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  1. Not banking on it even being remotely Caledonian, rather wondering if that was the initials of the builder or it had belonged to someone with a railway that ran under CR. It's a fine model and looks to have been kit built, can't have been many HO scale kits using Bond's motors.
  2. Looking for help identifying this locomotive, if it was a kit or a good scratchbuild and it’s origins. Has all the hallmarks of a Midland/LMS 4F to my eye but some key details missing for that prototype. The model appears to be British HO scale, it features a Bonds Horsehoe motor, brass body and tender. Dark blue with “C R” on the tender and is numbered 335. Chassis construction is very old school and far out of my area of expertise (see the 2nd pic)
  3. A rebuild of the Mehano 0-4-0, with the addition of parts from Bachmann, Hornby and Dapol. It qualifies as a double Pugbash as it uses both parts from the Dapol L&Y and Hornby Caley examples.
  4. Likewise would be interested in this kit as would like a model of 77327 to add to my collection.
  5. I genuinely wonder if we will see any Lionel products appear alongside this, they already make a Polar Express in the same battery powered range, and offer a HO scale model too. Now that Hornby has tied a deal with Warner Brothers and is looking to bring products to market, it may be an easy move to make for the Christmas train set market later this year/next year?
  6. Looks like Thingiverse have taken down my freeware release of the NEM coupling, however if you wish to make your own I am happy to share with you the drawings I worked from, based from the CAD model I developed from a Hornby coupling and a Hornby NEM pocket. Whilst the file was taken down by DMCA, hopefully these drawings will help anyone wishing to draw up their own. The standards to model the pocket height/sizes are freely available through the MOROP website to anyone wishing to do so. All in German but I am sure that it's easy enough to work it all out and draw it up on your chosen CAD package. https://www.morop.org/downloads/nem/de/nem362_d.pdf An English version is available here: http://www.doubleogauge.com/standards/couplings.htm Hope this helps anyone wishing to make their own
  7. Peckett W6 body now sat on the chassis, going to be a fair bit of cleaning yet due to the orientation of the print.
  8. Wonder if the Steampunk chocolate machine will still be Cadbury's chocolate? Knew I recognised it from somewhere, wasn't it originally a Humbrol and/or Airfix item?
  9. As promised, here is the link to my freeware (non commercial) NEM pocket. If you have your own printer, I'd be interested in seeing a few people make it and use it https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4115624 Hope this is of use
  10. I’ve done a few versions but this is just to show the design works and works well at that.
  11. I’ve done a NEM coupling pocket adapter, I’ll throw it onto Thingiverse tonight and post the link to the STL file here
  12. It’s the same kit, but with a lot of tweaking and will no longer be sold through Shapeways. Right now it’s a test print to see how the model builds up.
  13. Shortly due to be married to a Pug chassis, however it’s not exactly a bash but more of a body swap.
  14. Hornby well and truly missing the mark, cogs and gears do not really capture the steam punk aesthetic as others have pointed out. Shame they’re using the Bassett Lowke name too... Great idea on paper, could have been so much better however.
  15. Thought I might as well get the paint in a rattle can to match official colours, RAL 2004 Pure Orange and RAL 1003 Signal Yellow are exact to the Colas fleet colours and will give me enough for the crane, a few locos (37, 47, 56) and even one each of a neverwazza, thatneverhappeneddidit and couldabeen I have planned. I'm grateful for the simple livery compared to some other companies! Whilst I plan to build the first module of the site to represent the original part of the shed, originally three roads but later two, another module will be built to show the newer extension with two roads alongside the original two. I plan on having the layout showing an open front, as if the viewer is looking from the safe walkway inside the depot. Next pay day is when I plan on building the baseboards, and then ordering the inspection pits to go in place. Wonder if Peco will sell a bulk buy of LK-156s?
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