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  1. Osborns https://www.osbornsmodels.com/fleischmann-n-shop-522-c.asp ?
  2. I quite often finding myself browsing random topics that are of no practical use to my interests, but are interesting to read nonetheless. This leaves me wanting to thank or acknowledge the poster, but not necessarily wasting everyone’s time on written replies or questions where the answers are not going to be put to practical use. The like buttons suit this purpose well in my opinion. I also often write a reply, go to spell/grammar check it and decide it is not constructively adding to the discussion and delete it again....
  3. Surely the CAD could just a case of posting the cost to prepayments (normally held in a subsection of the assets section of a balance sheet), and then depreciate against expenses when the project is delivered, or in equal measures for the life of the tooling, to match revenue to expense (accruals concept in accounting) and determine profit? With no future to the company this class of asset then has no realisable value...
  4. Given the situations that occur with suicides and level crossing incidents it seems bizarre the emergency services cannot rely on the driver to isolate the unit and confirm safe without a phone call to tell them how to do it, or is that just me being naive with no experience of these situations?
  5. Dealt with a chargeback a few years back at work, we got a letter from our merchant bank asking for copies of the invoice, proof of delivery and any other available proof within 14 or 21 days. They immediately debited the funds from our bank and promised to re-credit it if we provided proof the transaction was valid in the timeframe, otherwise case closed in buyers favour.
  6. Jonboy

    DJM, the end.

    The fun with chargebacks really occurs in that it isn’t always final for a period, as the merchant and their bank have a period to investigate and prove it isn’t due....how it applies in this situation is anyone’s guess...and will differ bank to bank.
  7. Still a great exhibition with some very nice layouts, a friendly team and tasty bacon rolls. when I told my wife the nature of the double booking she asked if there was a miniature battle with scale weapons....
  8. Maybe open a pen at the nearest terminal station and make them stand in it apologising to commuters for causing x number of minutes of delay...I am sure the commuters would appreciate the opportunity to forgive and forget...
  9. With the polystyrene chips try dropping one in a glass of water, if it dissolves it is wheat based and can be got rid of either by soaking or composting(many warehouses now use it). If it doesn’t it is polystyrene and needs to go into normal waste streams.
  10. Jonboy

    DJM, the end.

    In my experience liquidators start by looking after their own interests, their fees will appear eye-watering, and will be paid first, as the process goes on.
  11. Working for a wholesaler supplying a similar, hobby based retail market we saw a considerable reduction in the traditional lending patterns following the 2007/2008 recession. Prior to that, many shops were being opened on £12-15k of credit card lending. After that new business owners were setting up business banking and genuinely being given credit cards with a £50 limit with similar business plans. This change in bank lending patterns has been a prime driver of the crowdfunding/ micro lending finance processes instead of step 6. This may be through formal platforms, or often parents, redundancy payments, grants etc. We benefit from a relatively easy legal setup/liquidation business process in the uk that allows many people to give it a go and sometimes make a good successful business, employing others, and a relatively easy escape route, albeit at the expense of creditors who should normally only lend what they can lose, if it does go wrong (not withstanding that some failed business owners do end up paying for years if they fail as a sole trader rather than a LLC). Although our business environment isn’t perfect I would much prefer that to the USA method where many many jobs require permits, excessive zoning restrictions etc, taking months to setup. Or the situation in some European countries were redundancy of surplus staff is such a onerous process that they simply don’t take on with the vast youth(under 30 years of age) unemployment figures that result (hitting almost 30% in some European countries over the last decade).
  12. Cough: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn310-concrete-evidence/
  13. Jonboy

    DJM, the end.

    Unlikely as (if it is administration) then the administrators will take control of the company and all assets, including customer databases (which could be valuable in the past, not so sure now with Gdpr) on behalf of all creditors, and Dave may find himself in trouble if he is deemed to have acted against the best interests of all creditors, (not just customers with payments on account).
  14. What sort of length would the boat be? It looks ideal for a layout I am musing over for the current 009 society competition. I am guessing around the 30-40’ mark?
  15. Well the museum was shut at the weekend ( went to the antiques fair at Fawley Hill, and rode the train cause it would have been rude not too) but plenty of signs of knickerbocker productions for the site amenities and so on.
  16. Interestingly this appeared in a local Facebook group this week (hoping from age it is out of copyright)
  17. I dunno about the line speed but the road speed could do with be dropped to 15mph due to the dips that are appearing in the road surface.
  18. Steventon bridge.....again......https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/17671357.steventon-rail-bridge-demolition-will-go-to-public-hearing/?fbclid=IwAR0NIDQQCXyAEIbtKbHrVZqwfFKW-YL5KkjSeKGgJxxi_NJEklarZL3FXX0
  19. Went for the first time with the wife, had a great day with top quality layouts to enjoy (getting close to some was a struggle but with 4 laps to go back to busy ones we saw them all). expect to be going back next year.
  20. Well the Market Deeping MRC website appears to be down due to exceeded bandwidth.
  21. Market Deeping MRC have now listed a just giving page on their website https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/market-deeping-mrc
  22. If security guard costs are like hiring warehouse and office temps there is generally very little scope for discounts, because it is a very competitive market with a minimum cost base set by the minimum wage and associated holiday and pension costs.
  23. Does this mean if we fundraise as a community it will help keep any increased financial burden to other clubs down, as any payout is reduced, or will the fact this is a single incident over many decades mean the impact is negligible anyway?
  24. It is rare that I get emotional about damage to physical items, but the wanton pointless destruction of 1000’s of hours work took me aback. everyone who has lost anything in this sad incident has my full sympathy.
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