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  1. Can anyone tell me if they take payment upfront or at the time of despatch. On checkout you have to tick 'I have read the T&C's' box yet there are none to read?
  2. Gosh, what a nightmare! I thought things would be easier moving up to O gauge but not as I thought. So despite the poor directions (poor picture quality) on the Heljan instructions I managed to get the body off. No room for a decent speaker unless I remove all the bits and re-wire like the Youchoos and Zimo version (not within my skillset), so I plugged the decoder in, I thought there was a speaker fitted when I could see two wires soldered to the board but from the instructions not so. Turning it over one screw came out of the speaker housing easily the other one just spins around ho hum!
  3. Hi Ade Thanks. Yes planning on keeping it simple so have an ESU Lok sound V5 plug in version. no speaker wires on it though? I guess I have to solder some on myself? Mark
  4. Hi Thank you for the replies and advice. I opted to buy an O gauge controller on the basis it will come in handy for testing other Heljan purchases no doubt. Tried it out today and It all works OK ! Now the scary bit is fitting the decoder!
  5. 70E

    Heljan 61xx

    Hi Jeff You are correct I was going by what it says on the wheeltappers web site and others similarly seem to use generic sounds as well so assumed they were correct. Mark
  6. I have spoken to the retailer this morning who think that because I am using your average Hornby train set DC controller which is probably sufficient for Dapol O gauge, it is not sufficient for the Heljan locos and therefore is failing due to the controller current loss, so they have suggested I purchase a an O gauge controller and try that first.
  7. Hi Ray Thanks for the reply, just trying to run it in on DC as recommended for such things before going on to fit the decoder. I'll speak to the retailer tomorrow regards
  8. Hi I've yet to build a layout to run anything on but over the past 18 months or so I have been purchasing loco's as and when I can and have putting them away for when I have been in a position to fit them with sound, weather and detail etc. So I purchased a 61xx round about this time last year when they were on a good offer price from a retailer. I tested it briefly backwards and forwards on a piece of tracking it all seemed to work ok so it was packed away. Today having bought a suitable rolling road last week and purchased a sound decoder I thought I would make a start on it.
  9. Hi I am moving up from OO to O gauge so my current set up of the average size airbrush extract unit and turntable will be too small for some of the larger heavier O gauge locos and coaches etc. It will probably suffice for wagons and small locos though. So I was wondering what people may do differently in spraying in particular large heavy locos, long coaches etc, do you have any tips for supports, jigs, turntable etc
  10. Almost finished the IXO Bedford OYD in BR livery just need to add indicators and some weathering. If the window glazing could have been removed easily it would have been better and easier to strip the cab paintwork off but they seem to be revitted in so I had to do some masking to get the two colours. I used rail match enamels this time which were much easier to use. Not so sure about the self -adhesive logo on the cab, I may look to replace it with a waterslide equivalent so that it sits better. I just need to source some number plates for all
  11. Hi 37114 No layout yet, just in my head at the moment, hopefully will be able to make a start next year but it definitely have a parcels theme!? I have made some progress with the Pickfords lorry. I did struggle with the main bodywork and cherry paints, not sure what it was. I stripped all back as well as I could and then primed it white (that was probably the mistake) as I had to spray quite a few coats to get the opacity, in hindsight I should have used grey perhaps. As a consequence the paintwork isn't brilliant by any means but the transfers help disguis
  12. Can anyone advise on suitable upgrade speaker for a Loksound V5 - Ohm and type/size of speaker etc that will fit in the Dapol O gauge 57xx? Thanks
  13. Thank you for the replies and links. if not through cleaning would this loco have been painted black or be one of the last green ones with its original great western lettering and just in a filthy condition?
  14. I have found one poor photo of this loco at Southall where it remained in great western livery up until its demise, I am thinking of modelling it but would like to see other (better) photos if they are available. Can anyone post any or point me to publications where they may be found? Many thanks
  15. Thank you 37114 for the compliments, your work too has inspired me to have a go. I had thought of purchasing the Altaya Bedford but wasn't sure what to do with it but your tipper conversion is look pzrticlulary good and I'm looking forward to seeing the completed model. Owdbob has also inspired me and in fact seeing his conversion of the atlas/dinky coal truck it looked achievable so I thought that I would give it a go. see picture below, I have also managed to purchase another IXO ford North west gas truck for a reasonable price off of eBay and in doing so also saw an
  16. 70E

    Heljan 61xx

    I am looking to purchase and fit an ESU Loksound L sound decoder purely for plug and play rather than re-wiriing (not my skillset) and just wondering if anyone out there has done the same and what type/size speaker would you suggest. Also, although none were preserved what sound file would you recommend Coastal DCC, SWD etc?
  17. Pictures of the IXO Ford ET6 This was relatively straight forward as I purchased the 'gas' version which is already R/H drive, so just had to modify the bodywork and add some transfers. I was able to T Cut the existing lettering off quite easily.
  18. Having seen Giles of R/C conversion of 1/43 and 1/76 Diecast models fame and the IXO BMC FG he used to convert to R/C, I thought I would have a go. I managed to find one on Ebay and had a go at converting it to a BRS version. I have by no means the skillset of Giles to convert it to R/C so it is just a static model. As Giles has said in his RMweb threads and Youtube videos converting from L/H to R/H is relatively straight forward. I took his advice and primed the cab as he experienced problems with the original paint blistering when he over sprayed with Halffords car paint. I used
  19. 70E

    Dapol 'O' 57XX / 8750

    I missed out on the first issue with the unnumbered 8750 version. I was thinking of purchasing the latest issue 9669, so was wondering how easy is it to change the cab side numbers? Do they easily ping off or is more work required that may cause damage, can they be overlaid with etched brass plates? Many thanks
  20. Came across the above posted on YouTube yesterday, wherever the coaches are stored I would suggest security is reviewed to prevent trespassing?
  21. I have a couple of the IXO RT Regent buses that I would like to change the destination details on. Has anyone come across any suitable replacement transfers or anyone that could produce them cheaply. I did contact Railtec but didn't get a reply, also tried another supplier but the costs for a small order would be prohibitive. Hopefully, not too off topic.
  22. 70E

    New Layout

    I came across the plan in the picture on Tower Models website and wondered if it might suit my situation and 'ambition' better but as a terminus rather than the impression of a through station. The compromise would be 9'0" width as opposed to 10'0". Does it work in practice what do you think? The shed has an off set door so would allow space for the sector plates. I'm not sure about building my own points `I know they would be cheaper but are Marcway points smaller than PECO?
  23. would if I could, that's the problem, I can't stop the motor from running to re-programme it, I put it on the programming track and it shoots off!
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