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  1. Hi Chris, Thank you for the reply and the information. I really appreciate it. So apart from the horn grilles between the lights on the cab ends and some 90s having LED lights and some not, are their any other differences that you know of, or are these the only differences? I ask because I may in the future overlook these differences and have some models resprayed. I doubt that Bachmann will have allowed for different types of lighting to be fitted to the models in order to accurately replicate the prototypes, but they have may tooled for the different ho
  2. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me please? I really like the Orange and Black G&W livery on the Freightliner Class 90s. If Bachmann release one in the future, I have a question. Currently 90014 'Over The RainBow' and 90047 wear the orange and black livery in the updated guise, with 90044 wearing the original version with the centralised Freightliner logo on the bodysides. Can anyone tell me if their are any differences on the chassis or the bodies of ex Greater Anglia Class 90s 90003-90015 that are now with Freightliner and 90047? I ask because if for example
  3. That's true, I had forgotten about that. Yes I'm pretty sure that the Kernow sleeper packs that have been available in both FGW and GWR liveries have used the TGS tooling, and that the RFM and BSO coaches have not been produced. Have you managed to find any MK3 sleepers in GWR Green? I haven't managed to find any. Kind Regards, Danny.
  4. I was going to order the GWR 57 too, but having searched Kernow themselves and Ebay for the GWR Green Sleeper MK3s, Kernow appear to have sold out and their are none on Ebay either. I think this will be an issue regarding how many people will buy this loco. The loco is available currently with many retailers in large quantities, but the coaches are very thin on the ground. With this in mind I have decided not to buy the GWR 57. I also think that their will be a similar issue with regards as to how well the 57314 loco sells in Arriva Trains Wales Blue livery. I don't think that any
  5. You're more than welcome my friend. I'm glad that I could be of assistance. Kind Regards, Danny.
  6. Hi, Their have been two exclusive models announced by Rails Of Sheffield. These are 92015 in DB Red with the Yiwu to London train branding and 92023 'Ravel' in SNCF Grey. They can be pre-ordered via the Rails website if you search 'Class 92' in the search bar and Rails have a thread for them on their 'Rails Of Sheffield' section of RMWeb. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Danny.
  7. I think that we might see another batch of Class 70s for modern image modellers. It's been almost three years since the last batch arrived and Bachmann have yet to model the Colas 70 with the tilted helmet on the bodysides and the new and more recent diamond logo. The same applies for the Freightliner Class 70s. In late 2020, Freightliner began applying additional branding to their Class 70 fleet too, which Bachmann have yet to model. I believe most of both the Colas and Freightliner Class 70s have now had their branding updated on the bodysides, and considering Bachmann have only produced one
  8. The original comment that I posted was directed to the staff at Accurascale. After Accurascale had replied to my comment, a couple of other chaps replied to give me some advice and information regarding an issue with the Bachmann 37s, which was directly related to the original comment that I posted to Accurascale. The original comment that I posted was posted in the hope that Accurascale would acknowledge it, listen to the issue that I mentioned, and take it on board whilst their Class 37 is still in development. Since then they have indeed done that and they have been as helpful as always, as
  9. Thank you for gaining and sharing this information with us. I have been wondering about this for a few days now since looking at this thread and the image on the front of the magazine as you mention. If the loco on the cover of the magazine has been modified and it isn't 'straight out of the box' then they should really state this in the magazine and online, as they have shared a running video of the loco too. Otherwise this creates confusion and people are unsure on what features the models have, especially those who have already pre-ordered them alike myself. If the outer lights
  10. Thanks for the reply and info Matt. The 37s I am referring to are from 2016 onwards, so that's what made me think that they would be identified as recent releases, regarding the lack of bogie movement going around curves. You will have to let us know how you get on when you test your other 37s. I know that this issue seems to effect a few of mine. Thank you for the reply and no worries Roy. They do seem a strange part to fit, with no seemingly obvious benefits, or positive reasons as why they would be fitted in the first place. Kind Regards, Dan
  11. Hi James and Roy, Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I really appreciate it. I will definitely have a look at this. Is their a purpose for these two plastic blocks other than to restrict movement and make is more difficult to remove the body? I never knew that those plastic blocks were in their or that they could be removed. I removed the bodyshells years ago now to fit the decoders, so I haven't looked at them recently, and most likely when I have done previously I wasn't paying enough attention to notice. Just a thought, do you think the
  12. Hi Fran, Thank you for the reply and for confirming that. I really appreciate it. That's excellent to hear, I'm just hoping to afford the issues I have with some of the Bachmann ones. Thank you. Kind Regards, Danny. I know what you mean and I hadn't even thought of that it might not be fully prototypical, but I'm thinking of ease when running them and to make them more diverse for a wider variety of layouts. My layout has a variety of curves but some of them are radius two and are therefore tighter, because
  13. Hi Accurascale, I've just had a thought and I thought I would give it mention on here, as the tooling is progressing for your Class 37. I bought some Bachmann 37s a few years ago, which I am running at the moment. Some of them struggle to go around second radius curves with them been tighter and this results in the wheels at each of the ends of the locos catching on the bodyshell, as the locos navigate curves. This slows the speed of the locos down, and they consequently speed back up after they have rounded the curves. It's quite annoying because it just isn't realis
  14. That's excellent, thank you very much. I think it's safe to say that those of us with MK5 orders are in for a treat. Thank you. Kind Regards, Danny.
  15. Thank you for the reply. It's greatly appreciated. So am I right in thinking that if fitted with a 21 Pin DCC Decoder the DT can be programmed as a consist to run with a Class 68, and this will allow the directional lighting to be operated/work together on both the DT and 68? Also is their a specific 21 Pin DCC Decoder that you recommend to fit to the DT to give full control of all of the possible lighting functions? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Danny.
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