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  1. Thanks for this Hilux5972. Blimey it still looks wet outta the paint shop
  2. Just wondering if anyone has had theirs arrive yet and if so, any pictures would be much appreciated. I’m really not a huge fan of the gloss finish on the latest releases of Hornby's HST’s and I’m just curious on how glossy ‘Sir Kenneth Grange’ is. Just wish they had done 43185 power car instead of the GWR green to go with it...
  3. Also, after seeing the detail of the JSA hooded steel carriers (especially the rivets) I’d like to see a highly detailed all singing and dancing class 153. Day/Night lighting, passenger compartment lighting, cab lights, orange door interlock lights, illuminated destination boards (on current units), front plough/deflector fixed (rather than swinging with the bogie) there are plenty of livery options ranging over many years and in my opinion, would be extremely popular for all sized layouts. For me, I’d love to see this one achieved.
  4. I’d like to see some track machines produced. Something along the lines of this to start with.
  5. I’m now frantically looking around the house to see what I can sell so I can place an order for a lengthy rake of these, they are looking outstanding already!
  6. Wow! 60046 looks absolutely fantastic Andy that weathering is on another level.
  7. It’s amazed me how quickly you have added this The weathering looks superb too! I’ve seen on YouTube one of your videos (can’t remember which one) but you have a rake of Revolution’s blue VTG box wagons which you have weathered, I’m just wondering if you have and pictures anywhere of them on here as I’d love to see them in more detail.
  8. With the grilles lifting, I've had this issue with a couple of mine and rather than try and use superglue, I used a very fine paintbrush with some matt varnish and brushed the underside of the grille whilst using some Humbrol masking tape to stick down the grille, left it for 24 hours and hey presto! Grilles fixed solid and flush in place with no residue whatsoever.
  9. A next batch of OO gauge HIA have been announced. Expected Nov/Dec 2020 I believe. 4F-026-019 (Freightliner green) 4F-026-020 (Freightliner green) 4F-026-021 (Freightliner green) 4F-026-022 (Freightliner green) 4F-026-023 (Freightliner white) 4F-026-024 (Freightliner white)
  10. Thats great, thank you very much. I’ve just come across these 2 videos whilst browsing YouTube. Newton Abbot is my local station and the set coming out of Plymouth would have ran through Newton Abbot too so it’s safe to say I’ll be ordering a few I look forward to more updates in the near future. *edit: Just noticed the wagons departing Plymouth are a different type of wagon aren’t they??
  11. Looking brilliant. Are you able to give any information on whether there is going to be any form of bundle packs and how many different running numbers are you aiming to release? And also, what is going to be the price tag? many thanks in advance
  12. That’s why I clearly said at the beginning of my post that it is just my opinion... I didn’t suggest there was any harm in it nor did I say that anyone was being forced to buy them.
  13. No proof just my opinion here but I really wouldn’t worry too much about not having a colas 70 just yet. I remember reading somewhere that someone speaking to one of the Bachmann reps was saying that Bachmann had already regretted not producing more of the 70’s in colas colours and going by the amount of different numbers they have done in the Freightliner powerhaul colours, you can bet everything you own that another will appear sooner rather than later! It’s unfortunately clear that those on eBay are profiteers...
  14. I’m after the later air braked version too. Maybe they will consider offering a discount on “bundle” deals of either 3 or 4 wagons with different running numbers just as other manufacturers are currently offering??
  15. Now you’re talking! As greedy as it sounds I’d go for 2-3 of these as living in Newton Abbot I saw many of these in plenty of formations plus attempting to model the First group Blue (and hopefully one day include the dynamic/local lines) colours, I’d be a very happy chappy These steel wagons are no where near where I live but rule number 1 will apply alot on my layout and I have a ‘thing’ for steel trains and with how good they are looking, I just can’t resist! Hoping these guys will consider the IHA steel wagons next
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