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  1. Andy Y is probably off on a Jolly somewhere, I'm sure normal (ish) service will resume on his return OYE ANDY ! WAKE UP !!
  2. Ahh I see if you highlight a piece of text you get a little black box with 'quote selected' in it, clicking on that puts it in the reply box. Clever
  3. Maybe a look through this section https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/21-power-control-dcc/ And this section https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/23-dcc-discussion-topics-not-questions/ Might help ?
  4. Actually RmWeB IS still free to Gold members. . . Its all the fancy Goldy stuff, . . . . Members lounge, access to the online BRM collection and large Gold medallion you pay extra for. For the main forum content you get the exact same FREE content and speeds as us muggles
  5. Yeah I'm not a million miles from a couple of them, at least one is being cleared commercially, and the other was torn up by scramble bikes for years so lots of dust waste around . If not I was thinking of grinding some up with a morter and pestle. Just need to drop in as I'm passing sometime and ask for a bucket full Anyway looking forward to the show
  6. If your in Scotland go to the shale bings around west lothian. . . Mountains of red shale waste you could sieve out
  7. I'm assuming there will be the free vintage bus between the train station and exhibition again this year, A great service ! Hoping to be there on the Saturday
  8. I can only reiterate some of the points given above, I have had the same problem in the past with the wifi sign in the App showing the Z21 being offline. First make sure you have plugged the supplied network cable into one of the Orange lan ports on the back of the router (NOT the wan port) Next make sure you have plugged the network cable in to the LAN port on the back of the Z21 (NOT the CAN port) (Been there done that ) Although this is a wireless system the actual Z21 box is NOT and needs the physical cable connection to the router. As the Z21 has a physical connection to the router you should not need to put in the password for the router. Make sure you have connected your power leads from Z21 to track. Now switch on and after a short startup time you should see a power light on the router and also a yellow light indicating that one of the lan ports is connected to something. And a nice steady blue light on the Z21 if no fault on the track connection etc. Next on your phone or tablet, MAKE SURE the App is closed then open wifi settings, look for the router (mine comes up as Z21_ 2756 or sommat like that) and connect, you WILL need to put in the password from the label on the bottom of the router. Now finally open the App and see if it connects (make sure to use the new black App not the old blue one as I think some things are starting to not work in the old App) Come back and let us know if this doesn't work and we can look to see if re setting the router has jiggered the settings and it needs re configuring Hope this helps Matt
  9. Just remember if left unattended stuff WILL get nicked, It always seams a fun joke when folk are drunk, even though they KNOW its all on camera I would try for a combination of the above suggestions ? Put in place permanent dual gauge tracks (with rockery ) Invite volunteers to run your trains on a Saturday or bring their own trains to run , then once a month invite local or other clubs to come along for a weekend running session (all weather permitting of course) You could include live steam events and of course nothing to stop you having a ride on train on these monthly events as well, why not go the whole hog ? Put in an RC racing track through the rockery as well ? You could then have RC racing events on every OTHER weekend. A shallow pond for RC boats ? Depends on just how much space you have to use Good luck with your new venture
  10. But Josh being a poor student is GOOD. It means you cant afford all those shinies to distract you from your studies. Studying hard will get you GOOD grades which means when you Graduate you will be able to get a GOOD job and then be able to buy all those expensive shinies ! But please while you are studying, do drop in and give us your pearls of wisdom as it gives us old *Beep* holes something to laugh at, and at the same time improves your communication skills so you don't come across as such a young *Beep* head Back to Bachmann
  11. A Y wore it out, he's waiting for a new industrial strength one to be installed
  12. Andy I'm quite happy to be used as a lab rat. . . I'm used to being ignored at home !
  13. Then try your power supply on his Z21 ? Eliminates any possilble fault on his Z21 first
  14. Hmmm dont think you could describe him as 'Mint' or 'BNIB' More like 'well worn' 'A few knocks and dents as expected on something this age' ' Ok runner but could do with a good service ' Dont think he's quite at the 'Good scrap yard project' just yet
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