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  1. I would have liked to see them take in North Road Station/Head of Steam while they were at the Skerne Bridge. Maybe something to revisit post Covid.
  2. Oh I'm a sucker for Strathclyde Orange/Black. The Carmine/Cream is pedestrian in comparison and the Scotrail Blue doesn't give you that regional variety.
  3. Have you got the 3CV speed table activated? Have you set up CV 2 and 5 first? Are other CVs changing ok?
  4. I am trying to add interior lighting to my Farish DBSO, but there are no handy solder pads on the PCB to access the 'other' connections on the Next18 socket. I have a Zimo MX688 function decoder, but the manual says all connections should be made through the socket and doesn't elaborate on what the solder pads on the decoder are for. Does anyone have any idea if I can access these functions though these solder tabs? Or is there an adaptor board that would sit between the decoder and the socket with breakout connections? Ultimately that at might leave soldering to the socket pins but those
  5. A question for the DBSO experts. I'm putting lights in mine, was the lighting in the guards half of the coach separate from the passenger compartment or did they all come on together?
  6. My Father bought a 3D printed body off eBay, then sent it and a donor Hornby Saddle tank to me. Stripped the body work off the chassis, removed the piston rods. As the body is Polystyrene used poly cement and stuck it together as best as I could figure without instructions. Paints are Revell acrylics I grabbed out the box after priming with Revell acrylic primer. Then dug through my decal stash to find suitable letters and numbers. Finish is very rough as I didn't do any filling and sanding of the 3D print. I have about 60g of wheel balancing weights under the bonnet and on the rear of the cha
  7. Finally... Does anyone want to buy an older farish DBSO conversion?
  8. While fully accepting the principle of a higher wattage iron giving a quicker and generally better joint, I am also cognizant of my ability to melt anything within a 6 inch radius, so choose the smaller iron for these tasks.
  9. I have a 12w antex for such shenanigans. I will say try to get the one with the flexible silicon cable rather than the PVC cable as it's a lot easier to handle.
  10. Assuming it's similar to the 40, Farish diesels are the easiest sound install possible. The speaker is attached to the bodyshell (which forms the sound enclosure), and contacts with the PCB. No soldering, just put in the Next18 sound chip and you're off. Dapol you normally have to solder wires to the PCB and speaker, and attach the speaker to the enclosure on the chassis (on the 68 and 50 this is shaped as the driveshaft runs through it, although for my 50 I got a 3D printed enclosure from YouChoose with speaker and wires attached designed with the driveshaft clearance).
  11. You often get a little plastic spacer on DDC blanking plugs, I normally use that as a depth marker and to hold the pins as I trim them down.
  12. It's not a secret that it's heading back to the mainline, that's always been the plan. It's going to Soho depot for various checks and low speed testing under it's own power then if all is well needs a data recorder and GSM-R installed before it would potentially be allowed on the mainline.
  13. I guess that means a 47 will be plummeting through my letterbox soon then...
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