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  1. Great to see another GN based layout, and I look forward to future instalments. I had wondered about the use of Dapol SR lattice signals myself on my own layout and think that they look OK. For me, the alternative would have to be Hornby Dublo! Would a signal located next to a signal box carry a white diamond?
  2. Mine (SR brown) arrived today. The body, detailing and decoration are excellent and better than I could achieve from a kit. A previous post said the wheels were by Gibson - one of mine has a trace of flash, which I must remove before it enters traffic. My other slight criticism would relate to the slimline tension-lock couplers supplied for fitting if appropriate. Both the mounting blocks and hooks are very loose such that the latter hang low enough to foul uncoupling ramps. I hope Rails can be persuaded to produce more models by this method to give prototypes unlikely to justify the cost of mould tools.
  3. The earlier comment about the alleged unpopularity of GW brake vans off their home system prompts the question as to what extent did goods brake vans venture off their "home" system in the days before nationalisation/common user arrangement. I would think that on short journeys such as cross-London transfer freights, they would work through. Would this also be the case on long-distance freights or would they have been changed, perhaps at the same time as loco changes? Were visiting brake vans ever "borrowed" in the same way as ordinary goods wagons? Just looking for an excuse for SR and LMS brake vans on an ECML based layout!
  4. To paraphrase Churchill, who is Sighting and why does he object?
  5. If you ever give up the building/carpentry business, you might find a good market for locos like these.
  6. There used to be a Dartmouth training cruiser (HMS Devonshire at one time) for the provision of sea training to BRNC students. Later the role was undertaken by a light fleet carrier and subsequently by a frigate squadron. Budget cuts resulted in the abolition of a separate training facility, other than small craft, with longer voyages undertaken within the Fleet. Additionally, there has often been a "guardship" in attendance during regatta week, often a frigate. So there would be some scope for a warship in the scenic background (more in the build-up to D day). Additionally, the existence of a railway on the Dartmouth side of the river could have supported growth in the local boatyards. A number of minesweepers and, I believe, a couple of corvettes were built on the Dart. Did this interesting layout scheme see the light of day?
  7. Hopefully saved by AGR.... Mrs 2750 is away at the moment so I thought I'd catch up with a couple of model building projects, working on the dining room table. I was too lazy to find sprue cutters to open a new bottle of Roket cyano so tried to open it with knife on cutting mat. Disaster! Cyano everywhere. Fortunately, the table itself has a thick protector on it but the tablecloth received several large blobs, despite the quick use of a damp J cloth. A quick web search revealed Glue Buster and I placed an order with AGR yesterday afternoon, which arrived this morning. It has certainly softened and removed much of the dried cyano and the tablecloth is now on the stain removal programme in the washing machine. So hopefully my bacon has been saved by the (usual) quick postal delivery from AGR......
  8. Wasn't "hewer" a name also given to the lookout stationed on a cliff (eg the top of Burgh Island) to watch for shoals of pilchard?
  9. Wonderfully atmospheric and nostalgic as I grew up in Norf London near the ECML at this time - if I didn't see the trains in the this film I may well have heard them! I learned to drive on a Bedford similar to that being loaded on the car carrier, 3 speed column change and bench seat. Also a valuable historical record of long-gone activity such as capstan shunting and the use of wagon turntables. Are these films available in DVD format? Nice to hear "proper" music as opposed to musac in the background. I saved a 78 of this piece played on the Albert Hall organ when we cleared my Dad's house.
  10. "Dear Lord, deliver me". A long time since I heard that song!
  11. The phrase used to be "Queen Anne front, Mary Ann back".
  12. Mum used to very carefully cut it in half and share it between Dad and I!
  13. Is it true that Little Barford power station shut down yesterday when Chris P plugged in his soldering iron?
  14. And apparently a double Fairlie to follow - I wonder how many variants will be produced? The announcement talks about 4 small Englands but there were also two slightly enlarged versions (Welsh Pony, currently under restoration on the FR, and Little Giant).
  15. Please, please, let it be the V2...……..
  16. Some years ago at a toy fair, I picked up a model of a small row of traditional shops, built from a card kit. On the base is printed "B & G (Wetherby) Ltd Fairfield House Sicklinghall Rd Wetherby", together with a list of 11 different 00 gauge buildings. I have never seen any other reference to this manufacturer, whilst Companies House suggests the Company is no longer trading. Can anyone shed any light on them and their productions?
  17. Just need six numbers, maybe even five...….
  18. Hi Tony. When we were talking at Kettering on Saturday, you mentioned that many of the locos brought to your clinic just needed a good clean of wheels and pick-ups and a drop of oil. In addition to LB, you have been associated with many large layouts with associated locomotive collections, and rightly expect a high standard of reliable running. What have you found to the best methods of cleaning track, wheels and pick-ups? (and maybe Seep turnout motors!).
  19. Does anyone know what the roadworks at the A1/A14 junction will be like tomorrow?
  20. I hit one some 35 years ago (in my Ford Zephyr V4 estate!). I quickly backed up to determine the state of its injuries but it was very dead. Driving home, I became aware of a banging or knocking sound and thought at first it was front end damage. However, investigation revealed that the rapid reverse had in fact caused the disintegration of a prop shaft UJ. An unusual way for the animal kingdom to get its revenge and not the easiest of jobs on the front drive.
  21. A drawing of a "Z" class appeared in one of the first Railway Modeller magazines my Dad and I bought (April 1954?). Aged 7, I thought it to be the best looking loco in the world and pleaded with Dad to build me one! Many years later Mum & Dad contributed to a birthday purchase of a kit-built example from a model shop near Goodge Street. However, by then I was a Gresley convert, especially the S shaped running plate when compared to full depth splashers. So for me, it would be A1/A3 followed by B17. But it makes a change and my excuse for one on the southern end of the ECML in 1938 is a football or Thomas Cook special.
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