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  1. PM me your email address and I'll start sending what I think might be useful. Bob
  2. I have drawings and loads of photographs of the two preserved vans, if that's any use to you. Bob
  3. Does anyone have any information about how widespread the use of these wagons was? There are images here that show the vans as part of a train of cemflos on the ECML. A single attachment on cemflos in Scotland, bound for the ECML, probably. But is there any evidence that they were used in block trains on their own or as part of trains other than cemflos? - Were they incorporated into cement trains ( eg. presflo)? - Did they operate on lines other than ECML? - If only ECML, what was the purpose/reason for there operation? - Might they have been operated singly or in short rakes, on their own?
  4. I can only get 26 in the loop at Newton Hall Junction so don't give me 34.
  5. Lovely shot. Inverkeithing?
  6. On the photo at Ferryhill, do you suppose the 14 vans would replace cemflos or be in addition? I think there were 26 cemflos in the train involved in the Thirsk accident. If this is about the normal size of the train and extra 14 vans would make a train that not many would be able to run.
  7. I'm putting half a dozen in my rake of Cemflos.
  8. Would you like to come to the front and tell us all what is so funny, Mr. Mane? Have a look on the "APCM Limited Box Van" thread. The PVV kit has broken cover.
  9. Oh! What a lovely surprise. It looks very beautiful. Bob
  10. There is a thread elsewhere on the site which shows the underside of the chassis. I don't know if the prototype PRA chassis is so uncomplicated. If it lacks any significant detail than the model manufacturer has done a good job. It certainly looks nothing like the underside of the preserved PVV's.
  11. Digitrains providing full mail order operation. I put the failure down to pilot error. When I've gone bck through the order process, I think I forgot to press the "PLACE ORDER" button.
  12. An expensive start point if you want to try and scratch build a PVV using the Kernow chassis. I've already enquired about the availability of a chassis only. Unfortunately not available. The chassis on the existing model is quite basic.
  13. Ouch! That's a bit graphic. I hope the moderators are happy with this display of wanton destruction.
  14. Can anyone tell me if Digitrains are still operating during the lockdown? I placed an order last weekend and have had no confirmation of order and needless to say, nothing has arrived. I've called a number of times this afternoon with no reply. Bob
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