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  1. I have several of the Dapol 68s in OO and I haven't experienced this issue, but what I would say is to do some more running in with the loco light engine without any stock attached. I remember from the first batch where I bought six out of the seven models available that they needed a while to be run in, to ensure the smoothest running possible. Couple this with the fact that your 68 was produced a few years ago now and if it hasn't been run until now it may require a longer running in period to also allow for the time it's been stored without use. You could put it on an oval loop or circuit of track either on your layout or set up a new circuit and just leave it running for a few hours and then go back to it, stop it and set it off running again but in the other direction. Then see what it's like. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Danny.
  2. Sorry Andy, I must have missed this information. I always like to think that I am quite good with keeping updated regarding different models, so this one must have just slipped past me. As always I am happy to be corrected if something I have posted isn't accurate. Thank you for clarifying, it's very much appreciated. Kind Regards, Danny.
  3. That's something for me to think about then. To be honest if they were to release a Collectors Club model that was something modern and something I really wanted I would definitely join but for me at the moment their is nothing that 100% attracts me to subscribing and it's been that way for a while. The only CC model I have bought was the West Coast 37706 in 2017, but only because it was cheap second hand, and I sold it in 2019 because I didn't really have any use for it.
  4. That's very true, and Andy, other moderators and members always share photos, information, and delivery dates etc on here. I have considered the wagons previously, but they wouldn't be something that I would need or usually buy so I would essentially by paying money for the membership for a wagon I wouldn't use or need, even though it is free. Plus their is the fact that the more I spend on membership the less money that their is to buy models with. Currently I am only a member of one site for model railways and that's a well known information and news website. I have previously paid monthly/yearly memberships for other sites but the money soon adds up and I found that I was using them less and less, so it made more sense to not renew the subscriptions and save the money for models which I would get some use out of. At the moment I only have a few Bachmann models on my wishlist and that's a few of the DRS & HNRC 20/3s due in December and the Network Rail Generator Coach which is due next month. Most of the other models I am going to buy are from Accurascale. So yes I understand what you mean when you say that you were only buying the things that you really wanted. That's exactly what I'm doing at the moment, because we are spoilt for choice with modern image models. Thank you very much for the insight and the information regarding the times. I really appreciate it. Kind Regards, Danny.
  5. I might have to look into subscribing to it then. Does it give photos of their projects, updates on their projects and estimated delivery dates etc? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Danny.
  6. Thanks for that. I have never been a member of the times or collectors club, so maybe that's why I haven't found out this information. It would have been nice though to give this information to retailers and for Bachmann themselves to announce something on their website regarding the postponement or cancellation of products. Out of the four DMUs the only one I was considering buying was the ScotRail 170, just because 453 which Bachmann intended to produce is now with Northern, so I could have used it on ScotRail workings but also Northern workings before it's repaint into Northern colours, and the livery would have remained prototypical.
  7. Thanks for letting me know mate. I really appreciate it. I wasn't aware that they had been cancelled. I haven't seen anything from Bachmann or any of the retailers, so if you can remember where you saw it posted I would be most interested to know. Kind Regards, Danny.
  8. Hi Nick, Thank you for the reply and for letting me know. I was just wondering because I haven't been able to locate them on the Bachmann website but I also haven't seen a statement from Bachmann themselves or retailers saying that they now aren't going to be produced, at least not at the moment anyway. Hopefully if they have been disbanded from the OO Gauge range they may be added again in the future. Kind Regards, Danny. Hopefully if they aren't at the moment, they will do in the future. I meant sold out quickly at the larger retailers such as Hattons, Rails and Kernow. Smaller retailers may have had stock left recently but the majority of the air freighted batch sold out quickly.
  9. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me please? This question is not related to the quarterly announcement made earlier this week, but it is still a Bachmann product related question. I have just scrolled through the multiple units pages on the Bachmann website and I can't find the listings for the Chiltern Railways Class 168, CrossCountry Class 170, ScotRail Class 170 and Southern Class 171. Can anyone confirm if Bachmann are still producing these four DMUs, as a part of their OO Gauge range? Thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Danny.
  10. I understand your point, but to clarify the release of further GWR Class 158s is because these are the from the first and original batch, but this time around they are from the larger sea shipment. A small amount of these models arrived earlier this year, but these were an air freighted batch, which is why they sold out almost immediately upon arrival with retailers. I understand most went to those who had pre-ordered them and the small minority left were sold online via the retailers websites. So the release of further GWR 158s was actually the fulfilment of the first and original batch, rather than a second or different batch. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Danny.
  11. I'm with you, I will probably buy the Bachmann 419 too, and that way I can keep the Bardon blue 623 I have.
  12. You're welcome mate. Just thought that I would confirm the change in case you or anyone else wanted to opt for the Bachmann 419 over the Hattons 623.
  13. I don't mean to go off topic but I will for the sake of confirming that Bachmann are now producing 419 in the darker G&W Orange colour scheme, and not 413 as originally planned. This change in decision over the colour and running number were made a few months ago and I believe the Bachmann website has also been updated to reflect this change. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Danny.
  14. That's a shame. So won't we ever see a Northern white 156 from you or will it just not be for the foreseeable future? Kind Regards, Danny.
  15. You're more than welcome. Excellent bunch of photos as always, by the way. I am always keen to view yours, because they are always really focused and clear. I am 99% confident that today is the first day for them both working Nova 3 trains for TPE. Put it this way I can't remember any other reports, sightings, photographs or any other details that would suggest or confirm any otherwise. Kind Regards, Danny.
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