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    Main interest is the ECML in Edinburgh and Haymarket Shed both of which were a short distance from my home plus the surrounding area and the Waverley Route in the 50s and very early 60s. Of course once steam was run down in 1962 at Haymarket things were never the same hence the date period of interest. The late 50s period still had ex- North British and ex- Caley engines running on trains which added to the atmosphere. A convenient 10 minute walk from Haymarket Shed to Dalry Road Shed added to the railway interest with the variety of locos and rolling stock to be seen. Not forgetting frequent visits to St. Margarets's Shed in the other side of town completed the wonderful railway times in the area and period. Great days!

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  1. A2/3 gets my vote. They were well used on many types of train and seemed to perform well. Haymarket's lone member of the class was seen on the many routes out of The Waverley and had the highest mileage of the class on withdrawal.
  2. Thanks Tony. Your Hycilla really looks the part and the finish is swish, looking like it is just back from Doncaster Works. I note in Yeadons that it was there for a General Repair in 1958 which suits your time frame for the layout. I would imagine that the sales of these DJH kits will decrease as has happened with so many other kits which were the “victims” of new r-t-r equivalents. There are still a lot of classes not available in r-t-r or in kit form but it can be to be too much of a risk for a kit manufacturer to undertake a new tooling only to have an r-t-r model r
  3. David, It is fairly easy to do if you can get the smokebox door out. If you take off the chimney with a gentle tug with small tweezers (put a small piece of cloth/napkin over the chimney to prevent marking it) you can then put a longish swiss file or something similar through the hole and press it against the smokebox door. Then give it a gentle knock with a small hammer which should see it come out, unless a lot of glue has been used which does not seem the case for other fittings on these locos. With the door in your hand it is fairly easy to carefully cut slivers of the plastic
  4. With two Thompson Pacific kits awaiting painting but unable to be started until the weather is better for outside spraying here are a couple of the Hornby models now done up and running in today. No sign of the Arctic winds disappearing so patience continues to the fore.
  5. Two more locos making their debut on the layout. Airborne from Heaton and Hycilla from Gateshead both being regular visitors to The Waverley and Haymarket Shed.
  6. J37 as I voted for the Atlantic previously. They were powerful locos lasting until 1966.
  7. David, It will be Airborne from Heaton , a regular visitor to Edinburgh. Eruc
  8. For those who will alter/add things beware that the glue Hornby use is not too strong. If changing the bit of plastic on the buffer beam for a finer screw coupling even giving it a very gentle tug ends up with this! This also happened on 60501 last month however a little run of super glue does the trick. The tender is the same and of course is more important if using the screw coupling for pulling rather than the Hornby one. The A3 and A4 locos certainly did not have this feature!
  9. The east end of the Shed was kept tidy as all the locos there were ready for moving out having gone through the watering, coaling, ash disposal etc. at the west end which although messy was still kept in relatively good order. The 64B management were not too keen on untidiness!
  10. David, I used a slitting saw fitted in the mini drill and took 3mm of the top about one third in on each side. then took off a small bit on each side finishing of with a fine swiss needle file to bring it to shape. I had a spare tender fairing from the infamous spares box and glued it in place adding a touch of filler where appropriate. I should add that the slitting saw is extremely dangerous so 100% concentration is required. I don't like using them unless nothing else will do, however they do make for a clean and tidy job. Eric
  11. A couple of more photos of 60501 now with the cut down tender front which I had forgotten about when doing it up recently. Keeping its company are a few photos from the archives of other locos from south of the border, from Gateshead and Heaton, who were more familiar visitors than 60501 from York
  12. The Waverley Route With the Edinburgh to Perth Glenfarg Route a very close second.
  13. Andy & David, I re-lined the boiler and tender to cover the red/black/red lining. The cab lining was not too bad so I left it on. The ejector pipe comes off easily and I made a new one from .9 mm wire which fitted in to the body OK. I dry brushed matt black and BR dull green on quite a bit of it and once i was happy with that it got a coat of Klear. A day or so later when I had more time I gave it a slight dusting here and there with Carrs weathering powders. The smokebox was painted with Humbrol metallic black and also dirtied up a bit. Ther
  14. The three shedded at York (60501/2/3) were occasional visitors to The Waverley and Haymarket Shed during the 50s and 1960. However the other three from New England were highly unlikely to reach here. Now you can safely go for all three! Eric
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