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  1. The CRS website reports that it was also thought to have run to St Ives overnight. Lots of speculation that there’s a connection with the G7 summit in June.
  2. ...and if you saw the other side, that was a 0-3-0 as well
  3. Another story I’ve read is that the workmen building the line had just returned from a job in the far east and thought the geology looked the same. Take your pick (I prefer Gordon’s version!). As for reopening, the population east of Evian decreases dramatically hence traffic wouldn’t be big. Having spent a lot of money on Leman Express (CEVA) recently (cross border from Geneva to Haute Savoire towns incl Evian) I cannot see there is much appetite for an extension.
  4. Thanks Ron, I rode it that year and did the circular ‘steam’ trip onward on the CGN paddle ship via Lausanne back to Evian. There is a group promoting the re-opening of the line http://www.rersudleman.com . However it decays into the undergrowth and the major level crossings have been tarmacked over. Paul
  5. On today’s (20 March 2021) news on the CRS website: ”These vehicles were used as living accommodation at Kenneggy Downs for many years by Mr & Mrs Ned Thomas. In the early 1960's the old tram bodies they were moved to another location in the area where they have remained until mid March 2021, however as building work was about to commence on this site these historic vehicles have been been moved and placed into temporary storage locally by Mr Andrew Newport, a haulage contractor and a transport enthusiast of Penzance. Mr. Newport would like to find a good home for these historic tr
  6. Might depend on what the bridge is crossing. If a river, then it could be open (nothing underneath to damage), but if a road then a closed deck to protect passing traffic/people below. As for material....timber or solid formed steel.
  7. Well done, many thanks. Paul
  8. On re-reading, the first line would be better written: “It’s the line above Clearbrook village towards Yelverton, along from the car park by the leat bridge”. Also the original stables are in-situ, now used by the golf club. Location here: https://earth.app.goo.gl/MvRCnv on Google Earth.
  9. Thanks Brian. It’s the line above Clearbrook village, along from the car park by the leat bridge towards Yelverton. The tarmac cycle/walkers path on the left. Also near here is one of the granite mileposts (12 or 13). Much to see, as further along are the granite blocks remains of a passing loop. Then nearer Yelverton a length of rail. Paul
  10. Brian, I don’t have it, so Can you take a snapshot to post here? I know the route quite well so may be able to comment. Paul
  11. On my TV programme guide the time is showing 21.00.
  12. Six Bells Junction has the tour details https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk plus the Cornwall Railway Society has extensive images of the lines on its website http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/barnstaple-to-torrington-and-halwill-jct-ecl.html
  13. Due to their use, I think it highly unlikely there will be publically available images of the interior. But well done if you do find any!
  14. Devon & Cornwall Railfreight, by David Mitchell; Silver Link Publishing; 2019 Huge collection of images and data for the period.
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