have to solder wires to the PCB and speaker, and attach the speaker to the enclosure on the chassis (on the 68 and 50 this is shaped as the driveshaft runs through it, although for my 50 I got a 3D printed enclosure from YouChoose with speaker and wires attached designed with the driveshaft clearance).
  5. You often get a little plastic spacer on DDC blanking plugs, I normally use that as a depth marker and to hold the pins as I trim them down.
  6. It's not a secret that it's heading back to the mainline, that's always been the plan. It's going to Soho depot for various checks and low speed testing under it's own power then if all is well needs a data recorder and GSM-R installed before it would potentially be allowed on the mainline.
  7. I guess that means a 47 will be plummeting through my letterbox soon then...
  8. When I did my (other variation) 08 I used this thread to narrow things down, then looked at depot allocations to narrow things down regionally. Then you can start ploughing through the pictures.
  9. It would help if the main picture wasn't a photoshop job. Seems a bit unfair to give that picture prominence when you have an actual picture of the vehicle in question firther down.
  10. Happy Birthday Mr F, and thanks for the continuing barrage of photos!
  11. Funningly enough the traffic reporter on Radio 2 got Strathaven wrong the first time, then correct the second... I wonder if Ken Bruce had a word. None of this explains the difficulty she was having wth Forfar
  12. Ecclefechan isn't really that hard... I've never understood why radio traffic reporters have such trouble with it.
  13. And we haven't got to Strathaven or Athelstaneford yet...
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