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  1. A Hornby advert for versions of the J15 at £77.99 kept popping up when I was browsing non-railway links. Thought I would shop around a bit and I got myelf a Hornby early crest 65477 from Bure Valley for £60 plus £5 postage. They still had two left at that price as I typed this. http://www.burevalleymodels.com/p/8742/R3415---BR-Class-J15-65477-BR-Black-Early
  2. Difficult to illustrate as my pocket camera lacks a macro setting, but there is no switch flush with the surface of the slot on the underside of the wagon. Otherwise I am very pleased with the wagons. They run well and the knuckle couplings even accept being propelled through Peco Setrack curved point (second radius 17.25 inch). Much more detail than the Lima set which I sold over thirty years ago when I moved here.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I tried to reach the microswitch through the slot but even the smallest Marklin screwdriver can't reach in far enough to operate the switch. I then tried a narrow probe but all that did was push upwards the little black box next to the battery. I can't get the tail light to work at all. My wife, who has over 20 years model railway experience with Markin products also tried it, and was unsuccessful, she says this is Chinese crap. I hope you can prove her wrong as Accurascale has never disappointed me previously.
  4. Tracking showing mine have reached Warrington Parcels Sorting Centre. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. Eager anticipation!
  5. Our local Lidl had the Hornby Paddington junior sets for sale yesterday. I think these will sell well around here as this is the first time in 31 years here that I have seen the Hornby brand on sale locally (other than vintage second hand items in the local antique shop). New opportunity for Hornby to make inroads in a new area of the country. Our nearest Hornby stockist model shop btw is 45 miles away.
  6. Sadly no mention of any proposal to re-instate VIA Rail's Victoria-Courtenay service. The only mention I could find of that route was the passing remark that the service was currently suspended. I used to enjoy riding on the Dayliner when I visited my cousins on Vancouver Island. I have the Rapido HO Budd RDC #6148 which occasionally has running powers on my British outline layout.
  7. I much prefer the less waiting. I once pre-ordered a blue box coach, because it would be a scale model of an actual coach on the heritage railway where I was a volunteer. During the waiting period of over five years till my model finally arrived, I got married, the prototype vehicle left our railway, the running number of the model got changed and the price almost doubled.
  8. I have a half marathon finish funnel cameo on my layout and I purchased a Preiser Angela Merkel figure as I thought it would be a useful addition to have a celebrity to greet the runners, and my wife is German. However the HO figure looks rather tiny beside the Subbuteo figures already used in the cameo and has yet to be found a suitable location on the layout.
  9. I run a mix of vintage and modern model trains on my fiddle yard to branch terminus layout with an HM2000. The feeds from each controller go to opposite ends of the layout and depending how the points are set either two trains could be driven independently or there could be a cross feed of power to feed in power from both controllers to compensate for voltage drop. My original Hornby-Dublo 2-6-4T, 80054, from my first train set new at Christmas 1958 has been 2-railed and has been overhauled a few years ago and still gets a run on the layout occasionally. Still capable of pulling its thr
  10. A valid point. Last week, I rostered one of the new Hornby plastic bodied Terriers for a train consisting of two vintage Graham Farish tinplate suburbans. The wheels just spun and it refused to budge out of the level fiddle yard. Lifted off the Terrier and substituted a 1970s era Graham Farish Pannier tank with diecast metal body which hauled the two coaches with ease.
  11. The line to Waterside was still open until a few years ago for open cast coal traffic. I never travelled to Dalmellington while the regular passenger service was still in operation but I've travelled that line as far as Waterside on railtours four times. Three times on DMUs and the most recent was early in the new millenium on the Riviera Trains Mark 1 stock with class 37s top and tail.
  12. So glad to have found this thread. The Heljan Park Royal Railbus SC79974 with the Kilmarnock and Dalmellington destinations was on my must have list since it was first announced, as my mother was from Kilmarnock and we often saw the real railbus while it was in service, but I hadn't been aware that Heljan had eventually got around to releasing this version. Olivia's Trains had three left in stock and one of those is now on its way to Hawick where it will be very much at home on my small fiddle yard to branch terminus layout. I've done some "meet and greet" volunteering at Whitrope
  13. I bought the AMRSS limited edition Bachmann 47708 Waverley from Rainbow Railways, which had been professionally weathered by them. Price was only £10 more than the unweathered version and the weathering was very well done and really brings the 47 to life.
  14. Hornby-Dublo EDP14 passenger set, Christmas 1958. Three-rail BR Standard 2-6-4 tank 80054 and three tinplate suburbans with glazed windows. I often saw the real 80054 when I was a kid, raised in the Glasgow area. I've still got my original Hornby loco, now two-railed, paintwork is now tatty but I had it serviced a few years ago so it still runs well. Also still have the coaches, now fitted with Wrenn wheels and Ratio interiors. The original train still gets the occasional run on my current layout. November 1959 and a more recent shot.
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