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  1. From " Memories of the Mangotsfield to Bath Branch " Avon Valley Railway old publication : Recorded as being at Bristol, 46237 21/4/55 1300 - 1615 Also 22 and 23/4/55 46257 27/1//56 1300 -1615 28/1/65 1100 - 1400. 8/2/63 46220 0500 - 1800 20/4/63 46229 1630. 46229 was the only Coronation to travel via the Mangotsfield line, being towed by Grange 6825 en route to preservation at Minehead. 46201 appeared at Bristol open day in 67 and was run around via the Mangotsfield triangle light engine.
  2. Have had this several times in past and when phoned was told they are aware of this long term security problem. Strangely, my Atholl went straight through !
  3. Lots of very careful packing to live with!
  4. Apologies about lighting. Its simply a fantastic model.
  5. Have no.115 ! Do I open fully or not.... ??? !!!
  6. Delivery due tomorrow. Quietly excited !
  7. Had the "on its way " email from Hornby on 6th. Direct pre order.
  8. Co-tr-Paul

    The Engine Shed

    No mention of the almost identical LSWR version whuich is begging for a few more livery options to be produced. Whilst not no.25, the lined black with lion over wheel has been done before. The Holden is now up to 38 liveries, all but one available to the public since introduction in 78 (NOT including different catalouge numbers, running numbers and paint finishes) but have not worked out a pug list from 80 yet ! Did have all the Holdens at one time, just for fun but now back down to a handful along with several pugs but i do have a pug hit list of several more. i do like the red ones !
  9. September was last quoted.
  10. Anyone heard about any delivery updates ?
  11. 43189 + GW93 48131 48132 49112 + 43040 Spare set at PZ.
  12. GWR just auctioned 2 08s via a third party, averaged £63,000 each. 33110 up for sale privately at Bodmin !
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