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  1. There's some sample flow consists including the IWAs and the JLR containers here: https://www.revolutiontrains.com/iwa-sfins-2-holdall-vans-and-rfnoos-timber-carriers/ For those that missed out (or want some more!) retailers will be getting their orders early next week as the majority of our direct orders have gone out (if your order hasn't been marked as despatched yet please don't worry as we've still got some to send out!). Cheers Mike
  2. Nothing to do with us I'm afraid! Cheers Mike
  3. Hi Nick Yes, some retailers will definitely have stock. First deliveries should go out early next week. Cheers Mike
  4. Hi Purnu If there are any new liveries announced before we start production then we will definitely look to add them to the initial releases. It will ultimately depend on what happens with the real things! Cheers Mike
  5. I think that is a reflection of batch production more than anything else. My argument would be that you can have either batch production of a wider range of items or near continuous availability of a much more limited choice of models. It is frustrating looking for something that is from an out of stock batch!
  6. For those of you missing some versions please see the last paragraph of this: http://www.revolutiontrains.com/need-a-little-pep-ping-up-for-2022/ Cheers Mike
  7. Particularly units there's loads to do from the late 50s to present! We've already got at least two unannounced units in CAD with another in the research phase ;-)
  8. The 320/321 sound file is from Legomanbiffo if that helps find a video of the sound file.
  9. We get quite a lot of emails asking us to produce a 91 in N - I've been pointing people in your direction so I hope they've been getting in touch! Cheers Mike
  10. The next outing of Oldshaw will be at Model Rail Scotland at the SEC in Glasgow on 25-27 February - fingers crossed that it goes ahead! New stock will debut at the show. Cheers Mike
  11. If everything works correctly then you should get an email (or emails if you have more than one order) from us plus an email and/or a text from Royal Mail with tracking details plus your order status will change from processing to complete on our website (if you paid a deposit your order is only despatched when both halves of the order ie deposit and balance(s) are marked as Complete). Sometimes we miss despatching the odd order on our system which we then tidy up later when we cross-check stuff (hence the example Dungrange gives). Cheers Mike
  12. About 60% of orders have gone out now, with a further 20% going into the post today/tomorrow. The remaining 20% are a combination of very large orders/international orders (both of which will probably need to go by courier) and orders we're waiting for balance payments on. Cheers Mike
  13. For clarity - the Drax hoppers have different artwork each side. Our exclusives for Rails have a pair of the same liveries in each pack which is why there is a pair of numbers. Hornby's graphic only has one wagon number so I would think they are a single wagon but that is obviously something for Hornby and its retailers to confirm! Cheers, Mike
  14. As per the note at the bottom of the despatch notes - if you paid a deposit and balance then your order is only despatched once both parts are marked as despatched (otherwise it is just an auto-generated email when you pay your balance closing off your deposit). Most are going by Royal Mail but some larger orders will go by courier (as will be too large/heavy for RM). cheers Mike
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