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  1. I'm after some 4' (16mm) diameter disc wheels for a loco I'm looking to build. Only options I currently have is Hornby class 82 spares or Alan Gibson? Any other alternatives?
  2. As a general rule, open wagons are used for hot material (as in ~>100°C) or anything for further processing (pickling/tubing). e.g. Trostre/Corby/Hartlepool/Llanwern flows. Covered wagons are used for cold material or finished coils. e.g Shotton/Round Oak/Llanwern. So would have happened on the Margam - Llanwern, but probably rare, as the hooded (VTG) are being converted to open and most of the open fleet are used on Corby flows in that period.
  3. Beautiful models, out of interest where did you get such small, but bright LEDs? The Sentinel comes alive with them. Thanks, Martyn
  4. I always wondered why 'you lot up North' had Class 20s What a brilliant run through the fleet, thanks for sharing.
  5. I spent an enjoyable morning at the NRM looking at the GEC archives, one of the locomotives on my backlog that I want to do. I've never looked to see if the centre wheels are flangeless... might be a few weeks before I next see one. I had no intention of modelling the suspension it is way to complex, but fascinating to watch as it undulates on steelworks trackwork!
  6. Worth noting also, the reasons include safety, integrated steelworks are very dangerous places. You don't want trespassers as they may come into harms way by accessing these areas (and ultimately the liability lies with the company). Hence security is tight. Photo's could encourage others to break the law to gain access. Whether for interest, or for more malicious reasons. Also one of the downsides with smartphones, is when an incident occurs it is all too easy for images/information to be in the hands of the media before official channels are used. Which then leads to damaged reputation/misrepresentation of an 'event'. Hence taking photos (without permission) remains a sack-able offence. That said, without these photo's we would lose a wealth of history and I look forward to further instalments! My personal archive (obtained in the same way) will have to remain under lock and key for a few years to come (2050+!) Although I have built up an archive on Steel Company of Wales which is probably out of any copyright issues. Corus/Tata 2008-
  7. Out of curiosity, what is the pink machine above? I was after something of similar size (less of the colour!)
  8. Does anyone know if the wagons will come with coils? The open wagon JSA is implied by the pictures, but I may have missed where it is explicitly stated! If so, the coils look the wrong size from the picture, not a big issue as I will make my own!. As for the wagon, they look superb!
  9. I drive past the real thing daily, they look pretty darn good. I think the metal chassis is genius. Look forward to them being released!
  10. Tidy video just appeared in front of me on Youtube, love watching the tippler and transverser, but the coupling up at the end is incredible!
  11. YES PLEASE! Also as a slight distraction... the internal wagons, I'm curios how you get the 'chalk' writing to look so good. Thanks, Martyn
  12. http://web.archive.org/web/20101125224455/http://modeltrainsweathered.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4411 Always another way (And wow, what a model)
  13. Thanks Stoker, my memory of her was purely from the 90's at Burngullow & Blackpool dryers. Really helpful to understand the livery (if that is the correct word) variation. I did suspect the B&W restoration may have added a few bells and whistles(!) but it does look stunning and I'm glad she has found a good home. Much appreciated!
  14. Looks stunning already. Out of interest what paint did you use for the 'orange'? I've bought one as well to convert into Denise!
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