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  1. Sorry to drag up an old thread but can someone explain how I am supposed to wire up the supplies microswitch for frog polarity changing? It’s my first ever attempt at point motor installing, and I’ve been able to do the basic wiring for basic functioning, but can’t work out the instructions for the microswitch Cheers
  2. I purchased a Royal on Monday - BR Maroon - and when tested in the shop it was working fine forward and back. Got it onto the track yesterday and whilst it does work at slow speeds and high speeds, at medium speed the motor sound alike a bag of bolts. It’s running so roughly, and it just sounds terrible. However in reverse at the same speeds it is completely normal, nice quiet smooth runner. Very strange. Back into forward direction at the same speed at before and still very noisy. I’ve stopped running it as don’t want to risk damaging it, and contacted the shop I purchased it from for advice, but yet to hear back.
  3. I recieved my GBRf BR Large Logo a few days ago and just got a chance to run it today. Firstly, very impressed by the detail and the sound, I don't know if it is the file or the speaker, or the combinations, but it sounds fantastic. I started to run it and instantly noticed it wobbling. Thought I'd give it a chance to run in first after what I heard from feedback about the pre-Christmas deliveries. Then it reached a turnout, and derailed. Tried again, same thing. I checked underneath and noticed that one of the wheels on the leading bogie is stuck off centre, and cannot move in our out within the frame. Checking the wheel covers it seems when mine has been glued into place on the axel it has actually glied itself to the bogie frame as well, so it is stuck solid and unable to rotate. This is causing the wheel to stay out of line, and when reaches a turnout it derails and shot circuits. I tried to push it out to normal position but its pretty solid. I don't want to force it and risk damaging the bogie frame itself. I've put a little oil on it to try loosen it up a bit, otherwise I'll need to look at something that will cut through the glue, or failing that have to send it back.
  4. Richy59


    I really enjoyed seeing Hallside on the Friday, was a pleasent surprise and one of my favourites. I spent some time watching the trains go by. Thanks to whoever answered my questions about the red ballast towards the end of the day on Friday, very friendly and helpful with good insights to the layout.
  5. How did you do your red ballast? I'm in the process of starting my layout based in Scotland, and have been struggling to find a suitable red ballast to match the lines local to me.
  6. Got my triple pack of the DRS Nuclear Waste wagons, very pleased after I missed out on the PCA Castle wagon runs. Only got one o fthem out the box for a quick look but very good looking, and nicely detailed. First Accurascale product and very much looking forward to the Mk5s and 37s later in the year.
  7. I picked this up at weekend and I have been enjoying reading through it, great to get an understanding of the company's history. Would be fantastic if they did similar volumes for all the current fright operators.
  8. Yeah sorry, I was getting myself mixed up with the other 91s they announced which just have placeholder real images on their website.
  9. Just noticed Hornby updated their Class 91 images with a pre-production render sample I believe.
  10. Big fan of this layout, saw it at Falkirk last year and another time before, possibly at Dundee. Glad to see a thread for it on here, I'll be keeping an eye out for any updates!
  11. Any chance of the exhibition floor plan being shared beforehand like last year?
  12. Alright, thanks! Wasn't aware of this so I'll keep an eye out on your website or via the stockists I've seen. I see Accurascale will be at Model Rail Scotland, is this a trade/advertisement stand rather than a retailing one like last year? Thanks again!
  13. Nuclear half heights seem to be sold out everywhere, should have pre-ordered! Maybe just have to accept the marked up eBay listings... They look great as well!
  14. Richy59

    Hornby Google Trends

    At least its and upward trend overall for OO Gauge. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=oo gauge
  15. I had a look at your Shapeways link and saw these are currently on sale, are they still in a testing phase?
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