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  1. The jacket arrived at Heathrow on Sunday where the seller sorted out customs. It was then flown to Edinburgh and has been delivered today by DHL. I'm thinking the other buyer who had complained of having to pay customs duty may have been based outside of UK. Nothing extra to pay and all's well that ends well.
  2. My wife purchased an expensive jacket on eBay. Item described as made in Pakistan, but item location shown as Preston UK. Seller has 100% feedback. We received tracking information last night that the item has been dispatched direct to us from Karachi, Pakistan. Re-checking seller's feedback today, there is a recent positive feedback on an identical item which says item is very good quality but buyer had to pay customs duty. Something wrong there surely. I don't see why, as a buyer living within UK, I should be liable for any additional customs duty if item location is shown
  3. The six-wheel Dark Star tanker is once again available from Simply Southern, according to their website. Perhaps a fresh batch with a different running number. https://shop.simplysouthern.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_65&product_id=510
  4. I received the notification yesterday re the new fees and requiring my bank details if I want to continue selling beyond 30th April. It seems there are pros and cons to it. Possible higher sales prices in a few cases if buyers can now pay by card. No more Paypal fees but eBay's cut from the sale price is increased by an equivalent amount. This is effectively an increase in fees in cases where seller pays by cheque. A dispute fee, £14 or £16.80, depending on whether private or trade seller, payable if eBay finds against you as a seller, which considering eBay already tend to sid
  5. There seems no longer any point in pre-orders. With Bachmann I waited over 5 years for my Hattons Mk2f RFB and when it finally became available the price was almost twice what had been originally quoted. With Rails I have now waited 3 years for the Caley 0-6-0 which they commissioned from Bachmann. Last year I was left disappointed by unfulfilled pre-orders for Hornby, through both Hornby's own website and a retailer. Luckily I was later able to source the items elsewhere. So I will no longer pre-order any Bachmann or Hornby. Before finding this thread, I had already ma
  6. Thanks. For now I have ordered a replacement HM2000 from Hattons, but I will now have two laid aside so I have bookmarked your link which could come in very helpful in fixing them.
  7. I bought an NBR brake 3rd from Jadlam Racing Models two weeks ago. As of this morning, when I checked their website, they still have some of the NBR range of coaches showing as "in stock" while others are now showing as "pre-order".
  8. I had the same problem yesterday. Was reading a topic when irrelevant pop-ups suddenly began to appear filling more and more of the screen. I tried to close one of them and got a message saying "are you sure". So then I clicked "Yes" and got a message from RMWeb which said this topic will no longer appear on my topics list or searches. I had to restart my computer to remove the pop-ups. Can't recall now which topic it was.
  9. I used an HM2000 on my layout for a few years. Eventually I had an issue with one of the reversing witches making intermittent contact and laid it aside and bought a replacement HM2000 around two years ago, Now one of the rotary speed dials is similarly making intermittent contact. Probably a simple matter of a worn, loose or dirty contact inside the control unit. Is there any way of opening these units up for repair?
  10. A fascinating little film. I have one of the Farish Pannier Tanks, dating from the 1970s. There was a recent post on the eBay Madness thread about an identical loco which had a badly fatigued metal body. I had mine out of its box today for inspection and the body is still in excellent condition with no signs of fatigue cracking. While it was out of the box I gave it a run on my layout and it still goes well. Have I just been lucky getting a good alloy casting? Were these models prone to Mazak rot? Or perhaps the one listed in eBay had been abused in the past?
  11. Fondly remembered from several visits in the 1970s. When I lived in the Glasgow area and Glasgow-Preston was first electrified in 1974 I recall buying a £3 day return from Glasgow to Liverpool and returning with a big cardboard box full of Hornby-Dublo, from Hattons. Sadly I promptly sold most of it on at cost to my Glasgow clubmates.
  12. There was this explanation posted on this thread recently that Rails have been stretched with staff shortages and high volumes of orders. "Rails have been having significant delays in handling pre orders and new orders, since November. It was reported on this forum that members had had to contact Rails about long delays in processing their SECR van orders, and they reported that Rails advised they had problems due to the volume of product and staff sickness. Unfortunately this has continued into December and on into January, probably compounded by the large amount of new stock co
  13. I was looking on the Web yesterday to try to source a couple of Hornby Scotrail coaches which I missed last year and are now out of stock with the major box shifters. Collett's came up as having them still in stock and at a very competitive price. I had never dealt with them before but having seen some good reviews here on RMWeb I thought I would take a chance. I placed my order yesterday afternoon. Within minutes my order was acknowledged and I also received a personal e-mail from Leigh thanking me for my business. The courier arrived at lunchtime today, with both models, excep
  14. Model Rail Scotland in Glasgow, Friday 21st February 2020. A day trip on the Pendolino from Carlisle. It had become a tradition to buy the Hornby catalogue every year at the Glasgow show. No Glasgow show this year so I had to mail order my Hornby catalogue which arrived yesterday. .
  15. I might be going there to sell later in the year. I currently have a rake of Hornby blue and grey Mk1s and the Bachmann BCK is the odd one out at one end of the rake. Because of the design of the Bachmann coupling mechanism, it has a nasty habit of detaching on the sharp curve at my station throat so I will probably replace it with a Hornby one when that becomes available.
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