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  1. Personally, I find such "meanderings" very interesting and informative and wish those knowledgeable people to continue to share their experience.
  2. This may be a really daft question, but I'll ask it anyhow ... If Bachmann are viewing Hatton's as a manufacturer, and therefore as a competitor, and thus refusing to have them as a seller of their products; could Hornby and Heljan and Dapol all do the same such that Hattons just end up as a manufacturer/wholesaler as they would then have nothing much to sell in their shop as all the other manufacturer's would also view Hatton's as a competitor?
  3. Seem like Morley have upgraded their Vector to a Zero Three version. It seems that these are same/similar price and have a centre-off knob. I think I'll be getting a MORLEY Vector Zero Three Crawler when the wallet allows it. I think they look much better than the Gaugemaster ones.
  4. A Midland Compound (Number 1000) is a little more affordable and quite iconic if you would like a tender engine; or as adb98008 suggests, a 2-6-4T if you would prefer a tank.
  5. This reminds me of when my wife ventured into the model railway room and admired all my GWR steam locomotives standing proudly in front of the engine shed. What does GWR mean she asked? Why are they all green she inquired innocently? Why don't you get a nice red one? She hasn't been allowed back since. But if I ever had to choose a red one, I think I'd secretly go for a streamlined Princess Coronation.
  6. Morley have just brought out a Vector Zero Two Crawler. I assume that this is to refine the slow speed control. Anyone got one? Any good? I am thinking or replacing my H&M Duette with something a bit more modern; and this seems to fit the bill with hand-held untis and slow speed control.
  7. Thanks for the information on the new sound chip. What will the sound be like on traditional DC? Can we easily change pre-orders from the DCC-Ready version to the DCC-Sound version?
  8. What could be a nice idea is for all 4 coaches along with a large prairie as a GWR suburban train pack.
  9. I found this all fascinating.
  10. And even more pertinent to this thread, also the first 2-8-0.
  11. As a comparison, I ordered mine on 01-OCT-14 and it was shipped on 20-FEB-18. They may have an awful lot of orders to wade through.
  12. I have 1363 and you are correct, the "splashers" are very hard to see from that side. On my model, that is also the side that the numberplate is actually on straight so it will be banned from the turntable me thinks.
  13. KGV

    Hornby king

    Perhaps Hornby flooded the market to kill off the opposition - the hattons king. And it is a bargain, along with the Bristolian set.
  14. Thanks - this page also explains the white "W" underneath the cab side number plate as in the image of 4144.
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