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  1. Thank you Mick. It’s a shame Hattons haven’t done half the batch with mirrors and half without. I plan to model 2008 onwards but may stretch back to 2006 (any excuse for another 66 right...?)
  2. Talking of mirrors, does anyone know when (what year) 66005 had them fitted please?
  3. I did think that maybe GBRf 66773 would have been announced as a “special”... but maybe in the next batch eh Hattons
  4. Fantastic news and update from Hattons! Absolutely over the button moon with the new livery announcements. Caught my Mrs in bed with another guy a few weeks ago so happy to spend our house deposit on a number of these 66’s. That’ll soon cheer me up
  5. I’m hoping they release an EWS version in the future
  6. Brilliant as always James. The weathering on those KFA’s is just fantastic! I don’t suppose you could give a little insight as to method and colours that were used to achieve the finish you have. I’ve always found the blue that Hornby use on their KFA’s just doesn’t seem dark enough for my eyes, but the way yours look now are spot on
  7. A couple of videos here. Not mine I may add, just some I have come across whilst browsing through YouTube. Hopefully there will be some light shed upon which wagon(s) will be produced in the not so distant future.
  8. Can anyone confirm if there will be a vtg blue with a tail lamp fitted as is with the other liveries?
  9. I’ve managed to buy 2 of each, I’ve used what I had saved for my Hattons 66’s now they’ve been delayed for a couple of months, so should be able to save up again for those. Hopefully Ben and Mike will do a second run of these in the near future as I’m sure these will be extremely popular and won’t be in stock for long! Hope you manage to save up in time for what you want Conner43002
  10. Didn’t even know the blue vtg versions had been announced...
  11. I’m going to have to find another source of income at this rate! Great choice guys and all the best as always.
  12. Absolutely superb! Really looking forward to the end product. Thanks for the update
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