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  1. Well, popped into the Peterborough show from Scotland today, ok that's not STRICTLY true. Was down in London yesderday with SWMBO and the brother and sister in law for a bit of culture, OK it was the Harry Potter show, but it's a show, at a theatre, so that's counts as culture, right ? And today, Sunday I had the choice, Go with that lot to the Tutankhamun exhibition to see a mummyfied old fossil, or go to the National Festival of model railway exhibition and see . . . . ANDY Y. No contest. . . But they only had three tickets for King TuT So I got stuck with his Lordship . . . . You know what guys ? All that way. . . And. . . . No cake. Yup not a piece, not a crumb. . Not even the essence of cake. According to Mr A Y. That b&[email protected]@y Phill ( scoff the lot) Parker had eaten it all and scarpered ! Anyway the show, well not as big or busy as the main Scottish show in Glasgow in February ( go on visit, you know you want to , it's WELL worth it) At Peterborough there seamed to be more traders than layouts exhibiting, but and its a big BUT,. What a lovely friendly bunch they are ! I had a wonderful, all too brief time wandering and chatting to exhibitors, traders, demontrators and those great guys building a charity layout for kids, and witnessed an awful lot of helpful advice being given, and time taken on almost all the layouts, to families with children, many being given opertunities to actually run trains. Guys and Gals I applaud you all ! Keep up the great work, you are all great Ambasadors for our Hobby Next time though Andy,. MORE CAKE !!!!!!!
  2. Ohhhh no no no no no. You can't ! The poor wallets and credit cards. . . Just when they thought it was safe to come back out after the Deltics.
  3. Does seam to be hanging a bit, blue bar goes 2/3rds, hangs up to 10 seconds and then completes loading. On a Samsung Galaxy, using Opera browser, normally very snappy loading. Only seeing it today though and other sites seam fine
  4. Absolutely, I merely passed on the information that the Z21/ z21 doesn't have that option and a possible way the OP COULD run a dc loco
  5. Some allow you to run one dc loco using 0 ? But the Z21 z21 definately dont, other than that its a great system Depending on the track plan could the dc loco run on a separate length of track ? The possibility of using a shuttle module then comes in to play, powered from a separate dc controller HTH
  6. You dont want to do that because ! Na go for it
  7. The Image of your search result seams to show that the search has picked up any item with 66 somewhere in the text rather than just class 66 locos
  8. Bespoke is probably the wrong word, but I would still argue that even though the items produced may be the same, each order is individual to the purchaser, number of carriages, dc, dcc, sound. . .whatever the buyer specifies, this is then added to the list to be manufactured and then need to be assembled into YOUR order. They cant just be made and sent on a mass mailing list. I DIDN'T say to threaten the bank (telling them it would cost them if you go to the Ombudsman) I simply stated it probably WOULD cost them so they are more inclined to just settle a persistent claim than go to the trouble of contesting it Anyway Im sure those out of pocket can decide if yhe amount owed is worth pursuing
  9. If you have a final letter of rejection doesn't that meen you HAVE exhausted their process ? Its not a threat if they have given you a final letter of rejection, its your only option left surely ? What would you call it if not bespoke ? As someone "in the know " please share your wisdom
  10. Dont accept refusal easily, its what they rely on. As in my post above on this page, ask for " A final letter of rejection stating your reasons for rejection so I can take it to the ombudsman" This costs them money for each case regardless of the outcome and all these claims get recorded. They might then decide to make an ex grata payment to stop it going down that route. Same applies to PayPal, they signed up voluntarily to abide by the Ombudsman's decision so it will cost them for each case as well. Each order placed and deposit made, with DJM was for a unique item, It wasnt just an off the shelf product but a configuration you had to specify when ordering, that was then going to be made for YOU. Bespoke items take time to be made so a long time before delivery can be expected. You could not have known you were not going to get this item until DJM went into receivership, and that is when the clock should start ticking
  11. Useful information in this topic, thanks for starting it, I was thinking traverser but I may experiment with a sector plate first
  12. If your worried about the folding table being too flimsy, rickety then you can use folding saw horses, trestles Like https://www.screwfix.com/p/folding-saw-horses-pack-of-2/7965p#product_additional_details_container I've used these to support a layout temporarily, it ended up on them for quite some time and was surprisingly stable. If your worried about the board sagging you can just lay a couple of decent battens on the trestles and then the board on top. The other advantage using these is you can have wiring under the board without it being crushed against the table top
  13. Sometime in the not too distant future. . . On a motorway heading 'souf', A removal truck. . Drivers mate " I need a cuppa and a Sandwich" Driver " good idea mate, services coming up" Lorry pulls in to services, driver and crew jump out and head into services. A bumping' sawing and banging noise finally ceases in the back of the removal van, the shutter flies up, tail lift drops flat and Andy P descends with a newly completed layout and large for sale sign. "COME AN GET YER LAYOUT HERE. . . LIMITED STOCK . . .ONLY THREE LEFT !!!"
  14. Hmmm it dont mention Ketchup. Wonder how many missed the fact that it went from Friday straight to next day Saturday, rather than a week on Saturday. That probably accounts for the huge dip in figures... although it says tv 256.000 total 658.000 so maybe a lot on Ketchup
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