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  1. Yes, I'd always heard Mark describe him as 'Mr Romford' but wasn't sure that was his actual name, hence not using it in my earlier post! Jon
  2. We don't know why the current supply is disrupted, there could be lots of factors, but I suspect the executive summary would just read 'Covid'. Its probably exacerbating the existing communication 'limitations' of the current proprietor. I think there needs to be a sense of proportionality, there will be some in the industry (retailers who stock his range, manufacturers of kits that require his wheels, or pro-builders with commissions), for whom the supply issue has a knock on for their own livelihoods, but ultimately, to most of the end users of his products, its is the 1st world
  3. A HUGE topic, I think you will need to narrow down what era you are interested in, and we might be able to answer. In terms of rolling stock drawings, everything RhB has been drawn in a series of books published by Schweer and Wall, although they are now impossible to get and Uber expensive, they have been re-published on DVD, which makes them available, but like everything else Swiss, not exactly cheap if you want the whole series. Jon
  4. As KevinLMS has said, a conventional CDU should be fine in most normal applications, where you are firing up to about 6 motors at once, and have reasonable wiring supporting it. There are a few tricks along the way that help - my club managed to achieve a perfect storm we used computer ribbon cable which was too small cross section for the current, and compounded it by making quite long wiring runs terminated at each baseboard with veroboard distribution. We had an entry to the fiddle year that could have required us to simultaneously fire two motors on a do
  5. The vents have been on it for decades, certainly before its current use as a buffet store. About 20 years ago my only weekend of practical preservation work at Swanage was to paint the other side of this van. Jon
  6. In one report I read, there also seems to be a suggestion that the reason why HS2's bat survey didn't find bats, is that there were protestors living in one of the trees identified as a roost? I'm not quite sure if this means the survey couldn't be done properly because of the protestors, the protestors disturbed a roost that moved, or the protesters are themselves 'batty'. Jon
  7. All knowledge has a monetary value, those of us that have it have probably paid out over the years to get that knowledge, which might be by travelling to see and measure things, travelling to archives to research things, paying for copies of things in archives or paying for source material on ebay, as well as all sorts of other ways. Why should we not expect a commercial company to pay us for that accumulated knowledge? Would you expect a time served craftsman the same rate as a fresh apprentice? In the case of Mike Edge, or David Bradwell they will, I beli
  8. I'm pretty confident that the real thing looks neither like the Dave Bradwell flat OR The KRM ladder chassis, but since both have to be derailed to see.... Is missing detail better or worse than made up because nobody knows? There is however a suspicion that there hasn't been all that much research. Jon
  9. Roxey do a 58ft Maunsel and a 56ft LSWR non corridor underframe, and a detailing kit for Ironclad underframes, I have no idea if any of those will do, but I'm sure Dave will know, help you if he can, and won't just supply something that you don't want just for a sale. https://www.roxeymouldings.co.uk/category/27/4mm-scale-underframes-bogies-compensation/ Jon
  10. Ive just browsed the collections, my contempt of the NRM grows with every interaction. The BFF group has a series in a row Jon
  11. Yes, the NRM in its infinite wisdom decided to move everything, in all my dealings with them they are hopeless, probably one of the few organisations that make a certain Mr Trump look competent. Now I'v got that off my chest... this should be the link to the railway photgraphic colections https://collection.sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk/search/categories/photographic-collections-(railway)/images From there you will need to navigate and find the photos yourself, but as a head start, if you take my filenames from page 1 in the link there is a section that says (for example) .
  12. I tried replicating this sort of sign (but much more weathered) for a fellow club member, by using a Silhouette cutter to cut a mask from making tape and then sponging the letters on - I didn't get any further as I didn't have an application myself, but I think the idea is promising.
  13. The good news is that the Lima brakewheels are horrible anyway, being wrong size, number of spokes and fairly awful mouldings, so you have not lost out! As Brian has suggested the Cambrian mouldings would make a good fit - as moulded plastic they are in keeping with the Lima, although I suspect if you need the hopper operating wheels then you will need several sets. The Lima Bogies are also wrong, you could do a lot worse than add a set of Cambrian Gloucester bogies to the order, these are the correct pattern, and I believe are now one piece mouldings. The O
  14. and irritatingly I've noticed a dust spot on the sensor shows in all the images, when I took it last weekend to SRS at Watford, they discovered its between the sensor and its protective glass and so can't be cleaned off - their opinion was at least it will always be in the same place so you can photoshop it out, (and since I hadn't noticed since this time last year do I really care) but now I know its there I fear a new camera will be the only way to rid myself of the problem. Jon
  15. Whilst Martyn was up nice and early for his trip to Italy, I wasn't. I had always planned to have a bit longer in bed, but then managed an additional unplanned lie-in that meant missing the hourly train... I didn't want to go to Italy just to limit the number of countries that might cause me to get quarantined, alas Switzerland was still added to the list on the Thursday. However I did have a plan, about 15 years ago I did an ADL tour led by Richard Pegler, and one of the days we had walked down from Ospizio Bernina to Lagalp, photographing on the way down, and I recall
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