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  1. I had a similar issue when I sold some Hornby-Dublo to someone in USA. The items went via Global Shipping Programme and the seller complained he never received them. I followed up the tracking and the end courier claimed to have tried to deliver but nobody was at home. I contacted the buyer with this information and he said he had received no notification from the carrier. After that he made contact with the carrier and eventually received his item.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triang-Hornby-Model-Railways-OO-Gauge-Joblot-4-x-Insulfish-White-Vans-Unboxed/373037830813?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 Four old Triang Fish vans in mediocre condition recently bid up to and sold for £23 plus postage. Their only claim to fame is "Previously owned by a top link, steam days LMS / BR engine driver.". I've accumulated plenty of those in job lots acquired over the years and usually sell them on for a couple of quid each at our local show. Perhaps I should dig out a rake of them and flog them on eBay seeing we aren't holding our show this year!
  3. "Trainbay". I put an old Lima Sprinter on eBay for a start price of £9.99 earlier this evening. Within minutes I was messaged by "Trainbay" asking if I will consider a Buy-it-Now price. My answer is sorry but no, the auction will run its full course. I have also now blocked him from bidding on my items in view of the hassles he has caused to Simon B.
  4. Too late, unfortunately. I waited around three weeks and when he had still not left me feedback, I left him a positive, to close the transaction (or so I thought). It was only after I had left positive feedback for him that he messaged me asking for a discount.
  5. I had one like that several years ago. I sold to him a Hornby 47. Several weeks later the buyer came back to me saying it needed a new armature and asking for a part refund of £7 to meet the cost of this. I pointed out that he had already had the use of the loco for several weeks and if it was faulty he should have notified me at the time. I offered to cancel the deal and refund, but he insisted he wanted to keep the loco and just wanted £7. I wrote back pointing out that it was unfair to other bidders for the winner to seek a rebate on the price aftewards but as a gesture of goodwill I sent him the £7. He left negative feedback - "Unhelpful seller accused me of breaking item". I blocked him from future bidding.
  6. Thanks for the warning. I recently closed my Google account, which I believe also included my YouTube account.
  7. I had a similar experience. After much patience I eventually reached the Checkout page to find I had two in the Basket. When I clicked to remove one the page disappeared, and I had to start all over, only to find they were now sold out. Luckily the production number was increased and I was later able to log in again. Big sigh of relief and much joy when that pre-order for one loco was eventually confirmed!
  8. The Peco Setrack curved point is (or was) exactly the same geometry as the Hornby one. When I built my layout here in 1989 I used a Hornby curved point at the station throat as it was the only option to give a long enough run round in the limited space available. I replaced it some years ago with a Peco Setrack point. The curves are second radius, which is the tightest curve on my layout and should always be negotiated at low speed. Some Bachmann and Hornby steam outline locos are left or right-handed and will only negotiate the curved point when running chimney towards fiddle yard or running tender first towards fiddle yard. Trying to remember which locos are right-handed and which are left-handed can be challenging at times.
  9. Praise for both, Dapol for sending the items quickly and the Royal Mail for fast delivery.
  10. Dapol ordered last weekend, delivered today, excellent service.
  11. Delivery services seem patchy at the moment, depending on where stuff is coming from. I already received yesterday from Manchester a wagon which I bought on eBay last Saturday, but a Peco point sent Royal Mail 48 by Frome Model Centre on 22nd April has just arrived this afternoon (9 days in the post).
  12. I had always assumed that Graham Farish 00 vans were all of a standard bodywork style, like the NE van which I have illustrated and which has an identical body to various others in advertising liveries, Knorr, Terrys, Zoflora, Fyffes, Railmail, in my collection. I just realised this morning that the vans which were produced for Beatties carry an entirely different body moulding, My Beatties pair have horizontal planking, double side doors and double vents on the ends, whereas all the others have vertical planking, single side doors, and ends with single vents and horizontal corrugation. I am wondering whether Beatties went to the expense of asking Graham Farish to produce a separate moulding for their vans.
  13. As a member of Hawick and District Railway Society I learned today that the committee took a decision yesterday evening to cancel the Border Rail 2020 exhibition which would normally have been held at the August Bank Holiday Weekend. With so much still to organise, and the extension made to the government lockdown, it was felt that time was against us, and particularly when our age group is likely to be the last to be 'released' from the gradual easing of the restrictions.
  14. "Fake Bachmann", and almost as expensive as the real thing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hachette-Partworks-Ltd-British-Railways-BR-Mk1-Maroon-OO-Gauge-Coach/264658925377?hash=item3d9ee6b741:g:AfEAAOSwBpteYo41
  15. I was very disappointed with the Bachmann Ivatt 4. Sold mine at a loss on eBay only a few months after buying it brand new.
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