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  1. States in the release video that it will be 2017 chassis. Artwork not always correct.
  2. Perhaps deserves its own thread ? Limited edition of 500, diecast body on 2017 chassis to mark the 1940s era of Hornby production. Should be a top rate performer judging from the power to weight ratio ! Rapidly selling out as per orders. Due may.
  3. Have been officially informed it will be correct !!
  4. Nice to see this celebrity being done. Just a pointer from the artwork, front chevrons are incorrect at the top of the front sides and the water pipe along the sides should not be blue.
  5. The Midland Kirtley 0-6-0 can often be found on eBay. Ks kit.
  6. Pat Hammond needs to do vol 4.....!!
  7. Oooo that North Pole wagon has changed colour too... !
  8. Has anybody actually told Hattons they have it wrong Remember when Hornby started calling their HST coaches Tourist instead of Trailer.... !! Will the seat units be of the correct high backed type ?
  9. Update on formation, 10594 now turned right way so all pantries London end.
  10. Correct current formation. London end G slep 105xx F slep 105xx E slep 105xx D slepd not in pack 106xx C lounge buffet, seating London end 102xx B dso toilet London end 121xx A bo seating London end 171xx Pz Pantries are London end except 10594 ! Friday down/ Sunday up has H coach extra slep. From may, extra slep on all services. Full details on ukrail forum - Google gwr night Riviera updates ! Windows not correct on models of a,b,c,d as per ad. Extra coaches and locos tagged on end to/from Long Rock for exam work as required. The only locos to have worked the service in modelled livery so far are our own 57s and DRS 306.
  11. Same chassis ?? A couple of years ago I collected every livery version just for fun. My loco collection then went into 3 figures !! Including a bashed 0-6-0 version ! A colourful display ! Then sold them due to moving - may do it again for fun.
  12. 2019 Christmas wagon...... (may have already been posted but cant be bothered to go back all those pages !!}
  13. With Christmas fast approaching, and with many sets being bought as presents, i thought i would wish the Hornby GWR Holden 0-4-0T a Happy 40th. Yes it was 1978 that this little loco first appeared as a replacement for Nellie and co and has since spawned several other locos using the same chassis including the Caley pug and D class and 06 diesel. Not to mention the noble sport of 0-4-0 racing !! At last count some 36 liveries have appeared not including different running and catalogue numbers and paint finishes plus the odd code 3 and one off publicity models, and all from the same mould....??? Not bad for a one off prototype designed for a Somerset branchline ! So congrats from me and may there be more to come !
  14. 're lights, both car and loco, EU regs.....!! Hides away..... !
  15. And dare I say GWR Collett 0-6-0s on the Highbridge branch.
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