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  1. Another source for you to refer to, albeit for Plymouth area, is Plymouths Hidden Railways by Paul Burkhalter, pub Twelveheads Press. Covers all the military railways in that area.
  2. Jim is right....it’s not uncommon. The arrangement I have seen, not infrequently, is where one of the crane rails is used as one of the railway rails. I’ve never understood how that was supposed to work in practice!
  3. MoD traffic and Devonport Royal Dockyard (Plymouth). The rail connection from the main-line at Keyham West GF is still in use. This connects to a branch into the Dockyard and to the nuclear submarine refitting docks. Traffic is related to the refuelling and defuelling of the reactors, where active waste is safely removed by rail to storage at Sellafield. There are no weapons involved. Movements are infrequent and always by DRS. Less infrequent are route knowledge/training runs. Defence Muntions Ernesettle (Plymouth). A storage facility next to the river Tamar has a rail connection off the Gunnislake branch. The site is in use though the rail link could be described as mothballed, though can be bought into use if required. Details of both sites above in the books: ’Devonport Dockyard Railway’; and ’Plymouth’s Hidden Railways’; both pub Twelveheads Press. Also, for those not familiar with place name slang, Pompey = Portsmouth.
  4. Rob Bell has posted on social media, that the series has been ‘paused’. This could be code for ‘not enough viewers so advertisers don’t like it’! This channel does this often, unfortunately.
  5. Mike, some of the businesses I have observed (but have absolutely no intention of using) on the N332 are said to be the oldest in the world!
  6. The footbridge is long gone, the last vestiges removed when WMV had the major refurbishment about 8/10 years ago. But you’re right about Naval Base security being an issue, but in reality the decking had fallen into disrepair and closure was the way out of spending any money!
  7. Unlikely to be a Devonport working on that route, too long a way round!
  8. Hmmn, I’ve been to lunch in a pub with him, and left in a right state!!
  9. Just received my print copy and pages between 50 and 83 are missing/repeated/jumbled. A phone call to their office has resulted in a promise to send a new copy. The phone number is on page 3 in the blue sidebar (and I’m not posting it here to make sure you’ve actually bought a copy!)
  10. Indeed, Brian, it is excellent! Buy it to find out why Buckfastleigh station name is unique in GWR land.
  11. See the answer from Coombe Barton above on Aug 30th. PM him for a copy.
  12. Hi. Did you contact them? Anyone know anything? I also would like to see the Zurich episode.
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