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  1. Yet another great announcement, would there be a chance of a formations guide for these? Now to see what Warley brings???
  2. Can't fault them, great friendly service. Sorted an issue I had with a loco from them quickly.
  3. Yet another amazing announcement from one of the new guys on the block. Great to be getting an amazing variety of modern rolling stock produced. Here's to many more.
  4. I read somewhere that 68034 is a back up loco for TPE, there's still plenty of them available.
  5. Great to see a company listen to what modellers want. Myself being one of the modellers who wanted these in OO gauge since the announcement in N gauge. Looking forward to these and to what the future may bring.
  6. Cracking announcement, something interesting again from Hattons. Hoping for more engineering wagons and maybe test trains for the modern image era.
  7. Nice little set up you have, at least the modelling can continue. Can't wait to see some more great project.
  8. Would be great to see these done in OO gauge if possible, be something different.
  9. Thanks for the info. I'm believe Britannia pacific model do 62384 so may cheat and get that.
  10. Decided to model the SGT2 with coaches 977986, 977985, 62384 and 9708.
  11. Thanks for the help, one last question, the test train that your currently making what coach numbers are they and what is there formation?
  12. Thanks for the advice, shall have a look around for coaches, I may even have some I can practise on. What type of MK2's are suitable?
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