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  1. They may not know yet, its a pretty big range, and there will be lots of moulds where someone has to work out whats on each, and can it still be used - and since the various brands have been split, there may also be moulds that are split between them. Jon
  2. Its the sort of logo that Decals Carpena might do in HO Jon
  3. I'm still struggling with my Portrait 1 on Windows 10, I re-flashed the firmware about this time last lear and it worked eratically for the first day of the Stevenage show, but not the second! I was beginning to believe that the problem might have been hardware and a fault with the cutter, however it occurred to me that the WinXP computer I used to download the firmware upgrade should still work, and indeed it does, although I had to convert Studio3 files to Studio 2 format. Some of my files are studio 4 format, so I might have to do two conversions. Has anyone else h
  4. I know a fair number of people who watch just for entertainment, Its a bit like buying (I couldn't bring myself to write 'reading' ) the Sun for its journalism, but with the drawback that you can't wrap fish and chips in a youtube video once its done. Jon
  5. I've probably had these two on the workbench for half a lifetime, as a teenager I used to regularly 'help' on the Roxey stand at exhibitions, and I think I aquied these two out of the reject box. First up 4C8 which I think is an LSWR Milk van. I think that this was etched in error in 20 thou! at some point I've been back to Dave and bought bogies and castings, along with a vac formed roof - not one of my favourite activities, but it has been cut to size this week - I need to work out what remains to do before finishing - I suspect its actually best glued on after painting and glaz
  6. Certainly 3 interesting choices, and as all are extant, and much easier to research than some of the other KR choices, with relatively easy access to the prototypes, although that might be a double edged sword, as there will be a lot of photos out there to compare the model to the real thing. The two Scunthorpe choices should be pretty simple, I was looking at my torpedo photos last night, and was struck by how little detail there is on them, the bogies are pretty complex, but all the superstructure is remarkably devoid of surface detail. The Hunslet also avoids the minefield of co
  7. I'm a bit confused how you have the CAD skills to produce the images you have, and a 3d print farm, but can't do the Cad to get from one to the other? Jon
  8. Doom and Wayne, sorry someone else was quicker off the mark. Its no longer available. Thanks Jo
  9. or more accurately to anyone prepared to pay the postage - untested. Jon
  10. I spent a quite enjoyable evening working on this the other day. I'd started by looking for the missing end from my Parkside BY, but when I found this part built Chivers kit in one of the boxes, I decided that would fill my time just as well. The previous owner (I bought it from the estate of a fellow club member) had built the basic box and added the doors, so my activity was cleaning off the tarnish then soldering on the strapping, vents, and then folding out the W irons and trussing - I seem to be missing the second V iron on the vac cylinder, so will have to source
  11. Its a bit of a long shot, and I know once lockdown ends, and they re-open, Peco should be able to supply one, but since Parkside always supplied spares its possible someone has a spare end in a box somewhere having damage some other part on the same sprue? I've just found a packet containing almost all of a Parkside Van BY 4 wheeler, but only 1 end, the other has escaped at some point, and a thorough search of my workshop didn't find it (although it did reveal a PMV I didn't know I had! ) would anyone have a BY (or PMV) end they could post me please? Post will be paid.
  12. I thought the old joke was 'when I'm gone, I hope my wife sells it for what its worth, not what I told her I paid for it!' As an aside, I recently was asked about how to sell some model railway stuff from one of my co-workers father's estate - another thing found in the garage was a live 6 inch artillery shell - she phoned the Police who were round extremely quickly, having become a bit confused between inches and FEET! Jon
  13. Just out of interest, when was that email sent? Jon
  14. I'm sorry, I have tried to simplify my language and add stressing because I felt my 'only' wasn't interpreted in the way I had intended it to be. My position is that NORMALLY the EP is REALLY close to the finished article, its usually produced to 'validate' that everything correct, and occasionally it will highlight the sort of problem that your examples illustrate well. KR seem to be suggesting that they are using it it more as an 'experimental prototype' to which there will be additional builds - which isn't the conventional way of doing it because it isn't a cheap wa
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