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  1. I feel your pain. But at least you saw Woodpeckers, they’re always good to see!
  2. Hi Martin. Thanks for commenting again. I looked over the 'problems' pages but nothing matched what Windows 10 was showing. In fact, it showed very little except a small dropdown box that said the .exe file was being "blocked because it may harm your device". You surmise correctly though, the laptop does have McAfee loaded on it but even when I disabled it I couldn't get the download to work. However, the result is a positive one. By 'physically' moving the file from my Mac with a memory stick I've now got Templot up and running on the laptop. I'm now looking forward to getting to grips with Templot, a far more worthy task than wresting with the operating systems!
  3. I wrote here of my wresting to get Templot running on my Mac I did get it going OK but there seemed to be a few temperamental issues that made it a bit fiddly. Anyway, I've since been loaned a laptop loaded with Windows 10. Excellent! I thought, this is just what I need and better still it's saved me shelling-out out nearly 50 quid for the Crossover software. So there I was, laptop connect to the web and starring at the 'download' button on the Templot website, one click and all I'll be away in the world of curviformed turnouts. Like hell I was! Windows 10 decides it will block the download and gives no indication of how or why. OK I'm not too familiar with Windows, being a Mac chap, so I'm off to the internet to discover what's happening. Most of the 'how to' pages made little sense and best thing I could do was turn off the Firewall etc and try once more. But again 'computer said no'. By now the air is blue and I'm spitting red hot tacks and shouting obscenities at Bill Gates as though he was in the room. I gave up and had some lunch. Later, while sitting in a darkened room retuning my chakras, a possible solution drifted into my consciousness. I returned to my trusty Mac and copied the Templot .exe download file on a memory stick. I then stuck it in the rear of the laptop with the grace of a thoughtless lover and hoped it made Windows 10 wince. The .exe file was duly copied on to the laptop and 'double clicked'. Templot loaded and is now running! ...but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Similar to many others around here I had problems with my J27 the moment the electrons attempted to flow. Thankfully there were no missing or broken bits but running was definitely an issue. It would start but then stop within a moment or two. Slight finger pressure on the very light tender would start it again but that wasn't a working solution to the problem. I did contact the seller and arrange to return it but their technical dept also offered some insight into the problem. I'd read on here about misaligned pickups and sure enough that was my problem too, though mine also made strange clicking noise when moving. Examining the underside of the loco the problem soon became clear as I hope the accompanying photos show. The bent pickup on the driving wheel was brushed by the spokes and caused the clicking noise. It reminded me of that thing we did as kids with our bikes: clip on a playing card so it caught with the spokes and made a wonderful rattling noise! As for the tender, a pair of pickups didn't even make contact with their wheels. With the loco held in a homemade foam cradle I used a pair of fine tweezers to gently bend and relocate the pickups to where they should be. As a result my beautifully lined "L&NER" J27 runs just as it should. This morning I've had to contact the seller to say I don't need to return it and thanked them for their advice and great customer service!
  5. A big thanks to all those who responded to my query about Gorleston-on-Sea's track plan. The responses have helped greatly in understanding the permanent way arrangements and practices - the avoidance of facing points on the running lines being a key one. It was also interesting to read of the likelihood that the goods yard would only have been served from southbound trains. That's an insight into railway practice that doesn't leap out the track plan; well, to my eyes at least! You've probably guessed that my curiosity comes from thoughts about modelling the station and to that end I need to track down some books on the line to further my research. Any recommendations?
  6. Thanks for your thoughts and observations on this Martin. I’ll have to check out what you suggest. I don’t know if it makes a difference but I’m using the 14 day free trial of Crossover. As a complete aside, being a newbie, I’ve been making my way through the 2mm Association YouTube Templot tutorials and finding them very useful and informative.
  7. Please excuse my lack of knowledge and grasp of the correct terminology here but I was hoping some of you might be able to offer an opinion on this track plan of Gorleston on Sea station, in Norfolk. The images below are from the National Library of Scotland's excellent on-line OS map archive and are from a map dated in the early 20th century. There is a small loop positioned on the running lines between the southern end of platforms and the entrance to the goods yard. May be I can't see the wood for the trees but this permanent way arrangement looks a little over engineered. Surely, trains traveling in either direction could reverse into the goods yard with fewer turnouts? For further info, the left most track of the three is a line that leaves the mainline further south and runs towards the good yard. I'd be grateful if anyone can shed any light on this arrangement. The 'strange little loop' in detail
  8. I'm now discovering there seems to be some functions that don't work that with the Mac-Crossover combo. For example, I can't place track/templates over a map. Templot does work with Crossover but it feels it will only function at a basic level - which, I guess, is better than not working at all!
  9. You have my every sympathy! Even after all these years home computing still feels as reliable as a 1970's Austin Allegro built on a Friday afternoon...
  10. Lovely scenics and nice placement Buddleia. Where did you get them from?
  11. Hi Nick I tried everything short of bribery and blackmail! In the end I've gone for one of the other recommended options: installing Crossover. This has a cost implication but it does allow a 14 day free trial beforehand. So far I've had Templot running but at least once it has stalled and had to be 'force quit'. As I'm a Templot newbie I suppose I've got a couple of weeks to make my mind up about the whole adventure. Dave
  12. So, I followed the advice seen here and on Templot about loading Templot on to my Mac. I downloaded Winebottler and then downloaded Templot (or what seems to be start up .exe file for Templot) However, I can't seem to move any further forward. The downloaded Templot file won't open when I right-click on it and try to use Wine (the default option). When attempting via Winebottler the only option seems to be to use the 'advanced' paged but this only creates an error message when I try it. I know it said some technical knowledge was necessary but the 'advanced' option in Winebottler may as well be written in Mandarin for what I can make of it! Is there anyone out there who help - please... pretty please...
  13. Well, I took Ian's advice and bought the Nikkor 55mm f2.8. I got the lens from the popular auction site we all know well and I'm rather impressed with it - the lens that is not the auction site! It works well on my Nikon DSLR. Here is an example taken with it and, for good measure, it's also my first 'focus stacked' image curtesy of Photoshop. It's taken on my work in progress shunting plank; an inglenook shunting puzzle inspired by 1930's LNER in Hull PC 1276 Small discovers some crucial evidence towards the investigation of a spate of bicycle thefts on his beat.
  14. That is very interesting. Looks like many folk may have to revisit the weathering of their cattle vans!
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