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  1. Happy Birthday Mr F, and thanks for the continuing barrage of photos!
  2. Funningly enough the traffic reporter on Radio 2 got Strathaven wrong the first time, then correct the second... I wonder if Ken Bruce had a word. None of this explains the difficulty she was having wth Forfar
  3. Ecclefechan isn't really that hard... I've never understood why radio traffic reporters have such trouble with it.
  4. And we haven't got to Strathaven or Athelstaneford yet...
  5. Oh yes. I remember for years Victoria was my main experience of Manchester Terminii as we mostly went there while on Holiday in St Annes. It certainly had character and atmosphere.
  6. There was something about the dank of Manchester Victoria... Faded grandeur and all that...
  7. My CJM one is in Swallow, but I've always thought she looked best in Mainline.
  8. I don't even model 00... but lo, I have expressed interest...
  9. When I was young St Annes still had the old station on the opposite platform which was always somewhat eerie. Ansdell and Fairhaven always seemed to be an abandoned island platform with weeds and not much else. I think they've jollied it up since then though.
  10. They should do a version as a shunter match truck. Would go well with all those Heljan 03s
  11. 'Shoogly' would be the word in question. It certainly is a system all of it's own. I loved seeing the old cars with the manually operated lever to grip the drive cable in the museum. My most recent experience on the clockwork orange was during the Commonwealth Games when it was so crowded i had to stoop so the doors didn't squash my head. I heard someone say 'just showve in, everyone will move up' Fortunately when I shouted back 'no they won't' and to their eternal credit someone then said 'I think we'll wait for the next one'.
  12. I think they hit the sweet spot with the Orange and Black SPT livery.
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