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  1. @McC Have sent a message about my two orders via the web chat
  2. Didn't read it correctly, I thought he was talking about the biomass liveries.
  3. I haven't had an issue with mine falling off, but maybe a small amount of blu tak could be used so they are not permanently glued to the wagons.
  4. Will you be doing a review on YouTube of the Sharge track cleaner?
  5. Most certainly will do, was one of the layouts I want to see.
  6. Wish I has the room for it. I do hope the York show happens next year, was looking forward to seeing there this year.
  7. Just wondering, did Troutons get sold in the end?
  8. Hi Fran, Many thanks for the quick reply and update. At least this is giving you something to keep you busy. Shaun
  9. It's gone a bit quite on the survey results, have the results been collated yet?
  10. Many thanks for all the help Tom, is much appreciated
  11. I need a: ScotRail set, which Derails has a guide on. GWR set, which Gary has given the detail on XC set, have been thinking about getting this livery
  12. I have emailed Hornby regarding producing a formation guide just awaiting a response. Not knowing what is being produced is what is stopping me from pre-ordering. I know that most of the coaches where stilling converted at the time they where announced which is likely the reason behind the running numbers not being released.
  13. I did look at these, it would be nice if maybe manufacturers would produce formation guide on products like these
  14. I did see the Hattons guide but obvious want to create a prototypical formation regarding coach numbers and correct letters.
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