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  1. Yes I'd buy some of these in Coras Iompair Eireann green livery. Chris Knowles-Thomas
  2. It was a pleasure to meet one of my 'heroes' yesterday, Tony, and I took no offence, either personally or on behalf of the Wish List Poll. I fully appreciate that an eminent and capable builder like yourself has no need to vote for anything rtr! Though to help normal mortals who, for example, might aspire to a Thompson Pacific you could vote for them and boost the numbers. Yes it's sad that a rtr model deprives a kit manufacturer of sales though, in this case, I would hope that Wills/SEF amortised their investment long ago. Of course those kits that have been sold will, naturally, have been bought by those who can build it (or think they can!), or can afford to pay someone else to do it. This is a small percentage of modellers so the availability of a rtr model does make that prototype accessible to the greater majority. It is stating the obvious, I imagine, that a year after the Dapol/RailsLocomotion models are released, the number of rtr D locos will no doubt vastly outnumber kit built examples in circulation. If the greater choice of rtr these days deters manufacturers from venturing into new prototypes that is another matter. Hopefully they can try to guess more effectively what the rtr boys are likely NOT to produce, though that's perhaps getting harder. There's certainly a vast choice of prototypes not yet made, not only locos but even more so carriages. I stress this is my posting and not on behalf of the Poll Team. Regards Chris Knowles-Thomas
  3. Ds had slide valves and a coupled wb of 9ft. Es were 9ft 6in with Drivers 6ft 6iin instead of 6ft 8in - not really relevant in 4mm.
  4. This is a bit off the wall but interest in Irish railways seems to be on the up. And CIE in Ireland was using 6-wheelers in revenue service well into the 1950s. But I don't suppose there's much chance of them being offered n CIE's two-tone green! Chris KT
  5. Yes Nick Holliday's surmise is correct - the building of suburban EMUs took up so many thirds that there weren't any to spare for the IoW, hence the rebuilding of brake thirds. Chris KT
  6. I presume you mean C66/C75 (C65 was a TK). Although they had the same linear dimensions, C75 had deeper windows than C66 so I imagine the Comet sides represent one or the other whatever 'it says on the tin'! Chris KT
  7. I believe they are currently at the Drawing Office stage so a ways to go. CKT
  8. Hornby's 57ft bow ends came out in 1927/29 and the S. Wales 5-sets in the same style in 1928/29 plus two 'B' sets. Preceding them in 1925/26 were 57ft bow ends (mainly 4-sets) on 9ft fish belly bogies. Following them in 1930-32 were 60ft bow ends with recesses behind the door handles but still on 7ft bogies (as per the Airfix/Hornby 'B' set). In 1933 was one 60ft bow end diagram, ie the E145 'B' set, which ran on 9ft plate bogies. 1934/35 saw the first flat ends since 1924, mainly 57ft but thirds were 55ft 3in. These were on 9ft pressed steel bogies. More similar vehicles followed 1937-1940 but these had deeper windows and a lower waist line compared to preceding stock. BT & BC were 57ft but T was 55ft 3in, C was 59ft 3in and F was 57ft 2in. I've cited length over body corners above; bow ends added 1ft 2.5ins. Chris KT The next non-corridors were the 63ft Hawksworths from 1947 on. Chris KT
  9. I did post last night but it seems to have disappeared into the ether! Yes Leleux is wrong - the sketch is on page 274 in the November 1958 MRC. And it's a different wagon to No. 17 above so that's a bonus! ! see that 17 is a 7 plank with end door whereas the wagon in MRC is No. 18 which, as Andrew said, was a 6 plank with no end door, tare wt 5-17-0, (though the brief text describes it as 7 plank, which it patently isn't). I can send a copy if you wish but it would have to be by snail mail as I can't persuade my printer to scan at the moment. Chris KT
  10. Hi Andrew MRC November 1958 page 274. I can't scan at the moment but if no one else can help you I'd be happy to 'snail mail' you a hard copy. Chris KT ([email protected])
  11. Yes, indeed. I had a 'senior' moment yesterday! Chris KT
  12. Yes, as Brian says, there were no all thirds on the 57ft underframe with 7ft bogies. Apart from the 4 car sets - D98/E131/E131/D98 - being modelled by Hornby, there were 5 car sets in the same style for South Wales - D101/E134/C56/E134/D101 - BUT the C56 third was on a 55ft 6in underframe. Chris KT
  13. This has only got 7 compartments as per the old Hornbys, although in the image they look closer together than the actual model. Chris KT
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