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  1. The item was delivered today and he left positive feedback. No trouble after all. Phew!
  2. Excellent service from AGR. Purchased a second hand Bachmann loco last week at a very fair price, arrived within 48 hours, very well packed, exactly as described and a good runner.
  3. Is it just me, or do others dislike being badgered to post immediately the auction ends and before being paid? I sold two Hornby wagons at lunchtime. Two minutes later I received a message "hi.can you post today..and can you pack well". I replied as soon as I had packed the items, described the packaging, and said I would post once I received notification of payment and order details from eBay as to where to send it, which would be today provided paid timeously. Another hour passed then I received two messages one from eBay saying "Paid post now" and an identically worded one from the buyer. Item is now posted, three hours after end of auction. I sent it second class because that was all he paid for. Much as I hate waiting weeks for people to send stuff, this is the other extreme. If he had said "please" or "I need it for someone's birthday" I wouldn't have minded.
  4. Some years ago I spotted a huge bargain job lot on eBay buy-it-now, "collection only". Day one I drove all the way from Scotland to buy the stuff in Taunton, two nights in a hotel, West Somerset Railway trip to Minehead on the middle day, then drove home on the third day with a long break in Kidderminster to allow for a round trip to Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway. By the time I had resold all the items I didn't intend to keep I just about covered the cost of my three day trip.
  5. Sorry to hear this. I believe the motor isn't up to the job as the railbus is quite a heavy model. I bought the Heljan Park Royal railbus. Unfortunately the steps got damaged when placing it back in the box after its first test run. I glued the steps. After a few slow runs on my short fiddle yard to branch terminus layout the railbus expired in a puff of smoke, first time I opened up the controller to above half speed. After sales service from both the retailer and Heljan was non-existent. If I had not damaged the steps I would have taken the matter further with trading standards as an item not fit for purpose. As things stood, I resold it on eBay as a non-runner for half the price which I paid. I will never again buy a motorized Heljan item.
  6. "i have pisted this Loco as spares or repair" Pissed when he listed or pissed on the item?
  7. The postie came to the door on Thursday and offered his most sincere apology. He said he hadn't realised there was a lock on the door. It takes a great person to admit their mistake. All's well that ends well.
  8. Someone bought it. Best offer was accepted. We will never know how much. This https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284472483215?hash=item423be19d8f%3Ag%3A5ngAAOSwasRhVy3q&LH_BIN=1 looks like a bog standard Triang horse box in Wrenn packaging and over priced.
  9. Over optimistic or delusional? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124956622647?epid=4049023906&hash=item1d17febf37:g:UiQAAOSwJUFhapxZ
  10. I am eagerly anticipating the MC Metals wagons from Rails of Sheffield. Next step will be to find or fabricate suitable scrap metal loads.
  11. Oh no! I gave away free a huge amount of Hornby-Dublo 3-rail track and points at a show a few years ago, only kept enough for my display layout of a double circuit with sidings. Never suspected it was worth that much
  12. Thanks for all your responses, much appreciated. Maybe I made too much of a fuss. I often leave my conservatory unlocked for couriers or posties to leave items and a neighbour rarely locks their summer house. Just wonder what came over the postie today when finding my conservatory locked went up steps to my summer house and forced it open despite it being obviously also locked.
  13. I returned home to one of those red "Something for You" cards from the post ofice, on which was written "On seat inside summer house". True enough there was my parcel of Hornby wagons which I had bought on eBay, but the postie had broken a bolt in order to force his way past a secure and sturdy lock to gain entry to the summer house and had therefore then left the premises open. I will be submitting a claim to the post office but would be interested to know how others would react. Nothing stolen, but is forcing your way into lockfast premises perhaps a matter for the police?
  14. A longer wait than I expected. In the meantime I bought a green one second hand via this forum. I wanted a pair to create a trip working and missed out yet again on Hattons who sold out almost immediately (as I type this their website shows only one version of the white ones remaining, only nine left). However I managed to secure a second green HIA from Rails and it has just arrived today.
  15. Since my excellent Rails Iron Mink arrived to replace my Ratio one, the Ratio chassis has now been dismantled for spares and the Ratio Iron Mink body is now a grounded shed in the garden of one of the houses on my layout.
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