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  1. That's the problem. I wonder how many more of us here contributed generously to the brakes fund when the NRM had their restoration appeal going a number of years ago in conjunction with Steam Railway magazine, and received our nice little certificates entitling us to a ride behind FS on the NYMR or SVR by invitation at some future date. Still waiting years later, and when I raised the matter with NRM a couple of years back they still said they hoped to arrange a supporters' trip at some time in the future on some other heritage railway. When the NRM bought Scotsman I recall the hype th
  2. I've got a London bus biscuit tin. There's around a dozen "vintage" or "[email protected]" Playcraft HO wagons stored inside it which haven't seen the light of day for a long time. Maybe I'm missing a trick by not listing the tin with its contents on eBay!
  3. Well, at least me and my wife are thankfully within the same social bubble. We thought it was hard that neither of us have been able to see either of our daughters for now nearly a year and a half for the same reasons. You have our sympathies. By comparison being unable to attend model railway shows pales into insignificance.
  4. I lost an exhaust pipe from my 00 Heljan class 128. An internet search came up with Gaugemaster as a Heljan spares stockist. I ordered the part number 17, described as "left hand exhaust pipe", but the one which Gaugemaster sent was for the other side. A telephone call with a very helpful member of staff said he would send the correct one and I could keep the other as a spare. Another of the same arrived a few days later. Another telephone discussion when it was agreed the confusion arose from the description on the Heljan parts diagram describing the piece which I needed as left-hand,
  5. My Hornby coach which Hermes collected from the seller last Thursday was delivered late this afternoon, undamaged, by Hermes courier. Why it should take an hour or two more than seven full days to travel from Oakham in the East Midlands to Hawick in the Scottish Borders, one can but guess. 170 hours to cover 247 miles. However all's well that ends well!
  6. Some sellers are STILL using Hermes collection service. Almost a week, Hermes have had a Hornby coach which I bought from a private seller and still no indication as to when I might receive it. Screenshotted a few minutes prior to posting.
  7. I am keeping an open mind on whether I will restart selling eventually under the new "managed payments" regime. eBay now require shared access to a bank account. My wife and I have a joint household account which I am unwilling to allow eBay to access and we each have our own Paypal accounts. One possible solution. I have a longstanding life long widower's pension from a previous wife who worked in the insurance industry and who died young, and this pays out about 25GBP per month after tax. I had thought of having the monthly payments paid into a new separate account, which would
  8. Since the end of last month, due to the need to supply a bank account to eBay, I've dropped off selling for now. My wife and I have a joint household account which is none of eBay's business and we each have individual Paypal accounts, so I would need to open another account just for eBay. However I have continued buying stuff on eBay this month, paying via Paypal, and if I am no longer selling, my railway room would eventually run out of storage space so I expect I'll be back sooner or later. Meantime I am keeping an eye on RMWeb eBay threads and keeping an open mind on the praises and th
  9. I pre-ordered a R3836 almost a year ago as 78047 was a Hawick engine, not that I ever saw the life size version as I only moved into Hawick after the railway closed but my wife said it was a must have. I recently cancelled my pre-order as life has moved on meantime. I wonder whether I would have ever seen it anyway, after the issue last year with Hornby pre-orders where they took too many orders for the Captain Tom class 66, and for which luckily a friendly trader whom I had bought from previously had put one aside for me otherwise I would still be waiting.
  10. I just parted with thirty quid today for a boxed Hornby Sir Dinadan with two BR Mk1 coaches in pseudo Southern Railways lettering and numbering, all in nearly new condition. Forty years ago my original "Sir Dinnergong" quickly fell from favour and was traded to Hattons back in 1980. Nostalgia got the better of me today. We have a continuous run layout based on the Hornby trackmat at our local Men's Shed where I test ran it then I bought it there as an executor's sale item. Now it is had its first trip on my small fiddle yard to branch terminus layout and is back in its box. Complete wit
  11. Some very strange pricing on Amazon's Hornby section indeed. An hour ago I snapped up an R4691 BR (LMR) suburban brake at 25.67GBP, (44% discount on 45.99GBP), with free postage, only 3 left. I checked just now and it is now showing at 24.92GBP with only 2 remaining.
  12. In 2008, there were three wagons in faded historic liveries, Shrewsbury Co-op, Lilleshall, and England's Glory, at the closed heritage centre at Waterside in Ayrshire. I don't know who originally painted them in these liveries, but I recall when I posted photos on Flickr someone wanted to know how they had ended up in Scotland, so I assume they were originally painted at a heritage railway somewhere in England which later sold them on. I do not know what subsequently became of these wagons, whether they were scrapped or whether restoration was eventually taken on by the adjacent Ayrshire
  13. Around a year ago I bought a 1978 Hornby BR Freight set, untested, from a local antique shop. All in new condition. The loco was a class 25, D7596, with the Ringfield motor bogie, similar to the one on the Hornby HST of that era. On bringing it home, I found that the motor ran perfectly but the gears did not mesh with the gears on the axle. Easily fixed with thin perspex shims and D7596 has proved a reliable workhorse on my layout. One can imagine the sheer disappointment forty years ago when some child got a train set for Christmas and the engine wouldn't move so it was stashed away
  14. I have Triang-Hornby Lord Westwood which still has its chuff chuff sound. It is only very slightly convincing as a steam loco sound when running in reverse. Going forwards it sounds to me more like the "quack quack" of a duck, and my wife says it doesn't even sound like a duck, more like something is wrong with the loco.
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