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  1. Our local club gave up our clubrooms last year and moved into the town's Men's Shed as we are almost all retired and now able to meet during the day. Before covid struck we discussed our annual show and decided to organise "one final show" in 2020 as we are coming of an age where setting up, manning and dismantling a show and moving layouts back and forward to clubrooms and members' homes was becoming too much hard physical work. Like almost every other show, we had to cancel this year. Whether we will do that one last show sometime in the future or never again remains to be seen. I would normally also attend three shows per year but have not been to one since Model Rail Scotland in Glasgow in February, and at my age would not be keen to attend another show until we have a safe vaccine.
  2. I'm OK with that. I genuinely believed that I had a confirmed pre-order from Hornby. A month after some of my fellow forumites already had theirs I lost my nerve and bought from a retailer at nil profit for that retailer and I then cancelled my Hornby pre-order. The only thing I lost out on was the 10% discount which Hornby are now offering on a future Hornby purchase to disappointed pre-orderers It was my choice to be impatient and to buy via a retailer while their last Class 66 Captain Tom was still available at a sensible price from them, so that is something I can live with. The only remaining dilemma as far as I am concerned is what is the best way to pre-order to secure a Hornby item? Currently I have two loco pre-orders direct with Hornby and two pre-orders for coaches, one via Jadlam for which they already took the money up front and one via Rails of Sheffield who haven't yet taken my money but might not be getting the items and therefore will probably be unable to fulfil pre-orders. .
  3. My order number was HO0334689 so I would have been even further down the queue. I'm thankful now that I cancelled my Hornby pre-order and bought instead from a retailer while I had still had the opportunity to get one at a sensible price. Would have been mighty angry if Hornby had cancelled my pre-order months down the line when no more were available except at inflated prices from eBay carpetbaggers.
  4. A neglected area of the layout, where a spider had spun a web between the synthetic trees and then the dust had settled. An uncanny likeness to mist rising among the trees. Couldn't resist a photo before I cleaned it off.
  5. Defo some delivery problems. Yes I was disappointed by the lack of response from Hornby to my outstanding pre-order and it was my decision to cancel my pre-order and to buy from an authorised retailer instead but my sympathies still lie to some extent with Hornby.
  6. I was thinking more of the problems with those damaged in transit.
  7. I was thinking more of the flooding at the DPD hub which someone previously referred to in this thread.
  8. After many unsuccessful attempts I had finally got my pre-order in and confirmed by Hornby on 4th May. There was no mention of being on any waiting list. HRoth posted very late that evening with the update about the waiting list and when I saw his post the following day I logged on to Hornby to make sure that I had a confirmed pre-order. When I read your post, Turnesc, maybe I took the right decision in cancelling my Hornby pre-order and buying from a retailer at near the original price while I still had the opportunity to do so. If our orders had failed to make the 3,500 cut, it would have been courtesy for Hornby to have notified at the time that the pre-order was unconfirmed and subject to the waiting list. They used to boast on their website that if they ran out of stock to fulfil your pre-order they would give a 10% discount on your next order, but that seems to have disappeared, possibly following the Duchess of Atholl situation. Hornby have done a great job in bringing the Captain Tom loco out so quickly and raising so much for the NHS, and given the number which were returned damaged or defective for replacement they might be struggling to fulfil all their pre-orders. It would be a shame, though, if they had to sour their good reputation by telling some folks only after this length of time that they had been "unsuccessful".
  9. Just arrived today from the retailer. I have already logged on to my Hornby Account to cancel my pre-order. After a month of checking my e-mails and my Hornby Account several times per day for updates, I need no longer be concerned. Judging from the inflated prices which these locos have already been selling for on eBay, once Hornby work their way through the backlog of orders, I expect they will find no shortage of takers for the one which I cancelled. It really is a lovely loco and runs very smoothly. A marvellous and generous gesture by Hornby, for which I honoured my pledge to buy one, even if it did eventually come via a Hornby authorised retailer rather than direct from Hornby. Best wishes to all those of you with more patience than myself who are still awaiting their Captain Tom direct from Hornby.
  10. I'm still waiting for mine. Still on pre-order according to Hornby. I happened to mention to a retailer whom I often buy from that I was still waiting for Captain Tom from Hornby. The retailer had one left in stock and very kindly offered to sell it to me at no profit for £81 (the extra £6 would go towards Paypal fees and postage). Impatience got the better of me and yesterday I bought it, so it should arrive tomorrow or Friday. Once it arrives I intend to cancel my Hornby pre-order.
  11. My club Brighton Works Terrier already arrived yesterday and my Captain Tom is still on pre-order.
  12. Agreed. My Brighton Works Terrier also arrived today.
  13. cessna152towser


    Perhaps better to order direct from Hornby Hobbies with their price guarantee. I once made the mistake of pre-ordering a blue box Mk2f coach from a retailer. When it eventually arrived over five years later the price which I had to pay had almost doubled.
  14. I have not yet received the e-mail from Rails even though I have a current pre-order with them. I learned the news here first.
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