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  1. The SECR built some shorter wagons for the Fleche DÓr containers on the British side - IIRC they carried 3 containers, which does beg the question what happened to the fourth one when it got to Dover? I'm lucky enough to have one of these containers - alas not full size, but probably contemporary with them, built either as an apprentice piece, or as a demonstration of what was involved. Jon
  2. go to google maps and type in 'afrps scunthorpe' and the pin is dropped right on the platform, look slightly to the North West, and all of the carparking seen to the west of the 'Main Approach Road' will be virtually empty at the weekend. The train won't come up until just before departure time. Jon
  3. They both seem to have gauges on, so I would guess fuel tanks - it is possible that on a preserved railway, the fuel capacity required is rather lower, and to avoid bio-buildup in the tank (or theft), a smaller internal arrangement has been implemented? Jon
  4. there is another at the Gwilli Railway Jon
  5. As a contrarian voice: I liked StAlbans, but I do entirely see why the show moved. This year was the first time I've not left StEvanage wondering if I should turn an invite for the following year down (if I was lucky enough for them to want me back) - I don't know why, but I've never warmed to the new venue, and find the parking/loading much more difficult than StAlbans. Jon
  6. The clear polyurethane I tried was intended for encapsulation - making paperweights and the like, in thin sections it remained quite cool, and it turned out the exothermic reaction it should have had, in a thick section, was required to help the resin set - so in heat's absence it didn't! Also heat and low-shrinkage don't go together. Jon
  7. As Gibbo has already said, it isn't - ts the earlier 36t type, anyone who wants a good read about the workings of a breakdown gang should aim to pick up a copy of 'Off the Rails' by Bill Bishop, who writes about his time with the Eastleigh crane (as your photograph), I noticed 3 copies in the Carriage shop at Horstead Keynes between Christmas and New Year at £3-4 each. Jon
  8. I'd assumed the 'saddles' for the axles were so that if the wagon was loaded from one end it wouldn't break springs. The door bangers puzzled me. Those are all the photos I have, it was difficult lighting being mostly in a shed, and with a boiler on top - I think there is a trnsfer rod, it starts above the axle in the 5th photo, and you can see a loop to catch it if it fell off under one of the inner longditudinals in photo 7. Jon
  9. Ian, the plastic tool is for raising and lowering the depth of blade - at least on the earlier cutters - there is also one moulded into the frame of your machine - its shown in your first photo - just below and to the left of blade holder '1'. I'm demoing my old portrait cutter in Stevenage in a week-and-a-bits time if you (or anyone else who might be interested) are in the area. Jon
  10. I'm not totally sure what this example is (at Didcot) but I think it should be clear enough how the various bits should sit. Jon
  11. I had a quick look in the carriage shop at the Bluebell Railway, who I might have expected to have a copy, however they didn't! Jon
  12. An acquaintance of mine usually relied on 'Bowling' to 'Bat&Ball' or v/v, on the basis that those who knew where one was, were usually a bit vague on the other! My own 'any permitted' anomaly is Thames Ditton to Egham, were the off Peak return is £10.90 'Any Permitted' (Via Clapham Junction or Via Surbiton and Weybridge), but the more restrictive 'Via Weybridge' is £11.50! Interestingly the anomaly has been removed for the 'anytime' fare, but it used to have the same bias. The singles are also 'directional' Thames Ditton to Egham is £8.30 but Egham to Thames Ditton is only £7.20. Jon
  13. OHLE coaches have had a coat of varnish this weekend. I suspect having no real need for them they will go on the secondhand stand at the CMRA show in the new year... they really should have a pantograph on at least one of the roofs, but its more work than I'm prepared to do. Jon
  14. Yes, that was quite impressive, but about Euro3000! Jon
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