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  1. I don't think the SR would have built any all new suburban electric units if it could have been avoided - it had always intended to use the bodies of redundant steam stock. But without the buffer of 55 new build units (26 W. Section and 29 E. Section) in 1925 there would have been difficulty maintaining the existing services as batches of steam stock were withdrawn for conversion. Anyway the departmental unit in the original photo is converted from two of the 1925 new build E. Section units. These were original "3 SUBs" (incidentally the SR never used this term) 1496-1524. When they were augmented to 4 SUB from Spring 1945 with Bulleid trailers they became 4 Subs 4326-4354. I'm a bit confused as to whether you want this type or one of the assorted conversions of pre-grouping stock - or both! If you'd have a LSWR conversion but as lengthened to 62ft by the SR Worsley Works has already done a version in 3mm and I'm sure he'd shrink it to 2mm if asked. Chris KT
  2. I've only just found this thread which I'm now following with great enjoyment. The Bostwick gates are available from the Southern Railways Group, [email protected] £2 per pair plus post, £1.50 (assuming small quantity), ref SR90. Chris KT
  3. Thanks, Tony, yes a bit; confirms what I suspected. I have tried car cans for crimson in the past but probably a bit garish. Still I'm glad my query prompted some lovely pictures of carriages! Chris KT
  4. Tony I see you use rattle cans where you can to paint coaching stock - do you have suitable matches for crimson and cream? Thanks Chris KT
  5. When I toured the SR Western Section for a week in 1961 (£6.50 Rail Rover for the week) as a schoolboy I got a holiday job at Joe Lyons Corner House in Tooting to finance the trip. I started at £4.75 per week rising to £5.25 by the time I finished. Our first night's B&B in Weymouth was 16/6 (82.5p) which was more than I had budgeted for and I feared we wouldn't last the week! However succeeding nights (Exeter, Wadebridge, Torrington and Tavistock) were somewhat less - I think Wadebridge was the cheapest at 11/6 (57.5p). Chris KT ,
  6. I was in the West Country in Aug & Sep 1961 with a S. Region Rail Rover - £6 10s (or £6.50 in today's money) for 7 days! My notes tell me that I saw 84021 on Exmouth Junction shed (on Wed 31/8/61); 84020 in Crediton goods yard (on Thurs 31/8/61); and 84022 at Tipton St Johns working the Sidmouth branch with 2-set 108 (on Sat 2/9/61). I missed 84023! I see that according to Longworth they all went to the LM Region during September 1961. Chris KT
  7. LSWR panelled corridor stock is a bit of a minefield - there were seven diagrams of BTK, mainly 56ft but one was 57ft and six diags of CK, the majority 54ft but one was 52ft and one 56ft. The 3-sets extant in Winter 1949/50 were (SR diagram in brackets):- 340 3144 (140) 5120 (282) 3169 (134) 341 3133 (131) 5075 (277) 3137 (131) 343 3100 (131) 5086 (278) 3142 (140) 348 3166 (134) 5123 (282) 3177 (134) 349 3104 (130) 5080 (277) 3163 (134) 406 3159 (140) 5115 (282) 3168 (134) 421 3173 (134) 5081 (277) 3176 (134) The diagrams in these sets were:- BTK (RHK = right hand corridor / LHK = left hand) 130 56ft RHK 131 56ft LHK 134 57ft RHK 140 56ft RHK sliding doors to luggage comp't CK 277 54ft 1113333 278 54ft 3311133 282 54ft 1111333 Chris KT
  8. I've come rather late to this topic but if the Jidenco kit is too wide possibly the profile intended for 8ft 6in wide stock might fit? Chris KT
  9. Yes I'd buy some of these in Coras Iompair Eireann green livery. Chris Knowles-Thomas
  10. It was a pleasure to meet one of my 'heroes' yesterday, Tony, and I took no offence, either personally or on behalf of the Wish List Poll. I fully appreciate that an eminent and capable builder like yourself has no need to vote for anything rtr! Though to help normal mortals who, for example, might aspire to a Thompson Pacific you could vote for them and boost the numbers. Yes it's sad that a rtr model deprives a kit manufacturer of sales though, in this case, I would hope that Wills/SEF amortised their investment long ago. Of course those kits that have been sold will, naturally, have been bought by those who can build it (or think they can!), or can afford to pay someone else to do it. This is a small percentage of modellers so the availability of a rtr model does make that prototype accessible to the greater majority. It is stating the obvious, I imagine, that a year after the Dapol/RailsLocomotion models are released, the number of rtr D locos will no doubt vastly outnumber kit built examples in circulation. If the greater choice of rtr these days deters manufacturers from venturing into new prototypes that is another matter. Hopefully they can try to guess more effectively what the rtr boys are likely NOT to produce, though that's perhaps getting harder. There's certainly a vast choice of prototypes not yet made, not only locos but even more so carriages. I stress this is my posting and not on behalf of the Poll Team. Regards Chris Knowles-Thomas
  11. Ds had slide valves and a coupled wb of 9ft. Es were 9ft 6in with Drivers 6ft 6iin instead of 6ft 8in - not really relevant in 4mm.
  12. This is a bit off the wall but interest in Irish railways seems to be on the up. And CIE in Ireland was using 6-wheelers in revenue service well into the 1950s. But I don't suppose there's much chance of them being offered n CIE's two-tone green! Chris KT
  13. Yes Nick Holliday's surmise is correct - the building of suburban EMUs took up so many thirds that there weren't any to spare for the IoW, hence the rebuilding of brake thirds. Chris KT
  14. I presume you mean C66/C75 (C65 was a TK). Although they had the same linear dimensions, C75 had deeper windows than C66 so I imagine the Comet sides represent one or the other whatever 'it says on the tin'! Chris KT
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