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  1. I have used a few Anycubic resin products but settled on their Eco resin as it is very low odour, used black and grey but find grey much easier to work with. Recently moved to mix this with 20% Siraya Tech resin as it gives a much more flexible and less brittle print. https://tinyurl.com/cmfbbm5k This is an N gauge H section catenary mast. You do need to tune the exposure time of your printer with each type and colour of resin you use with a resin exposure test file as there are variations in the settings to get the highest quality finish. In terms of painti
  2. It is CRC 2-26 - https://tinyurl.com/34xy34pn
  3. JimFin


    Nice morning to take your layout for a walk! Never before seen view, Neuburg stacked.
  4. I have developed the Nm9 version of this print as I have become more proficient with the printer and types of resin. Came up with the 3 versions, once you have the base done, amending is easy enough. They are not exact but good visual representations of different iterations. They are built to fit the TU-TMC100 chassis which is running in nicely. www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/50999700854/in/album-72157718407645578/
  5. Rule 1 - your railway, you run what you want.
  6. Something to factor in to your dimensioning - do you plan to have full overhead catenary or masts and spans without the actual power cables? Reason I raise this is the overhead cables really do impinge on your ability to get at things. If you are planning to have the overhead wires, a narrower board may be more comfortable, just masts and spans then wider would not have the same limitations.
  7. JimFin


    No - "Eneminein".
  8. JimFin


    Having spent time making up the packing crates for 2013, decided to run some trains and have a go at videoing them before dismantling the layout. Did not have much stock out, just what happened to be on the traverser but this was the result - https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157718652004486
  9. I think the issues with hobby/home printing goes a lot deeper than that. Every different brand/model printer has its own characteristics and print tolerances which would need to be accommodated and often compensated for before printing. Any model I create, I do so with the constraints of the printer in mind but virtually anything downloaded from an online repository has to be amended for the printer. There is also the constraint of the material being used, be that filament or resin. Different filaments and resins all have different properties which have to be factored i
  10. It is indeed coming along very nicely and you are quite right about robust testing, it pays off in the long run and very satisfying when you get to the stage of it all performing as you would want. It is a very ingenious piece of track design, wonderful to see it in operation. When you are planning out the scenery, do make sure you have decent subterranean access as you just know where its going to derail at the most awkward spot just to spite you..........
  11. Thought I had a picture somewhere -
  12. The best are probably are the CMX track cleaner (Expensive brass American) - swap the HO bogies for HOm or the Sharge (cheaper plastic Scottish) version of the same, also swap the bogies.
  13. I think that is terrific - it has just the right look and feel to it. Would love to see that - had plans to be at the AGM, maybe next time......
  14. Great work - looking forward to developments.
  15. Not on the maintrack unless the loco you wish to reprogram is the only loco on track. Service track is better / safer.
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