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  1. Hi Ray You're thinking of J14's (N31) which were a Holden design based on the J15 (Y14), but as you say, with a higher pitched boiler. They were introduced in 1893 but were not very successful, becoming extinct by 1925. The smokebox door on the Hornby J15 is a separate fitting, as are the cab roof and chimney. By this logic, Hornby has tooled to allow for an original GER Y14 to be possible, but has never actioned it. Best wishes James
  2. Heljan order cancelled and an order placed for D7661 as of this morning. This looks to be a good one, can't wait!
  3. Due imminently! We have a selection of new items from Bachmann which will shortly be available from our eBay page at https://www.charity.ebay.co.uk/charity/The-Class-37-Locomotive-Group/40803 If you would like to order one in the meantime, please email our team at [email protected] Thank you Kind regards James
  4. My Wisbech coaches arrived Saturday, as they did for my friend in Newcastle, and very nice they look too!
  5. They only ever did one model with the original roof and have never done a stovepipe fitted example. They really dropped the ball on what could have been a variety of model options (especially as they've tooled for most of the changeable parts to be separately fitted items!)
  6. Thank you kindly to the both of you! That photo of E1942 is certainly useful and I'm more than likely going to model this now I have it as a reference. Thank you again James
  7. As I wrote for my article on 37146 in the C37LG's 'Syphon!' mag, the quoted reason was "The Highland Stag looks better on a yellow background"! For anyone interested, I run a regular feature in said magazine called "Livery Spot" where I highlight the weird and the wonderful. Best wishes James
  8. Hello! I'm looking to get an Ex-LNER Thompson redone in the experimental 1948 "Plum and Spilt Milk" livery, as per the watercolour in the link below: https://collection.sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk/objects/co227595/watercolour-design-sketch-june-1948-painting-watercolour The coach is identified as E143 but as only the end of the coach is shown, I have no idea what type of coach it was. As Thompson stock is not my forte, does anyone out there know what E143 was, so that I may source a suitable model to respray. Thank you Kind regards
  9. Hello everyone! We have a very limited supply of DCC sound fitted 3-car Class 117 DMUs fresh in from Bachmann. Get yours whilst stocks last! BR Green: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154327571228 BR Blue/Grey: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154327571008 Best wishes James
  10. And now for something completely different... With current national restrictions having prevented me from doing any work on the real 37003 for quite some time, I decided to scratch the itch by working on a miniature version instead! I've had one of the Groups limited edition models of 37003 since release a decade ago (and in typing that I suddenly feel older!) but in that time I've not really done much with it aside from fitting the rollerblind headcodes supplied with the model. With three other Bachmann 37s to work on (501/502 need nameplates and pipework whilst 116 nee
  11. Looking to try this method - How long do you leave it in situ before wiping off? Cheers James
  12. Hello! We've just received our first batch of Bachmann locos for 2021 in the form of these Class 57's! These are available from our eBay page over at: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/c37lg/m.html Our numbers of these are limited so be sure to get yours whilst you can! Best wishes James
  13. If we use the Oxford GE van as an example, the GER built 3,338 covered vans to this style (between three diagrams) whereas they built 15,791 5 plank open wagons; that's essentially one van to every five opens (and that's before we consider the 2,736 7 plank opens...). - James
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