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  1. The concept of removable 'air dams' is fairly standard.............I would expect the units to come with all hoses and scale couplings on Hattons new 66. Attaching them with screws is a nice idea. Others I have seen are clip fits which can weaken over time. LHS Hornby ALCo DL500S HE3109 Extra buffers attached RHS Roco EMD J16CW/AC R43833
  2. Hi Ruud, Have a look on www.forotrenes.com and you will get better idea of whats going on in Barcelona in terms of exhibitions/meetings/modellers etc, or ask at one of the shops......... Most of the shops will have German models and maybe magazines, but why not model Spanish Railways?
  3. Maybe.............I have an Electrotren ALCo from 2008 with an 8pin socket and Loksound. This model was updated in 2015 to include 21pin socket. I would have thought the OO range would be internally similar until Hornby abandoned ESU for British outline and went the TTS route.
  4. Thats an interesting point as the Hornby Int'l range has been upgraded to 21pin sockets over the last few years and the majority in the current Spring/Summer catalogue have the 21pin set up. By implication, it suggests that Hornby will not be rolling out the TTS offering to the International Brands, which is surprising as this could be seen as a relatively simple money spinner..........
  5. Thanks for all the feedback . I had been thinking of unique models rather than local livery variations and was wondering what surprises are out there......it may well be there are not many shops with the turnover of Rails or Hattons that can afford to go it alone or are satisfied that their producers offers enough product to keep their turnover flowing.
  6. Probably like many of us, I have a huge selection of model trains but nowhere permanent to run them. ... I have , however, for the last 20 years being collecting RENFE era V models in HO with the intention of building a layout, probably when I retire! I decided earlier this year that if I start on some suitable buildings, then when I actually start my layout I'll be half way there! My model will be based in Eastern Spain - my wife is from Valencia - and set around the turn of the millennium - we met in 1999 and I first went to Spain in 2001. This time period also coincides with Electrotren's 269 and Roco's 319 being launched and RENFE modelling being brought up to date with a huge increase in the available models and made my switch from Montana Rail Link much easier. My first building, and my first scratch building attempt, is based on Sagunto station as it was around 2000. It was based on Google earth and maps, so measurements are approximate and although I think it captures the spirit of the building. The choice of Sagunto was more that it fitted the size I wanted and was a challenge I could manage. The frame is from 5mm ply with 2mm card on top with some details from Langley. The colour is my best guess, but it looks fine to me! Once it is place on a future layout I will put in canopies. (Something in the back of my mind keeps telling me I should convert to Iberian gauge - but that decision can be made in the future...)
  7. Hi, As I read through the forum and see the lovely models being commissioned/produced by the likes of Rails, Hattons, Kernow and others, I was wondering if this practice is being undertaken by other retailers across the planet? Are retailers in Germany/US/other places commissioning their own models and are there any really unusual items out there that I have missed?
  8. Completely agree. There has been very little mention of Hornby International's range in the above thread and its worth remembering that although the OO range contributes by far the most to Hornby's bottom line, it is but one part of the company. Whilst the Continental markets, with the exception of Germany, are smaller that the UK there could be plenty of opportunities for Hornby in the future. I for one would welcome the RENFE 309 and 310 types under the Electrotren banner as well as series 2000 ARCO coaches and some wagons. I imagine the are also gaps in the French and Italian ranges that could provide popular choices. Germany might prove more difficult as would the US, but if the right prototype is picked and the model well executed, these markets may well provide scope for additional sales. I would be interested to see the sales/order quantities for the OO Romanian electric loco listed this year! This type of model has been done before with the Lima HGK 66 and Bachmann GIF 37 amongst others, so I would expect them be 'odd' novelties. Could there potentially be a market for HO British models in the future to service the countries where these locos have found second lives!! An EE37 could be sold through Jouef, Electrotren and Rivarossi to represent those operated in France, Spain and Italy.......... The Autumn/Winter Hornby Int'l announcements seem to have been well received on the Spanish Forums (the only other ones I read) Many modeller are simply glad that Hornby (Electrotren) is still going and have some new tooling announcements. The news that the company is in a better position will be welcomed by modellers in many countries and I hope this continues. I look forward to Hornby's plans for 2020.
  9. Really enjoyed this weeks episode and well done to all three teams. Agree that the Railmen of Kent were the rightful winners and loved their stations. Look forward to next weeks episode.
  10. Hola Stephane I have been following the progress of your layout on Forotrenes and it is nice to see you sharing it here. I am a modeller of Renfe era V HO with a collection focusing on the Taxi and GL colours with the intention to build when I retire - or my son leave home!! I have been building a station based on Sagunto and will shortly be able to put up some pictures.
  11. I like the look of the layout above. I'm one of those who bought a few things a few years ago - nearly 20! The first two DF11s and Roco's KCRC 460. Maybe one day I'll find some coaches on Ebay, but there doesn't seem to be much about - and the prices Bachmann asked for them seemed a little steep at the time Bachmann Europe's website listed them. Maybe one day.............
  12. Thanks JiLo I have since spent some time looking at the dimensions of various 8 pin direct decoders on line and now don't think I'll have a problem. Thanks for the reassurance though.
  13. Hi, I have a Roco DB class 211 from around 1999/00 which has an 8 pin socket built in. The instruction show fitting a standard 8 pin decoder and sticking it the the cab roof. I was wondering if anyone has fitted an 8 pin direct decoder to one of these and will it fit? (the decoder socket is in the centre of the cab, but as I have never actually seen a direct 8 pin up close, so thought I'd seek advice!) Thanks in advance.
  14. Really enjoyed my visit on Sunday. Another great selection of layouts and a great atmosphere, Looking forward to 2020 already.
  15. Really enjoyed seeing your layout at the Perth Show - even better than the pictures showed in CM. I have been more inspired to start doing something with all my RENFE stock........
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