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  1. Not heard of Derails until I read this thread as I was looking for a reliable supplier with items actually in stock. Placed my order for track and points on Friday 22nd January and items all arrived this morning, Monday 25th January. Very impressed and was kept informed of progress throughout. Will be back to them when I have more pocket money......
  2. Might be worth putting a DC voltage through the bus and using a multimeter to verify polarity and making sure their is no continuity through the insulated joins.
  3. Good that they are keeping bang up to date with their range.
  4. Got some from RS Supplies, not cheap but excellent. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/plastic-film/5363980/
  5. Out now - https://www.bemo-modellbahn.de/?fbclid=IwAR1KHJ2kOjhJ581ciYEffr3JTQS_rj5N1iZsWHcAfrXze7hoE2l3ZQ0w3uM Neu_H0mH0e0m_21_mail.pdf
  6. Paul and his Bonsai has a lot to answer for - it takes a lot of effort to avoid getting sucked in....... Looks like you are making a great start to your project, many thanks for sharing.
  7. I found using a Stanley window scraper to lift a corner of the print let me get the big scraper in without resorting to the lump hammer.
  8. I would say that was a sensible, pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing outcome. The overhead wires are just a complete PITA and best avoided! I am still in therapy from my experience of installing them......
  9. On the subject of fumes, got a supply of the plant based resin at the beginning of the week. Having done the REFR test print, it actually uses exactly the same settings as the basic resin and it is odourless as far as I can tell.
  10. I have a Mono X and so far delighted with it but still on the learning curve. Speed is a pleasant surprise as the penny had not dropped that resin printing time is soley determined by the number of layers rather than the complexity of the shape - as with an FDM printer. Resolution of detail is superb. Handrail on the test print body below are 0.29mm diameter. Damage to them was down to my poor handling of the support material.
  11. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of them, just google 3d printing services in your local area and see what there is. I suggest that approach so you can discuss with them and get a personal service, particularly as you will need advice on the way models need to be constructed to achieve good printed results. The only one I have any knowledge of is https://www.goprint3d.co.uk/ in Ripon who did a job for a friend and he was happy with it.
  12. I opted for Sharge - same methodology as CMX with a tank drip feeding a spring loaded pad that is adjustable for pressure. I converted mine to HOm to run under overhead power on a Swiss based layout. Not brass construction but not the price of a CMX either! Works very well for me. https://www.model-trainstrack-cleaner.co.uk/shop/
  13. IF you use Facebook, there is a group for Faller Car System which I belong to and Magnorail gets discussed there from time to time. One of the links was to - https://www.magnorailoz.com.au/faqs.html I saw this comment which seems similar you your issue - "Gary from the UK writes: Hi been watching your builds with the magnorail they are very informative but my problem is the chain when it gets to the motor it rises out of the chain when testing it before road goes down it also happens when a temp road surface is laid any suggestions? My only thoughts are that 1. Yo
  14. Neat trick with fitting the LED's - I have used adhesive foam pads which are fairly crude so will give your method a go next time.
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