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  1. Only the 4 compartment Ironclad BTKs were handed. The 6 compartment BTKs and BCKs, and their pull-push derivatives all had left hand corridors. My set has Dart Castings (ex MJT) aluminium roofs which fit the Phoenix ends almost perfectly, Chris KT
  2. Going back a bit the wheelbase of a LC&DR T class is 7' 4" + 7' 8" which is the same as a Midland 1F 0-6-0T so the Bachmann model might make a suitable donor. The continuity between LC&DR and SE&CR loco design is down to the fact that the LC&DR's chief draughtsman, Robert Surtees, became Wainwright's chief draughtsman. Basically Surtees designed Wainwright's engines and Wainwright made them look pretty! Chris KT
  3. Although primarily GWR he also built a beautiful SE&CR "Continental" boat train for a customer which appeared in the MRC. Chris KT
  4. Yes, the 247 Developments sides are no longer available. Chris KT
  5. I know of at least one modeller who builds his Ironclads by overlaying the sides on the carcasses of Dapol LMS 57ft coach bodies. And, this is sacrilege, but at a pinch with half closed eyes you could pass the LMS 9ft wb bogies off as Warner 9ft wb 'VS' (single frame) bogies which these coaches had. Normally the Southern Railways Group/Phoenix could supply the correct 'VS' bogies (as well as double framed 'Dreadnoughts') and the requisite ends etc but we are out of stock and the ill health retirement of our caster has coincided with the Pandemic so it is difficult at present to m
  6. Many congratulations, Paul, on your move to pastures new. Chris Knowles-Thomas
  7. I'm afraid they're the same as they ever were, Simon. So need changing. Chris KT
  8. I think Goulding's rendition of the SE&CR bodied "3 Subs" is probably one of his two biggest bloomers (the second, in my view, is the 6 Pul trailer third). All the SE&CR bodied suburban electric stock had the Wolverton (L&NWR) style panelling which was the SER/SE&CR norm until the 1909 Birdcage 3-sets. Chris KT
  9. Basically Maunsell 4-6-0s were not permitted to cross Meldon Viaduct so Meldon Quarry was as far as an S15 could normally go. This restriction was only breached during WW2 in 1944. On 16/6/44 N 1833 went off the road at Halwill ending up in the Beaworthy Road. Two attempts to drag it back to the rails using an S15, USA S160 2-8-0 and an N failed but a third try using Two King Arthurs (inc 453 "King Arthur") and three Ns succeeded. Special dispensation was granted to allow the 4-6-0s and 2-8-0 to cross the viaduct. Chris KT
  10. I don't think the SR would have built any all new suburban electric units if it could have been avoided - it had always intended to use the bodies of redundant steam stock. But without the buffer of 55 new build units (26 W. Section and 29 E. Section) in 1925 there would have been difficulty maintaining the existing services as batches of steam stock were withdrawn for conversion. Anyway the departmental unit in the original photo is converted from two of the 1925 new build E. Section units. These were original "3 SUBs" (incidentally the SR never used this term) 1496-1524. Whe
  11. I've only just found this thread which I'm now following with great enjoyment. The Bostwick gates are available from the Southern Railways Group, [email protected] £2 per pair plus post, £1.50 (assuming small quantity), ref SR90. Chris KT
  12. Thanks, Tony, yes a bit; confirms what I suspected. I have tried car cans for crimson in the past but probably a bit garish. Still I'm glad my query prompted some lovely pictures of carriages! Chris KT
  13. Tony I see you use rattle cans where you can to paint coaching stock - do you have suitable matches for crimson and cream? Thanks Chris KT
  14. When I toured the SR Western Section for a week in 1961 (£6.50 Rail Rover for the week) as a schoolboy I got a holiday job at Joe Lyons Corner House in Tooting to finance the trip. I started at £4.75 per week rising to £5.25 by the time I finished. Our first night's B&B in Weymouth was 16/6 (82.5p) which was more than I had budgeted for and I feared we wouldn't last the week! However succeeding nights (Exeter, Wadebridge, Torrington and Tavistock) were somewhat less - I think Wadebridge was the cheapest at 11/6 (57.5p). Chris KT ,
  15. I was in the West Country in Aug & Sep 1961 with a S. Region Rail Rover - £6 10s (or £6.50 in today's money) for 7 days! My notes tell me that I saw 84021 on Exmouth Junction shed (on Wed 31/8/61); 84020 in Crediton goods yard (on Thurs 31/8/61); and 84022 at Tipton St Johns working the Sidmouth branch with 2-set 108 (on Sat 2/9/61). I missed 84023! I see that according to Longworth they all went to the LM Region during September 1961. Chris KT
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