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  1. Hi Graham, There seems to be an error in the Digest! I get 63ft 10in from a) "Pullman Profile No 2 The Standard 'K-Type' Cars" by Antony Ford, which is quoted as a source in the Digest and b) Mike King's drawing of 'Barbara' is 63ft 10in. Interestingly the distance over the corner pillars of the body (excluding the end vestibules) is 57ft 1.5in! Best regards Chris KT
  2. Cars 180 to 185, later S7872S to S7877S (not in the same order), were NOT 57ft; they were 63ft 10in like all other 'K' class Pullmans. But they were 8ft 1in wide instead of the usual 8ft 7in so that they could comply with SR Restriction 0 to go down the Hastings line. Chris KT
  3. The six 'Hastings' cars were 63ft 10in over vestibule the same as other 'K' type cars but were 8ft 1in wide instead of the usual 8ft 7in so complying with Restriction 0. 'K' type car 59, 'The Hadrian Bar' in the Tees-Tyne Pullman' from 1948 was replaced by a BR Mark 1 Pullman (car 354) with the same name in 1961. It was then sold to the S. region 23/4/61 and became Buffet Car S7879S in green. Chris KT
  4. My vote goes to 1 to 10 inclusive. For 13, No. 2 For 14, No. 8 Chris KT
  5. As regards the numbers of surviving wooden coal wagons I have a photo of an up coal train passing Elstree Station (MML) in April 1957. In the part of the train in shot 9 coal wagons are steel and 10 are wood. And in the goods yard in the background the ratio is 7 steel / 5 wood. Whether this is 'typical' or not I can't say. My subjective memory from 1961, when my interests first really got broader than just locomotives, was that there were still quite a few wooden ones about. Though, admittedly, I was homing in on them in a sea of 16t steel wagons! Chris KT
  6. I agree that the Bachmann LMS van is awful - in my view a contender for the worst rtr goods vehicle currently available. But in the absence of a new all singing all dancing version (come on Bachmann emulate your excellent LNER vans!) the body of the Dapol (ex Airfix) LMS van is pretty good. Personally I put mine on Bachmann chassis, though fitted vans really need 8 shoe brakes. Unless they're unfitted vans equipped with AVB by BR which kept 4 shoes. Chris KT
  7. Diagram 14-17 were all 9ft wheelbase:- 14 - wood u/f, unfitted 15 - steel u/f, unfitted 16 - wood u/f , AVB 17 - steel u/f, AVB 94 was also a wood u/f, AVB van but with 10ft wb. Many of these were subsequently converted to Fruit vans. My vote goes to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 Chris KT
  8. Brian, Hornby haven't done an LNER Horse Box but they have done an LMS one. There are older ready to run examples of NPCCS which are capable of simple improvement to make pretty good models, eg:- GWR Hornby (ex Airfix) Siphon G (outside framed) Hornby (ex Airfix) Siphon H Lima Siphon G (inside framed) LMS Lima 42ft GUV Yes, the Thompson Diagram 344 BG is 63ft but the Thompson planked Diag. 327 BG is 61ft 6in. My votes are: 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10. If it wasn't precluded by the rules I'd have voted for 5 and 8
  9. My vote goes to: 1, 3, 9 Chris KT
  10. There's a Kingfisher DVD of films shot by Douglas Seaton from the early 1940s to mid 1960s, 'Steaming through Wessex' with SR and (G)WR scenes. It includes some sequences of slipping at Westbury where the trains are travelling at some speed. To see a 60mph(?) train being followed, initially close behind, by the detached slip is quite heart stopping! Chris KT
  11. All the SR 'utility' van family were built to Restriction 0, ie could go anywhere including the Hastings line, ie:- 4 wheel
  12. The green 2-LAV set at the end of the video clip is indeed one of the 'Hornby' sets, 42-46 (Diagram 99 & 418). It will be in re-varnished malachite but with BR numbering. Diag. 98 BTLs (as per Hornby) had 6 compartments and 2 lavatory positions while Diag. 97 BTLs had 7 compts and 1 lavatory. Chris KT
  13. 381 is on the Seaton branch (not Sidmouth), at Seaton Junc to be precise. Indeed I travelled in it to Seaton in 1961 as well as 384 to Lymington. Chris KT
  14. Jack, 30581 received its '30581' in 'Sunshine' style in Nov/Dec 1948. And I'm not absolutely sure but I believe it didn't get BR numerals and BR emblem until Feb 1953. Chris KT
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