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  1. Certainly worth running on your track with the body off, watch closely as it goes round the curves to see how the wiring behaves. I had one simular that ran fine with body off, but the body was trapping the wires against the side of the motor stopping the bogey from swinging freely.
  2. Matt C

    Preorder email

    Who would want to be a small independent retailer in these times ? My heart goes out to you guys. Here you have customers ready and willing to place pre orders in good numbers, just when you probably need them most, you think things are maybe improving and look to a brighter future, and then you get the rung pulled from under your feet with no reasonable explanation. The big sheds can probably weather it but how many smaller independent retailers will be able to ? It must really Gall to see Hornby still accepting pre sales on these reduced or cancelled items, Hornby really arent d
  3. Matt C

    Preorder email

    There are many and varied reasons for supply chain disruption, the car industry is a multi billion pound business, they probably have some of the best supply contracts written, they are in disarray due to a world shortage of micro chips. I dont think model trains are anywhere near the top of the supply chain when it comes to component shortages, manufacturing slot availability or a miriad other reasons for delay, part delivery or even cancellation of an order. I'm pretty sure most contracts entered into with Manufacturers have get out clauses covering unforseen events ( Covid disruption being
  4. Matt C

    Preorder email

    Sounds like trouble at 'T' factory. Maybe components are in short supply and numbers being produced drastically cut or delayed/ cancelled ? Something drastic appears to be happening. It's just possible that as with other suppliers who are also retailers, Horby's retail arm is treated as 'Just another customer' and alocated stock from a batch. They may still be takeing pre orders and as yet not cancelled them, but no guarantee that they will actually be able to supply ? Say a batch of 2000 ordered, 500 alocated to Hornby retail, 1500 to other retailers. They only pre sale 250 of thier supposed
  5. Can you not export your layout/s via email and then re import them once you re install the App ? Cheers Matt
  6. Meh no problems, unload the container of GT3's set up a bit of track on the shore, couple em all up, attach tow rope, start em up and pullllll. Job sorted
  7. Just to say both Parafin and Calor gas heaters ADD moisture to the air as they burn
  8. As long as they don't become an oddball manufacturer in the leading stock market Great to see its Imminent arival in customers hot sweaty hands and will be looking for brownie points with her indoors to see if I can sneak an order in for the second batch
  9. Gerbug ??? Na mate, thats not a real word
  10. I've heard @AY Mod called SOME things, but a wierd bug is a new one on me
  11. I thought it was just AY humming a cheerful tune in the background as he hit the 'Delete' button
  12. I would agree with this ? Either buy DCC ready with a blanking plate or remove the decoder from a DCC fitted and replace With a blanking plate untill you are ready to go DCC. Just check when buying that it isnt hard wired. You can buy separate blanking plates at no huge cost
  13. Yes you can use your loop. What I have is a piece of track that has one male and one female connector permanently wired to it (I only use a length of track as I use a rolling road on it) I then have wires from my DCC controller (main) with one male and one female connector, wires from my controller (program) with one male and one female connector, and wires from a DC controller with one male and one female connector ( these are all wired so when plugged in to the track they all have the SAME +. - orientation) I simply plug in whichever set of wires I want to use, main, program, or DC. This set
  14. I can only Add my own observations. My layout is out in a Cold ,sometimes damp, dusty workshop. I sometimes dont get out there for weeks, sometimes months to run trains. Before using graphite I would pretty much have to clean the track every session, if left for more than a week with the track, in between sessions going from bright/ shinie to dull. Cleaning methods varied from light rub over with the back of a piece of hardboard ( rough side down) sprayed with a mist of IPA ( not the beer !) If left for a week or so, to a track rubber gently run round, followed by the hardboard/ IPA ( Still n
  15. As we are seeing the death of the high street I think its maybe time to do away with business rates on commercial property and add a % to Vat at point of sale. Pie in the Sky figure 5%. 3% to local Authority in which the sale is made 2% to a central fund to help cover areas of low business/ Rural areas. You sell 100 cups of Coffee, you pay tax on 100 cups of coffee, none of this ' Creative accounting' whereby you sell a ' Franchise' the materials at huge cost and then run the shop at a loss, We are now indipendant, we KNOW the companys who pull this kind of trick, make it ilegal
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