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  1. I know I voted for it. The little canal on it's own was stunning, never mind the rest of it!
  2. The opportunity for big round cartoon bombs with fuses and 'bomb' written on them, the aforementioned ACME anvils, large red sticks of dynamite with 'dynamite' written on them, large trapezoid weights with a big ring on top and the weight in tons clearly marked... And obviously fake tunnel paint.
  3. The 141s always had that extra mystique (in as far as pacers had 'mystique') because they were so geographically localised. The front end has that sort of 'prototype' look.
  4. Are there any plans to add vinyls or anything along those lines? Plenty of space for a big Welsh Dragon there...
  5. All lights are independently controllable. 'Front' and 'Rear' lights are the red and white lights respectively at once end, 'FO1' and 'FO2' are the red and white lights at the other end. By default these should be mapped to F1 and F2. I have a Bachmann/Zimo decoder in mine and have set it up for all combinations of headlights off, tail lights off, and both tail lights on when parked.
  6. It's strange, I have no memory of ever seeing a 31 at Carlisle or Newcastle, but the pictorial evidence would suggest I must have!
  7. Not in my experience, it has cab lights as well and the manual talks about front and rear lights. Although all the switch combinations are very confusing for all the different decoder options etc.
  8. When I was in York the other week there was 1400ish Departure starting at York for London.
  9. Today I have been mostly wrestling with Swiss Mapping for my new Class 50

  10. Having returned from holidays, mine has been running in this morning. All smooth so far. DCC chip is in, now to give that a bash.
  11. A shot of my final Pacer departing after a trip from North Road to Darlington Bank Top.
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