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  1. I've just painted some of the 4mm figures from Modelu and a couple of scooters from Dexter's Cove Models. If it needs to be said, I'm only a customer of these two purveyors of fine scale loveliness. No fancy diorama as my layout is still rather embryonic at the mo' so, I set up a small studio in which to snap them. The figures will adorn my 1930's shunting plank while the scooters are for a mate's 1950's depiction of t'north. As for the dialog, well I just couldn't resist it...
  2. My Dad worked in a Co-op grocery/butchers in the 60's and tells a tale of a huge spider emerging from bunches of newly delivered bananas. He went looking for a box to put it in and when he returned a colleague had stamped on it!
  3. Powsides used to do some pre-grouping transfers back in the day. Could be worth checking them out.
  4. Excellent, more GER loveliness from Oxford.
  5. After 12th February then - excellent news!
  6. Good to hear that some progress is taking place
  7. Thanks for this Craig. The P4 world always raises my curiosity but I’ve never dipped my toe into it!
  8. You've made a lovely job of the weathering and I am intrigued by the conversion to P4. It would be interesting to know what that entails. Have you added compensation or replaced any of the original model?
  9. Suspicions confirmed, perhaps: this Fisons wagon isn’t really suited to periods before WW2
  10. Nice but it looks a bit ‘modern’ to my eyes. Hatton’s lists it for eras 2 and 3 but according to this site https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Fisons The company didn’t become ‘Fisons Ltd’ until 1942.
  11. No sign of 272 in Ipswich today...
  12. You know it's worth the wait...
  13. I think you've tapped into some themes in British (English?) culture. There is the nostalgic thread that runs through us: we assume the present is so crap that we forever look back to a past that in reality didn't exist the way we remember it, and the class system. We seem hard wired to sub divide folk and then place them in a hierarchy where we can then sneer at them for our chosen reasons. Personally, I lean towards the 'couldn't give a toss' attitude about what illinformed people think, or do in their spare time. Play with trains, ride your bike and, in my case, go watch some bir
  14. Such a shame Jim's GER Loco sand wagon isn't on the 4mm list. If that could be scaled down from the 7mm version I'd have it. I've built some of his 7mm kits and have found them to be well designed. Moreover, he writes some excellent instructions which don't assume you're an expert.
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