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  1. Andy why not do a quick photo shoot of Any stock, Locos and accessories NOT yet sold, posed on one of the layouts ? Then punters will know whats still available and enquire accordingly Cheers Matt
  2. All I'll say is that's now twice, in a very public Forum you have called someone a Liar and a Fraudster. If you have lost money, yes tell others, If you have had bad service, yes tell others, if you persue your claims through legal means ( win or lose) yes tell others. If you want to warn others about possibly losing money if they place an order, fine. But others also have a right to call out someone calling him a 'Clown' OR give information as to his circumstances without being labelled Apologists. It's in danger of turning into another witch hunt, with some quite possibly libelous name-calling that I'm sure Warner Bros will NOT be happy with. In the interests of not inflaming this furthur I'll bow out and leave you to your thoughts
  3. Any good ? https://www.modelu3d.co.uk/product/2710/ West hill wagon works do a cheaper version as well
  4. I'm on Android majority of the time, I just switched location off with no problems. . Now back on thats to say using the on site privacy blue button settings, not the device settings
  5. Actually this is one of the sites that I am happy to Accept most of their options, I Dont MIND getting personalized Adds, I don't MIND them gathering data that helps keep the site running smoothly etc, etc What bugs me is briefly visiting a site to look at something thats caught my eye, that I MIGHT be interested in, to get a ruddy great Cookie Banner blocking the page that wants me to click one nice big button to accept a never ending stream of crap, that they make much more difficult to say no to, before I've even had a chance to decide if I'm interested in their site ! Afraid now I just close tab and move on
  6. Charging your car would be a paid extra so of your Hypothetical 50 cars maybe only 10 or 15 would need/pay for charging, the rest may still be nearly fully charged anyway as they would only be doing a short journey from home to board the train OR you get a discount by letting the train use YOUR spare power Anyway its blue sky thinking innit ? So stop being all practical
  7. Blue sky thinking. . Electric cars + Electric trains = Motorail ? Double deck coach, cars CHARGING in bottom passengers in top deck ? Maybe overnight services to spread use through the 24 hours ? Wouldnt need to be all coaches. Helps mitigate electric car range issues
  8. Matt C

    Hornby Make a Profit

    One thing I don't understand, we are seeing lots about they 'only' made this amount of profit against 'this' amount of turnover=bad, but surely we should ALSO take into account that in previous years they made a loss ? So they not only made a profit, but they wiped out a loss AND have covered costs of a Loan. Surely that is good ?
  9. I believe there is talk of changing the rules governing cookies as some companies are 'comercializing' them. You get an option to either 'accept all preferences' OR have the faf of running through a long list of options to opt in or out of them. Guess what ? Most just click 'Accept All' thereby agreeing to being bombarded with crap. I'm NOT aiming this at RmWeb as I don't think they use this tactic. I think the Rule change is to make it so that your First and easiest choice is MINIMUM contact ? And that you then have to opt IN to more marketing. I think we have to accept that Warner Bros are trying to find a good balance between Subscription/ Advertising that covers the cost of running the Forum. Must admit I only saw the big box once, on logging in from a new browser and on all platforms subsequently am only seeing the small blue privacy button mentioned by Andy. I know it can be annoying but believe me there are FAR worse sites to visit out there that are almost impossible to navigate due to the 'Click bait' advertising plastered right through them !
  10. I have great sympathy for the Customers involved BUT. We all get old, and some will develope illnesses that will severely inhibit thier activities while still TRYING to move on with life. He is NOT a clown, he is an elderly gentleman who has obviously suffered a debilitating illness and has had operations to try and mitigate his problems. Yes his comunication is less than stellor, your COMUNICATION ?? is that of an Arse 'Simples'. Sorry but you crossed a line Sorry Andy I'll take whatever punishment you see fit but the above comment was un called for
  11. Drop a PM to @AY Mod with your requested change
  12. Just want to give a shout out to Rainbow Railways New shop in Linlithgow, West Lothian in Scotland (Half an hour from Edinburgh, 40 Minutes from Glasgow) Popped in for a wee look after finding they were there by accident, Very Impressed ! Had a long and Very pleasant chat to Mark the proprietor who is very knowledgeable and made me feel very welcome. Children are welcome and actively encouraged ( I'm sure if the big kids have a quiet word with Mark he 'might' even let them play in the ball pit, Go down the slide or play on some of the other attractions while your younger ones try out the test layout in the shop area The Shop, A great range in stock including :- Hornby Some Bachmann ( more in the pipeline, cmon Bachmann, finger out !) Accurascale Revolution Dapol Heljan Gaugemaster DCC Concepts Cavalex Peco ( he had some points lurking on the counter and the track I ACTUALLY went in for) And several others Ive forgotten Oo and N gauge Lots of accessories and necessities, Paint, rail joiners and most other essential bits and bobs. They also offer in house services from decoder fitting to weathering and probably all points in between Plans are well Advanced to Add more well known names to the Ranges they stock Mark mentioned in passing that they forsee no problems with, and are happy to take Hornby Pre Orders. They do Click and collect, and mail order, (You can ring and chat to Mark or use the website to do click and collect) but beware, if you go on the web site, or indeed wander in with an un secured wallet you do run the risk of leaving with a bag of goodies at very reasonable prices and a lighter wallet Talking to Mark his enthusiasm shines through for the Hobby and I highly recommend A visit P.S. they are on restricted opening times at the moment for physical visits ( wed to sat 10- 5 ) but you CAN order on the website and collect or have it delivered They are hoping to fully open soon. Oh and did I mention they have an in house Cafe ?? Coffee or Tea and Cake. . Whats not to like ! No connection but a delighted customer, happy to see green shoots peaking through in the Scottish model railway retail sector ( cmon guys its not too far, come and support a local retail shop ) Cheers Matt
  13. Top Gear ( of old) do a comparison revew on the Deltic class 55 (May) So here we have a Hornby Deltic Class 55 Railroad range, a reasonably priced budget ra... (Clarkson) but its a HORNNBEEEE no one wants a HORNNBEEE... (Hammond) I went for the Battcmnann. ??? . Its great ! You pay a bit more but look ! Its got a little lunch box for the driver and A BOOSTER seat so even I could see out the windscree..... (Clarkson) Shut up Hammond, now I Went for the Accurascale ! Look at the detail on this baby !! This beast could even pull Jordan !! And look at the size of them snowplows (May) But Clarkson, it's not even been produced yet ! Thats just a photo. . With druel all over it..... (Clarkson) Yes Yes Yes ! i Know but when it DOES come out. . . (producer) Ok guys who's going to introduce the Heljan ? (All). Hell. Jan ??? What the. . Is a HELL JAN ???? (Clarkson) cmon ladds it's lunchtime and it BETTER not be B&@@dy Sandwiches !!
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