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  1. Strange, when I first loaded the cemflo page, I'm sure it was £34 for a few seconds but then went to £41. Still a great price but I've already got 32 of them. Any more and people might start to think obsession.
  2. Fantastic work. You'll want for nowt.
  3. Phil, There's a reason why people offer to help you. Count me in. I'll be part of the remote support group. So long as I can play trains when its finished. Bob
  4. I understand your worries completely but there really is very little risk. PM me with your email address and I'll send you the details of the method I used. Bob
  5. Great news Phil. Always a source of my favourite videos, Abbotswood was always like a day at the lineside. I really look forward to regular progress reports. Bob
  6. You might also notice that the Gloucesters are taller than the Met Camms if you look along the top of the train.
  7. I think that all but one of these are Gloucesters. The one fourth from the back is a Met Camm. In this photograph you can distinguish the Gloucesters by the "joggle" in the side pipes. The Met Camms have pipes which are straight and horizontal. A easy conversion can be carried out if you want to create some variation. Bob
  8. I'm relying on the ore train running through Lanchester to justify running trains on my layout, based on Newton Hall Junction.
  9. Ore trains did go through Lanchester but only when the main route was out of action. The banker would wait at Lanchester station for the big push.
  10. Bought and paid for. Thanks
  11. You'll have to be quick with that one.
  12. Thanks, Always worth another look. I never tire of it. Bob
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