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  1. With RocRail - the Bachmann/ESU command station is simply being used as a middleware box to transfer the data from the laptop to the BUS. RocRail offers full automation supporting all the sensor and detection services / devices required. I do agree that if you want a "comprehensive" DCC command station, Dynamis is not the best out there but if you are using computerised control - then the basic box simply acting as a middleware device between the laptop and the layout serves very well. Comes down to what you want - a comprehensive DCC controller or computer control. If the later, I see little point in having a very expensive command system. Great that the technology offers such a variety of options for folk. Would be a shame is Model Rail Scotland got canned for next year but difficult to know how best Ossian can get his hands on some options - Aberdeenshire to Inverness is well enough served and the clubs very helpful but once into the far north east - Dingwall etc. more difficult.
  2. An option for you to consider - is the Bachmann Dynamis Ultima. It has in the past had bad press as the walkabout hand held controllers use IR to connect by wireless to the base station. This was liable to interference from traditional incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. As these have largely been replaced with LED or similar that illuminate on specific frequencies, that problem is largely eliminated. This is essentially a rebadged ESU Navigator and can be linked to a PC either with their own "rail controller" software - which is fairly limited or "RocRail" (free) which offers a fully featured package that will provide the applications you describe and much more - up to full automation and train control if you want. With a modest add on - it will let you control with tablet or mobile phone via an IP link from a browser. In an ideal world, one of the most important aspects is the ergonomics of the device and how it feels in your hand, do you prefer sliders, buttons, knobs or joysticks for control? I think sticking with your Select until you have the opportunity to handle a range of options would be wise. Model Rail Scotland in your diary for next year perhaps?
  3. You can but setting them up as a "consist" would generally be a better option. If you have them as the same address, you cannot control them on their own until you re-programmed one of them. As a consist add the 2 decoder ID's to the consist and it will do what you want. The CV's might need tuning to ensure that they both run at the same speed for any given throttle value.
  4. JimFin

    RhB news

    Its RhB releated - This morning there was a collision of two trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn near Oberwald. Eleven people were injured. The accident occurred around 10.10 p.m. in the ′′ Stephan-Holzer-Tunnel ′′ near Oberwald station. For currently unexplained reasons, a car train running from Oberwald towards Realp collided sideways with a regional train running towards Oberwald. Seven people suffered minor injuries. These were medically cared for by local doctors. In addition, three people with ambulances were admitted to the hospital visp. An employee of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn was flown to the hospital with a helicopter. The car train was loaded with around 15 vehicles. There were around 30 travellers on the regional train. The rail traffic between Realp and Ulrichen is currently interrupted. Replacement buses Realp - Ulrichen are running. The total travel time is extended by approx. 60 minutes.
  5. Might/might not work depending on where the fault is. If you can disconnect the rectifier component from the speed controller and try connecting that to the 9V battery - it would prove the concept. If it worked you might want to spend bit more effort on it. Alternative might be worth speaking to these folk and seeing if they have something, maybe used, at a modest price - http://zughaus.yolasite.com/
  6. Think that's you answer - you could carry out a check by taking two wires from the controller and applying them direct to the wheels of the loco which would eliminate any questions re the track and connectivity. If they ran fine that way - then need to work through the connections starting from the back of the controller an onwards. If they won't run with the direct wires - controller is on the blink.
  7. There is a lot of current material here - https://www.smartrail40.ch/index.asp?inc=en/program.asp and many technical documents to download that may be of interest given your speciality, hope this helps - nice folk have done German / English 201910_SD_Artikel_zu_APS.pdf
  8. It is SBB/CFF (Swiss Railways) EW II (Standard Carriage Mark II) second class Steuerwagen Coaches in the number range around Lima 309268 but also - https://shop.zuba-tech.ch/de/suche?s=roco EW II sbb
  9. JimFin


    Built a new shed and garden railway over the last couple of days. Shame is you can barely see it from the front! But I know its there
  10. Some options here for you have a look at in the CH section https://thesignalpage.nl/en/data.php
  11. Zimo is another alternative with both a free version and a coded version available http://www.zimo.at/web2010/sound/tableindex_EN.htm . No idea of the quality of either. I had difficulty in finding a UK supplier that would load a European coded file to a zimo decoder and ended up with https://www.fischer-modell.de/ via their e-bay shop. Decent service from them should you choose to go that route. Charged 15Euro for the license and to load the file.
  12. I am putting together a list of model layouts on permanent public display to visitors with a Swiss component. What I have so far is listed below. I would welcome any additions you are aware of to make it more comprehensive. Thanks. · https://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/ — the world's largest model railway and airport (HO) - Hamburg, Germany · https://www.smilestones.ch/smilestones (HO) - 250m² model with 1.3 kilometer of tracks at the Rhine Falls, Switzerland. · https://www.kaeserberg.ch/fr/ (HO) - 610m² model with 2.045 kilometres of tracks in Granges Paccot, Switzerland. · https://www.swissminiatur.ch/ (1:25) - 14'000 m² park with Swiss Landmarks and 3.5 kilometres of track in Melide, Switzerland · https://www.verkehrshaus.ch/en/visit/museum/mobility/rail-transport/gotthard-railway-model.html (HO) – Replica of the Gotthard railway line. · https://www.bahnmuseum-albula.ch/de Railway museum in Bergun with a large Om layout on the ground floor. · https://berguen-filisur.graubuenden.ch/de/aktivitaeten-erlebnisse/modelleisenbahn-ortsmuseum . A club owned 1:87 model of the Albula line housed in the Bergun local museum (separate from the railway museum) · https://www.traumwerk.de/modelleisenbahn/ The Hans-Peter Porsche exhibition in 1:87 featuring German, Swiss and Austrian sections.
  13. JimFin

    RhB news

    Complete with Victor Meldrew!
  14. JimFin

    RhB news

    They do - they had the Crocs working freight for a few days before heritage trains started again on the Davos to Filisur route.
  15. JimFin

    RhB news

    Looks like a Capricorn unit actually in service on the Davos / Filisur at 21.00 today.
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