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  1. I've ordered a few things from eBay.es with no issues. Some of these have come from model shops selling via eBay. I have also had three deliveries from Basar Valira, probably around ten years ago and there was no method on their website for paying with a UK card. I called them and explained they problem - the girl spoke English - and I just emailed my credit card details. Not these wisest move, but I did want the ALCo on my avatar......I had no problems. I got a 333.3 from Rocafort in Barcelona, but had to get my wife to call and give card details over the phone...... P
  2. Very nice, and I look forward to a video of how the 'twin' smoke unit performs.....? More importantly, its great to see a major manufacturer launching a high end 'niche' model in these uncertain times, though I realise it was probably in the pipeline before The Rona ruined all our parties....!
  3. Hi, I am currently repainting an old Triang/Hornby Type 37 - probably R751 - and need to fill in the front number plate as the later locomotives didn't carry route numbers. Can any of you please help with; A: What is the correct name for the part I am looking for? B: Who I might try to get the part from (if its available)? Thank you.
  4. I doubt there is anything wrong with the coupling mechanism on the Class 60, but if you have a locomotive with a close coupling mechanism and don't use close couplers such as Hornby's Roco clones or even the magnetic types listed above, you are not taking advantage of one of the best features of the model. I am guessing the Cavalex wagons also have close coupling mechanisms...people seem to sing their praises..and decent close couplers would make all the difference.
  5. Miss read you above. 319.251 and 319.257 have the flat sides. 319. 228, 319.251, 319.309 and 319.402 have white numbers. I don't know if any Retales have white numbers.
  6. I've never found out what 319s had the white numbers and why or when the change to display the full number rather than just the sub-series number took place. https://www.listadotren.es/ has been my main source of information over the years as well as picking up copies of Maquetren or TrenMania when in Spain. My most valuable resource is a copy of TrenMania Special #2, Parque Motor Renfe. I think its from 2003 and I reckon if its in there, its suitable for my era! All three of my 333s were mail order from Spain. One new from Rocafort and two from eBay.es. I never got rou
  7. Its a shame you got rid of the 319s. They really are exceptional models and along with the Electrotren 269 they really brought Spanish railway modelling out of the stone age. I really do love the Taxi livery - reminds me of Large Logo BR Blue - and can't get enough of it......must build a layout soon!
  8. I have seen Francisco's video regarding the 319.3s and was curious about the coaches. Next time I'm over in Spain and try and pick some up. I think I still have plenty of time before I'll have a chance to actually lay permanent track so I've plenty of time to collect more stock.....
  9. Are your GL Danone coaches from the first release - 64530/1/2/3/5/6 or the later ones 64594/5/6/7? I am interested if you have coaches from each batch if they are the same colours. (I have seven coaches also, all from the first release with two of 64531 and had considered adding to them with the newer versions.) I have read reports on Forotrenes that 319.319.0 has a different shade of blue to the earlier releases of 319.306.7 & 319.316.6 and was looking for confirmation if this was true for the coaches. I would like some more, but would like them to match my existing rake.
  10. I'm looking forward to following your progress.......my HO Renfe is still a few years away - once my son leaves home....in the meantime I have a growing collection of Era Vc stock much like yourself. I met my Valencian wife in 1999 and first visited Spain in 2000 so that's my chosen period. There's lots of Danone and Taxi's in my collection. I have one of the 470 EMUs and agree its a lovely model. I actually had to get the AC version and convert it. I did a short write up on the Hornby forum which might be of interest. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/forum/Hornby-intl-ac-
  11. Hi John, I'm not an expert in the class 66 and I would have hoped that a more knowledgeable member would have helped you sooner but I have a few ideas that might point you in the right direction! Both 66733 and 66751 appear to have carried the same basic livery as 66731 before the NHS/Capt. Tom repainting. These have been released as models by Hornby and others so a quick google search should confirm this. (I don't know how many doors these locos have if that's important to you?) You will get new numbers from Fox or Railtec but I don't know if they will hav
  12. Got mine yesterday. No issues and running great. TTS and name plates in place and going much better under DCC than with my Duette! Its number 0027 - and over 3000 had been announced by the time I decided to try and order one! I wonder if there's ever a correlation between order being placed and Ltd Ed number? And does anyone care? Very happy and great going from Hornby, GBRf and of course Capt. Tom.
  13. Hi, I am going to repaint a Type 66 into GBRf 66789 and I reckon you guys on this part of the forum would be the best bet for the correct shades of blue, yellow and grey? I have tried a few searches here and not seen anything definite, but looking at the Fox Transfers guide on their website, it should be Railmatch 202 post 84 yellow, 206 grey for the roof and 207 blue for the rest. This is based on GBRf using the correct colours in their reproduction of that livery. Can anyone please confirm that the GBRf livery is a good match for BR LL blue and that the
  14. Hi Chris, As suggested above have a look at what is available from Mabar and Electrotren and marked as Era IV as a starting point. Ibertren hasn't produced anything new for nearly 10 years and I'm surprised the website is still up. You can also try http://ktrain.es/ for a selection of wagons and Roco. Bear in mind that a large number of wagons available for the Spanish market, particularly from Roco and earlier Lima models are what Spanish modellers call 'Renfritos' - they look like a Spanish model but aren't. These are usually repaints of German models in Spanish colo
  15. Just got a set of HO decals from Railtec for GBRf BR Large Logo blue 66789. They look great and I'll soon be starting on my Mehano 66 repaint. Just need some more wagons as my two Roco Habfis just won't be enough!!!!
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