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  1. My Mrs used to do some casting Paul and she gave me these two sites for you, one gives info, the other was the seal she used but this WAS on plaster not plastic HTH https://www.smooth-on.com/page/sealers-releases/ https://www.benam.co.uk/products/releases-sealers/sealing-agents Cheers Matt
  2. I didn't think my post said ANYTHING about "I dont need to pay towards server costs becouse I post such valuable stuff" Phil, I simply tried to mention that there ARE posters who CANT afford to pay, but who DO contribute valuable knowledge and information to the site, (I probably dont as most of mine are crap) and it would be a shame if this particular Add banner at the bottom drove them away. Obviously in trying to give helpfull feedback I hit a raw nerve Sorry I'll leave you to it
  3. No just NO ! The thought of a naked Andy at the foot of the bed grinning and waving. . . . A cup of tea around. . Noooooo !!!!
  4. Sorry Andy but I have to agree with others, it is awkward replying to a topic with the Add staying over the reply box and even just normal browsing it IS very distracting with the constantly changing images, quite often in bright colours that drag your eye from the text you are trying to read ? I don't normally like to complain ( well I do, but know one listens ) but this one is definitely making it less enjoyable browsing I know you are fully aware that there are those who cant commit to Gold but who still help to make RmWeb what it is with their contributions, this may
  5. How much ??? That looks like a glorified cooker hood fan, stood on its side with a few bits of plastic glued around it to make the hood ! You can get a extractor (cooker hood) off Ebay for under a hundred and glue your own plastic on, 3 speed extraction, built in filter and light
  6. If you put it back on the programming track are you able to move the loco ? If so it sounds more like a connection issue between the Z21 unit and the track rather than an issue between the Ipad and Z21 unit You WERE able to program it successfully so the unit / Ipad / programming track are connected and talking to each other ? Worth double checking your connections
  7. I use one of these ( borrowed from SWMBO's art supplies.) https://www.jacksonsart.com/caran-d-ache-grafcube-graphite-stick-15mm-9b?channable=0044a569640031313036333835&___store=jacksonsart_en&gclid=CjwKCAjwiOv7BRBREiwAXHbv3ADg_9hNk4rco2B5KnReO8blzcGPyL6TcDrkFsrD3ZHYe0yfIdPUwhoCP4oQAvD_BwE Its a solid 15 mm block of artists high grade graphite. Started using it on 3 lines through a long tunnel which constantly needed cleaning, involving some dismantling of scenery to get too, since using it the cleaning has gone from often to ' when did I last do it ???' the blo
  8. Lol that's never going to end well ! Ill leave you in peace I' m sure you still have one or three items on your too do list By the way has anyone reported that the wibbly wobbly is flubbadubbing again ? Im sure they will soon ! !!
  9. Btw Andy is your BAN button still broke ? Just askin like
  10. You broke it, go on admit it, it was you wasn't it ? Dont you go blaming Phil now. . Ooo errr matron my emoticons just threw a wobbly ! I'm sure they will calm down in a bit Good job you got no hair Andy, it would have all gone again by now There emoticons back to normal again
  11. Check to see if your tablet is running 32 bit or 64 bit architecture My impression is that A lot of new Apps are being written to only run under the newer 64 bit I think with Apple this is possibly why a lot of Apps will now only run on the newer devices as well, as they seam to be pushing 64 bit ? In any new Apps written, and the App writers are no longer writing in both 32 and 64 bit I am thinking this was the reason for the newer Z21 App being written and launched and why they aren't forward compatible ? The older App being 32 bit and the newer App 6
  12. Definately not Neil cos the A holes Andy is on about will start putting another 4 letters on the end. . Andy's blood pressure will rise and RmWeb population will decline
  13. We brought you the above, and now we present the latest in our 'social distancing safety pack ' For the discerning exhibition attendee
  14. Very odd lol, I cant drag one out of the frame at all, if I drag it and drop anywhere outside the frame it just slides right back in . Have you tried deleting it ? If you can click on it in vehicle edit mode then click on the delete box. . . Then just recreate it ?
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