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  1. Ref the Pullman 'gold striping', it might be worthwhile contacting Howes Models (RailMatch paints) for their advice, or perhaps one or other of the custom decal printers to check what others may have specified and, just as importantly, decent paint/printed decal colour matches, eg https://www.cctrans.org.uk/. As you are not a competitor as such, Golden Age Models may be prepared to divulge the tones used on their range of Pullmans, especially if you show what you have already achieved. I am a frequent user of commissioned ALPS printed decals for my own projects and it is usually bett
  2. PPD has a good pdf guide to drawing for etching, including widths for folds etc https://ppdltd.com/artwork-guide.html Also, Hollywood Foundry http://www.hollywoodfoundry.com/Docs/Metal%20Etching%20Principles%20and%20Rules.pdf
  3. Sounds like you have a pretty well pure supply- thanks for a very informative post.
  4. Do you use distilled water? I know our tap water can leave deposits.
  5. Your thread is inspirational and I particularly appreciate your accounts of the trials and tribulations involved. Les
  6. For a clear and unambiguous view of the roof exhaust arrangement, there is a very useful Eddie Bellass photo of the loco as new (ie no soot!) on p. 135 of the Clements and Robinson book 'The LMS Turbomotive, from Evolution to Legacy'. Les
  7. Hi John I can help with photocopy of the works cab controls layout drawing (PM me)- the train sym compares very well (Dovetail?) but I have not seen a shot of the assistants side. Les
  8. Thanks for the motor link - I've bought a few of the 100/200 rpm varieties just so you can actually see the blades rotating. Suggested further visual bits not usually shown in drawings- I have no idea if these already appear in the kit or whether you already have them in hand; - the rather chunky handbrake operating gear and shroud on the RHS rear of the loco frames - two 'gull wing ' access panels on the front section of bonnet (similar to those at the rear of the tender) - contrary to most drawings, I have never seen a photograph showing any mesh over either boiler or exhaust
  9. OK John- see if you can find out what's happening with the Dam Busters remake! Les
  10. Just come across this thread- great work. After some 5 years research, I'm just starting production of a 7mm GT3 so let me know if I can help with any drawings (essentially edited and more accurately detailed revisions of the Skinley drawings, themselves created from original data supplied by EE ). Can you give a link to your fan motors? Les
  11. I've just come across this thread- great work. After some 7 years of off/on research I've recently started construction of a 7mm GT3 from my own drawings (using Skinley's originals a s a basis- themselves drawn up from EE supplied data). Let me know if I can help with any details. Les
  12. Hi I'm following this thread with keen interest- presently playing around designing etches to mount Hornby Eurostar replacemnt motors/gears. Also working on an APT-E model and it might be of interest that its power bogies have 36" wheels (12mm in OO) and the trailing bogies @ 29" (around 9.7mm in OO). Did the P continue with these differences (cardon shaft drive may have obviated the need of height for traction motors) ?
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