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  1. Do you really think these would come down the ECML, at 25mph, with expresses up their jacksy every few minutes? Was there many opportunities for the train to be looped between Gateshead and Newton Hall Junction?
  2. Less is more. There are some things on the real railway that look incongruous in model form. I think weathering is one of them. I weathered A4 Guillemot with a photograph as reference. It was in a filthy (Gateshead) condition. I tried to copy it faithfully. The prototype looked bad, the model looked terrible.
  3. Some Markits wheels showing available from Wizard. Not a huge selection.
  4. Now then. When I said earlier that I had photographs of ore trains at Relly Mill Junction, I was stretching it a bit. I have them on a PC that died some years ago. I've kept it on the off chance that I might bump into someone who can rescue the photographs etc. So, I have photographs but can't look at them. I was given the photographs by a bloke who lived or lives in the very nice houses, opposite the Angel pub, in Durham. Can't remember the blokes name and his contact details are on the same PC. Has anyone got the faintest idea who I'm taking about? He may know. He may have photographs. At the time I was most interested in the junction at the Deerness, Waterhouses and Bishop Auckland lines off the ECML at Stoneybridge so didn't ask about anything beyond that area. Anyhow, this is a bit off topic so I'll say no more.
  5. The Eden. I used to get the Eden every Tuesday from Central Drive to Spenny to pick up the family allowance for me muther. Very nice route from West Auckland to Spennymoor avoiding any main roads. Shildon, Eldon, Coundon Grange, Coundon, Leeholme, Kirk Merrington, Middlestone Moor and Spenny.
  6. Where's Porcy when you need him?
  7. Can anyone help with the route of the ore trains when the line was closed following the Beamish accident? I have photographs of ore trains at Relly Mill Junction and know that trains used the line through Lanchester but how did trains get to Relly Mill Junction? Did trains travel the full length of the main line from Gateshead to the junction or did they travel the normal Monday to Saturday route as far as Washington then via Fencehouses, Leamside and the line to Newton Hall Junction? I'm modelling Newton Hall Junction so it is appropriate to run ore trains, but from which direction? Thanks, Bob
  8. Well, I had better make sure I miss it then.
  9. I wonder how many times I've jumped on and off that bus platform. "Wait until the bus has stopped before alighting". "I don't think so".
  10. Happy Days. What time does it pick up from the Lynne Road?
  11. Nice one. No Shaw's bus from Byers Green then?
  12. Don't forget to bring me a stick of rock back from your holidays.
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