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  1. Which is fine if you are working to a price point.But even that doesn’t apply with this current edition which IMHO is stretching credibility beyond what I consider acceptable limits.No thank you.
  2. But in this case that does not apply. You cannot seriously compare the two . Hornby 9F is for those who stick to the brand. .....as has been posted above.
  3. And that’s the first thing that passed through my head too. We’ll wait &see.This I think is set to be a big seller.
  4. And now is on the Hornby website newly arrived.
  5. Headed I imagine for the “Collectors” market for onward eBay profit.,spurred on by the heady heights achieved recently by R 3819. The comparison ends there however for this is an entirely different model in terms of quality,especially when you consider Bachmann’s 9F is always available.
  6. No you go to Curry’s for those.
  7. Alfas and Triumphs. Strangely two flawed thoroughbreds...My 1965 Vitesse suffered a fractured front n/s wheel disc which parted company with its tyre .This duly proceeded ahead of the rest of the vehicle which gracelessly but safely ground to a halt on three legs. My Alfa 147 diesel filled one with sensations of the Mille Miglia....until its clutch seized immovably and ignominiously in a bus lane in the middle of Cambridge,cost a night’s hotel expense and had to be towed home the following day. Both were great to drive.No consolation Talking of flawed propul
  8. When I joined the club in order to purchase their Brighton Works Terrier,I had similar experiences on both card presenting occasions. With PayPal....no such difficulties.....despite using the same card. Their problem.Not yours. I sent a complaint.It obviously fell on deaf ears. Simply this should not be happening. Why is this ....lack of joined up customer care ? If Hornby do graze this forum,then please read,mark,learn and inwardly digest .Then fix it.It is not rocket science.
  9. Let’s just say it has character. Impressions are very promising indeed in all seriousness.Enough to make this sceptic sit up and take notice.
  10. And the one everybody overlooks...the B16
  11. But not all retailers will mail overseas.Something perhaps we forget. I’m not a fan of pre ordering but after recent events on this occasion I did.
  12. Now that’s as heartfelt and sensible a post as I’ve read in a long time. Chronologically,Hornby have an annoying habit of releasing coaches at different times. You are hanging around for weeks/ months on end for the missing one to finally appear or it’s released in penny numbers and sells out quickly to reappear finally when some of us have fallen off the tree. I’m sure of course that production difficulties beset Hornby’s plans but in this particular case chaps can we make a plea for some really joined up delivery. A nice big box containing the complete train will do very nicely t
  13. Or even two rebuilt editions.....
  14. Didn’t think of it in that way....but yes I take your point.Worthy models Hornby’s GW releases in many ways but IMHO no game changers comparatively speaking..As I’m sure our resident “spokesperson “ Stationmaster Mike might agree. Now what would tempt me to review my position would be a 5 * revamp of their Hawksworth County. Oops,there I go again.....way off topic. Very sorry,Sir Nige....a disloyal Gresley country resident.
  15. Hope all are now successfully tuned in. The W1 to my eyes is on course to become one of the best steam image RTR OO gauge models to date.I ‘m looking at my Roco DR Class 18 201 for a direct comparison.I believe that is its potential standard. Something to savour.
  16. But at the time what they did may have been foolhardy but not illegal thus painful though you may find it you cannot compare the two. We are all ....or most of us ...living through painfully difficult situations. I am not exempt from such pain and difficulties in the same way as you. I am now sole carer for my wife who is suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. Sure,we have good carer support from our local hospice but our close family is divided between Rhondda Cynon Taf and Gateshead .Work that one out....not rocket science is it ? I’m on my own.Like you close fam
  17. Well utterly pointless in attempting to convince you .I actually have told you what a less confrontational way could have been.You obviously have a jaundiced view of teaching staff .Minor damage....how on earth can you predict that ?. Good experienced teaching staff are not easy to replace and are in no way sheep to be herded. It may have escaped your attention that many are struggling to secure Covid tests before they are secure to return to work. I’m afraid you sweep gloss over the surface without attempt at any real understanding of how this situation might unfold. It ain’t that simple
  18. But there are better .less heated ways of doing it than this.There is a fragillty in leadership here which truly screams at you.Blowing things apart in such a manner will overheat a situation that needs to return to normality as quietly and effectively as possible. Believe me,the very last thing any school community needs is scrutiny by the press for all the wrong reasons,speaking as one who as a deputy head once had to firefight Fleet Street and attendant photographers when his head threw a hissy fit and went awol because she’d made a bad decision which attracted their attention in spectacula
  19. Well he wrote a letter .Anything published is in the public domain. Had he published facts without the histrionics and overt value judgement.then fair enough ....in other words with care as when you write to parents you must always and with balance to be scrupulously fair to all concerned.....which includes his staff .He has created an us and them situation which could have been avoided by being properly managed.Beware of any protestations of truth and honesty both of which are easy prey to manipulation. ATM he appears to have set parents against teachers. What’s his own position from here onw
  20. This is not a populist response.But then I’ve done the job. Any head will tell you that the primary qualities in success as a head are leadership skills which should include loyalty to one’s staff,both teaching and non teaching .This head clearly expects ....and rightly so....his staff to give likewise.And indeed yes they were perhaps foolish in their attendance at that fateful knees up earlier this month but as Mr.Aspin readily admits they did nothing at that time contrary to HMG edict. Since when btw has it been mandatory to seek the advice of one’s boss for a night out ? So the
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