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  1. Richy59

    Model Rail Scotland 2019

    Cheers Arran, was just wondering as was nice to be able to pick up something special the the show
  2. Richy59

    Model Rail Scotland 2019

    Will there be another exclusive AMRSS Locomotive like the Malcolm Class 08 and ScotRail Class 47 from the last couple of years or are the Rainbow Railways Tunnock's Wagons the exclusive for this year?
  3. Richy59

    Dapol's new Class 68 locomotives

    I just received an email from Dapol indicating my sound fitted preorder is ready for payment, maybe this means the dcc fitted versions are ready as well?
  4. Richy59

    Dapol's new Class 68 locomotives

    Decided I needed a TPE now that there are coaches incoming, went to pre-order the sound one on the Dapol website and all their latest models with sound are now 'Out of Stock' so glad I get my Plain Blue DRS one in last week. Guess I'll just have to buy a standard version from a retailer and look to fit sound down the line.
  5. Well, there goes my plans not to buy a Dapol TPE 68 The Nova 3 rake looks like it will be fantastic, I'll certainly be after one when they are up for pre-order. Probablt won't be able to resist so sort of Caledonian Sleeper formation as well alongside the 92 I read elsewhere that this announcement was due at Model Rail Scotland in a few weeks but was leaked slightly early. Will there be any 3D printed or handpainted samples on display there or was it just going to be the announcement like we have seen online?
  6. Do I have to pay upfront for the models, is it a free pre-order or is a deposit taken? Quite interested in the 18 wagons in Castle and don't want to miss out, but not sure I can put down all the money at once right now.
  7. Richy59

    Model Rail Scotland 2019

    Very much looking forward to it, been great going the last couple of years since I got back into the hobby. Going the Friday again this year although bought my tickets early so I don't have to stand in the massive queue I wasn't expecting! May have another visit on the Sunday as the Friday is just manic with people there buying.
  8. Very interested in the the Castle Cement packs, but I'm not sure which would be the most accurate for a current modern image layout, i.e. 2017/8/9? Packs J/K/M with Green lettering on logo 'Building a Better Environment' Packs L/N with the 'HeidelbergCement Group' logo off to the side under Castle Cement logo or Pack O with the 'HeidelbergCement Group' logo directly under the middle of Castle Cement logo Or would all packs be suitable, as 18 individual wagons does sound mighty tempting...
  9. Richy59

    Dapol's new Class 68 locomotives

    Thanks for the comprehensive answer, I had no idea who owned the Blue/Greys, just assumed they were old BR stock used for current rail tours. Does anyone have any info about when Dapol will released their factory fitted sound locos? I have a pre-order for the plain blue and itching to get it after seeing everyone posting their DCC Ready or Fitted models. Also is it usual for Dapol website pre-orders to not charge for the pre-order or take any payment details? I've never shopped direct with them before.
  10. Richy59

    Hornby - New tooling - Mark 2F coaches

    For the most part I have seen them consist of 3 Opens, the Brake and then the last 2 Opens to form the 6 carriage rake. Or vice versa if the loco has run around to the other end. very occasionally I have sen pictures of them with the 5 Opens together and the Brake at the end, or again, vice versa. I think the mix the consist depending on which carriages are available at the time. Photo by '37001' on Flickr
  11. Richy59

    Dapol's new Class 68 locomotives

    I'm not totally sure of it's destinations but it was 68007 'Valiant' on a 'Pathfinder Tours' rail tour (The Blue Boys Loco Fest apparently), I've seen a few people posting pictures on the various Facebook groups I'm on. Pretty interesting to see, and good for some modelling. It was actually at the head of a rake of Mk2s in Blue and Grey with no 'InterCity' branding on the sides, a mix of 1st class and Standard with a Buffet coach and a Mk1 Restaurant in the middle splitting the classes. There also looked to be a plain blue Mk2 brake coach in use? I actually bought a bunch of Hornby 1st class Blue and Greys when I saw that DB was using one of their 67s hauling them on a Rail Tour, which I plan to debrand and run on my layout as a Rail Tour, however I think Bachmann's Mk2s may be a better choice. Good to see the ScotRail 68s being used as well, gives me something to mix the rail tours up with.
  12. Richy59

    Dapol's new Class 68 locomotives

    I'm trying to hold off until the end of the month when I go to Model Rail Scotland to see what i can buy on the day, but I am really struggling to resist a sound fitted version direct from Dapol since that might be hard to come by at the show since they haven't actually released them yet nor will they be going to other stockists. I do really want a Late Service 'Avenger' but I can't find any with sound fitted. Does Dapol just use the Legomanbiffo sound file? If so I could just buy it direct from him.
  13. Richy59

    BRM March 2019

    I haven't had a chance to find a print edition of BRM yet, as mostly I have to reply on supermarkets to get my issues, so was looking to purchase online. I can't figure out though if I buy a print edition online if I'll get the laser cut kit with it, the DVD (which I believe is for subscribers only) or nothing at all. Any help would be most appreciated
  14. Richy59

    Hornby R3659 renumbered 67027 Charlotte?

    Interesting note, although not very important, that the 2019 Hornby Catalogue lists R3659 as being 67023 'Stella' even although, as discussed in this topic, it was changed awhile before release to 67027 'Charlotte' I've done my own renumbering, but would have been interesting if Hornby had released both with a simple name change, or as a limited edition double pack. Especially with the upcoming Network Rail Mk2fs
  15. Pleasantly surprised to see a sound fitted Bachmann 66 on pre-orders for £190, very reasonable compared to I believe the £265 for the upcoming Hatton's ones. If, and a large if, they improve the sounds of the 66 like they did on the recent Europhoenix 37 then its going to be a winner. I had a pre-order on with Hatton's for their new 66 in the GBRf Large Logo livery, and will stick with it as it's a 'celebrity' loco so something special to have for a new model, but glad to see Bachmann releasing the new Freightliner livery this year on theirs which is one over on Hatton's.

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