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  1. On my TV programme guide the time is showing 21.00.
  2. Six Bells Junction has the tour details https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk plus the Cornwall Railway Society has extensive images of the lines on its website http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/barnstaple-to-torrington-and-halwill-jct-ecl.html
  3. Due to their use, I think it highly unlikely there will be publically available images of the interior. But well done if you do find any!
  4. Devon & Cornwall Railfreight, by David Mitchell; Silver Link Publishing; 2019 Huge collection of images and data for the period.
  5. For the second half of the 1960s, I worked in Worship Street (centre top of the OS map posted by the Engineer). I walked along Appold Street, Sun Street Passage, and surrounding streets. This thread has bought memories back, even though that was over 50 years ago! At the time the goods depot at the corner of Worship and Appold Streets was in use for the single wagon containers, which were delivered on Scammel 3-wheelers. A travelling crane crossed the high level sidings and the street level, and the men hung off the hook when hoisting the containers. At low level adjacent to Appold S
  6. Just to highlight the fact that (in the second image) is said to be the only Broad Gauge track remaining insitu.
  7. Agree with all the above. Also ash, as this would be plentiful from steam boilers (on ships as well as ashore). Definately not concrete though!
  8. Seen this site? http://www.urban75.org/brixton/history/pictures.html
  9. Another source for you to refer to, albeit for Plymouth area, is Plymouths Hidden Railways by Paul Burkhalter, pub Twelveheads Press. Covers all the military railways in that area.
  10. Jim is right....it’s not uncommon. The arrangement I have seen, not infrequently, is where one of the crane rails is used as one of the railway rails. I’ve never understood how that was supposed to work in practice!
  11. MoD traffic and Devonport Royal Dockyard (Plymouth). The rail connection from the main-line at Keyham West GF is still in use. This connects to a branch into the Dockyard and to the nuclear submarine refitting docks. Traffic is related to the refuelling and defuelling of the reactors, where active waste is safely removed by rail to storage at Sellafield. There are no weapons involved. Movements are infrequent and always by DRS. Less infrequent are route knowledge/training runs. Defence Muntions Ernesettle (Plymouth). A storage facility next to the river Tamar has a rail connection
  12. Rob Bell has posted on social media, that the series has been ‘paused’. This could be code for ‘not enough viewers so advertisers don’t like it’! This channel does this often, unfortunately.
  13. Mike, some of the businesses I have observed (but have absolutely no intention of using) on the N332 are said to be the oldest in the world!
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