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  1. V1.3.1 now available for iPad, just download it but haven’t had a chance to check it out. Appears to contain an optional new designer for the control station which looks more like a mimic panel.,
  2. It is worth pointing out that the wheelbase of the Rushton is shorter than the length of the dead section of Hornby’s express points and curved points thus on its own it simply cannot cross these points. Adding the ‘match truck’ resolves this problem. (Now before someone says something I know none of us on here use Hornby express or curved points, but some People do)
  3. NickC

    DCC or NOT

    DCC ready means they contain a socket to allow a DCC decoder chip of your choice to be fitted by you. If they came ready fitted with a DCC decoder they would be termed DCC Fitted.
  4. Are you sure that even a MX616N will actually fit? I will open mine up again tomorrow and check just how much space is actually available once the ‘blanking plate’ Is removed. Edit Having taken a look, yes I think the MX616N will just fit.
  5. With the connector in the wrong place it will not be possible to fit the Hornby decoder either because the wires from the connector are not long enough to allow the socket to be moved enough to fit the Hornby decoder into the front slot. This looks to be a general manufacturing fault ad I now know of 3 Westminsters with the incorrectly fitted socket. I’ll be interested to see if anybody else posts...
  6. So is your connector on the side where the leaflet shows it should be or is it in the front slot as mine is. I’m trying to find out if I have a one-off build error or whether all of them are like mine. As it is, it’s impossible to fit a decoder without hard-wiring it so I’m sending mine back. If mine is a one off I’ll ask for a replacement. If they are all like that then there is no point and I would have to go for the DCC fitted one instead.
  7. The instruction leaflet in my DCC ready Westminster shows the decoder in front of the motor and the socket by the side of the motor and not what I actually found. This side socket arrangement is identical to the 0-4-0 Pecketts (except that they have a 4 pin socket)
  8. Has anybody tried to fit a DCC decoder yet? And if so did they find the 6 pin socket and blanking plate heatshrinked together in the decoder slot instead of where the instruction diagram shows it should be? Pictures are of DCC ready Westminster as opened. Wiring is too short to move the 6 pin docket to its correct location
  9. You are absolutely sure the loco does have a DCC decoder fitted in it?
  10. App version 1.2.0 now available in the Apple App Store. Not sure which bugs it fixes but it has added a useful padlock symbol on the mimic panel which, when activated, locks the mimic panel in place and stops it from scrolling around and re-sizing.
  11. Z21 app V1.2.0 now available in the App Store
  12. Presumably other supplier’s small 6pin decoders will fit though... after all how many of us buy Hornby decoders anyway (except for TTS which I can’t imagine will be made for the Ruston)
  13. I am just in the final stage of my 2 month iTrain trial with my Z21, it's been quite a learning curve. I'm impressed and so will be placing an order for a licence early next week. I'm not a uTube user so the lack of videos is not an issue for me. The documentation is pretty comprehensive and the help one gets from the iTrain forum is second to none, both from the Developers and experienced users alike (thanks Iain)
  14. I'm still here too. The weather down in West Devon has been pretty good recently so I've not spent much modeling time, I've been out and about instead. What time I've had I've been trialing iTrain so most of my recent forum time has been on the iTrain support forum.
  15. I believe it was said that the Terrier took 9 months from drawings to completion (because the CADs have been previously completed but then put on the shelf).
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