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  1. If you look at my post at the top of this page, you will see that Gould does not use BT for Brake Third, he refers to "Third Bke". It was I who introduced the abbreviations, driven by laziness a desire for simplicity, and @melmerby who introduced the possibility of non-corridor formations.
  2. This was Gould's book on SR Maunsell carriages. After listing the SSE's train formations, he then goes on to cover their build: This is what confused me. That's what I was thinking when the only Hornby LMS stock I could find was non-corridor. But Gould gives the Bournemouth/Manchester train formation as BT/T/C/Dining/C/T/BT/BT/C/BT. No mention of corridors, but how would the dining car work otherwise?
  3. Reminds me of the story of the soccer player who, when asked if he preferred grass or AstroTurf, replied that he didn’t know because he’d never smoked AstroTurf.
  4. Dragging up an old thread, but I was thinking of the Sunny South Express, and that it might allow me to introduce a little LMS colour to my late '30s Maunsell green collection. According to Gould's Maunsell's SR Steam Carriage Stock: Even though the SR didn't supply the coaching stock, would it have supplied the locomotive for the SR metals? This cigarette card suggests that it might, but you know...cigarette cards!
  5. IIRC, IKEA do them in packets of 8 or 10 And my bank card-reader uses CR2025...which are like hens' teeth in comparison.
  6. Bachmann USA was bought out by Kader, which then spawned Bachman Europe. So there was no point in time when they had an American parent. Heritage, possibly, parent no. Kader is HQ'd in HK, which is currently part of PRC. But, come the glorious day of true democracy...
  7. Aha! Important information. I assumed that it was a really tight push-fit. Doh! Yep, that's exactly my plan too.
  8. It's not often that you see fabric hoods on RTR. And now I see why. Presumably the prototype was stitched with cargo rope and a bargepole.
  9. Best to temper expectations with Blue, methinks. No new tooling until they’ve caught up with their still massive backlog. So, unlike Red, I don’t expect any ‘WOW!’ moments. Regurgitating the same-old with new buttons and bells...and price tag in all reality. Nowt wrong in that, as it still fills gaps in the inventory that will appeal to many.
  10. Thank you Jack, much appreciated! I think that I will try taking the A/B 'keeper' off. Have you tried anything other than a Markits screwdriver? I don't have one, although they're not exorbitantly expensive...probably less than the cost of shipping! How did you get the keeper back on? Just pliers and brute strength? Thanks once again.
  11. Hi all I'm replacing the rigid buffers on my Bachmann birdcage stock with Markits SECR sprung buffers, and I'd appreciate any tips on fitting them. The standard buffers can simply be pulled out (thanks @The Bigbee Line!) So that just leaves me to 'simply' install the new buffers. And therein lies the rub. The first part of the 'keeper', for want of a better word, (A) passes through the hole in the buffer beam, and feels like the back post of the buffer (C) will be a snug fit like the original. The problem is that the end of the 'keeper' (B) will not go throu
  12. Not by looking at them IRL, I would hope. But it depends on who's looking at the numbers on the page. Never underestimate the potential for human error.
  13. IIRC there were concerns over some incorrect details in the KMRC gated stock. At least some of those problems seem to have been addressed in the EFE Rail re-release. I haven't followed the issue closely, but no admittance that there was a problem in the first place. In software parlance, this is what's known as a 'silent upgrade'.
  14. Strokes and folks. As a non-GWR man with a penchant for panniers, I have both a BlueBox 5700 and 8750. But the 94xx leaves me cold. Actually, it's the tapered boiler. Go figure.
  15. Ahhh, all a bit too modern for me. So I'd assumed that RR meant Road Runner. Regional Railways makes a lot more sense, albeit less exciting. The lack of Wile E. Coyote on the side is a distinct disappointment.
  16. Erm. It was meant in jest. I thought that was obvious from the stupidity of the idea. It never occurred to me that I needed to underline it with an emoticon.
  17. Perhaps catalogues should be released at the end of the year, to increase the chances of them being more accurate? Still no guarantee, mind.
  18. This is the correspondence that I had with KRM back on 25.11.2019: On reflection, that's a bit worrying, since if it's sent from the UK, with Swiss tax already applied, the chances are that I will still have to pay tax as well as import duty on entry. That would make me quite sad.
  19. This is not dissimilar to the problem that I faced last Thursday. I did raise the issue with Hornby, and gave them my email address for them to follow up. Needless to say, my inbox remains unsullied.
  20. Umm, no, I don't think so. What they're doing is adding a charge to cover customs clearance. Whenever I order any goods from outside Switzerland, the charge is made up of two factors: Swiss tax, which is variable depending on the value of the goods; and an import duty, which is fixed (and handling charge, thanks Roy!). That import duty handling fee might be slightly higher for some couriers, but not by much. Even if it's just lousy old Swiss Post it's still a fair chunk of change. And import tax covers the whole cost of receiving the item, including shipping costs.
  21. As @Colin_McLeod says, it’s at the point of entry into the country of domicile. Everything that I’ve purchased from the UK has incurred Swiss tax and import duties. I expect no different for KRM, and that will apply now to anyone living in the EU.
  22. So, in direct competition to the Rails/Dapol version. Who’d have thought it?
  23. I wonder what odds William Hill are offering on Hornby announcing a Collett 81xx Large Prairie?
  24. You missed Leaves on the line / The wrong type of snow / There’s an R in the month etc. etc. etc.
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