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  1. until
    Missenden Abbey Railway Modellers Autumn Weekend was cancelled because of Covid-19 restrictions. An online event has been organised with the intention of offering a small taste of the Missenden experience, with textual, recorded and live sessions available to all. Visit the website on the days of the event by going to https://www.missendenrailwaymodellers.org.uk/
  2. I would have liked to be able to acknowledge the helpfulness of your post, John, but there is no option at the bottom of it to allow me to do that, hence this quoted entry.
  3. Nice timing. It's almost as if you'd planned it that way.
  4. Absolutely wonderful! And so is your control panel.
  5. I have had good results with this: https://www.migjimenez.com/en/acrylic-colors/1189-ultra-matt-lucky-varnish.html BUT, I have to say not 100% good. With one application I had to remove (IPA) and replace because of a white discolouration. I'm certain that that was because I hd applied it too thickly. Building up with thin coats is recommended.
  6. Kevin had already done that. Do try and keep up.
  7. Yes, Paul, I got that - hence my laughing icon response. Don't be serious, whatever you do.
  8. Or: Characteristcally Photographing Objectively Completely Paralysed Operative Constructively Progressing Outdoors
  9. Whatever you decide, take care that the filter doesn't reduce the airflow so much that the extraction rate is affected.
  10. If you're not going to use the remaining transfers, you might be able to do a little test with them. Paint a piece of plastic card, apply the transfers and leave some for a day, some for a week and some for a month. At each interval, spray one of them with Dullcote and see what happens. You could even spray each set in pairs, one light and one heavy coat. It won't help your GUVs, but it might be of interest to other RMwebbers. No pressure.
  11. I'd advise leaving the transfers for what seems like a lifetime before applying the current formulation of Dullcote. At least a week! Dullcote applied over transfers should be the thinnest possible layer. Your problem is one that I have experienced only once, and I'm sure that it was because the layer of Dullcote was too heavy.
  12. Some bloke in the middle of the field with a camera.
  13. I think that your original thought of Humbrol 27003 Polished Steel Metalcote would be a good choice.
  14. Claudia Everett https://www.facebook.com/claudiaeverettminiatures/
  15. They don't need to see where they're going. The chap walking in front with the flag can tell them if there's a problem ahead. As long as he's cleaned his glasses, that is.
  16. I think that they're worth adding so, yes, I want them. Thanks, Andy. Thanks, also, to all you participants.
  17. Not BT. There's more than one colour of wire.
  18. Why not find a copy of Right Track 12 and find the answer there?
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