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  1. Alright, thanks! Wasn't aware of this so I'll keep an eye out on your website or via the stockists I've seen. I see Accurascale will be at Model Rail Scotland, is this a trade/advertisement stand rather than a retailing one like last year? Thanks again!
  2. Nuclear half heights seem to be sold out everywhere, should have pre-ordered! Maybe just have to accept the marked up eBay listings... They look great as well!
  3. Richy59

    Hornby Google Trends

    At least its and upward trend overall for OO Gauge. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=oo gauge
  4. I had a look at your Shapeways link and saw these are currently on sale, are they still in a testing phase?
  5. Richy59

    Hornby 66s

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but with Hornby announcing a batch of new liveries for their 66 in the 2020 range I thought it would be better than starting a new discussion. Glad to see they are diversifying a bit with liveries this year, as so far they have pretty much been matching the upcoming Hattons 66. Makes sense for them commercially I guess. Really like the look of the PD Ports DB livery, it may actually tempt me into getting my first Hornby 66. Since they have been out for awhile now, has anybody carried out any major modifications on their models - lights, more weight, weathering etc?
  6. That would be good, to see pictures of the full set together and any differences. I was looking on ebay the other day at these packs and saw the loco being sold on it's own, must have been yours! Interesting to know why they released two packs of the same theme at roughly the same time but went with different coach tooling for both. How odd.
  7. Interesting to hear that the Train Pack R3697 uses Mk2D coaches and the Coach Pack R4898 uses the Mk2E tooling. I was looking into purchasing these two packs to get a 6 coach train, and replace the 47 with the Bachmann 57 for example, but if the coaches are significantly different then I don't think I will bother. Is it quite a noticable difference between the Airfix Mk2Es and the newer Hornby Mk2Ds?
  8. I'm a beginner, about to start laying track for my first layout in my loft. Not looking for anything fancy, but I do want it all run run well and just work. Originally I planned to just have basic power, 4 loops off one DCC controller (Sig-naTrak 'Ace') with Insulfrogs and no point motors. Now I have moved to a stage where I would like some fiddle yards along the backs, and I would like motors to move the points as required, so I'd also install points at other areas of the layouts, but I'm planning on keeping them as traditional switches rather than DCC controlled as don't want to input addresses every time I want to throw a switch. I am also thinking about upgrading to electrofrog points to allow for smoother running, however I'm still a bit lost with how (or why?) I need to solder cables onto them to allow them to work correctly. Forgive my naivety, but in some simple testing I have done, I was using basic Hornby - and a few Peco insulfrog - points and I was using the small metal clips (like staples) that are fitted between the point blades and rail that Hornby provide to allow DCC operation. These seem to work quite well, and allow for me to have locomotives switch tracks and switch loops and have all my locos powered with sound emitting from them and lights on without any wiring taking place. If I just keep using insulfrogs and these little metal clips in the points do i really need to do any additional wiring? Thanks
  9. Cheers Arran, was just wondering as was nice to be able to pick up something special the the show
  10. Will there be another exclusive AMRSS Locomotive like the Malcolm Class 08 and ScotRail Class 47 from the last couple of years or are the Rainbow Railways Tunnock's Wagons the exclusive for this year?
  11. I just received an email from Dapol indicating my sound fitted preorder is ready for payment, maybe this means the dcc fitted versions are ready as well?
  12. Decided I needed a TPE now that there are coaches incoming, went to pre-order the sound one on the Dapol website and all their latest models with sound are now 'Out of Stock' so glad I get my Plain Blue DRS one in last week. Guess I'll just have to buy a standard version from a retailer and look to fit sound down the line.
  13. Well, there goes my plans not to buy a Dapol TPE 68 The Nova 3 rake looks like it will be fantastic, I'll certainly be after one when they are up for pre-order. Probablt won't be able to resist so sort of Caledonian Sleeper formation as well alongside the 92 I read elsewhere that this announcement was due at Model Rail Scotland in a few weeks but was leaked slightly early. Will there be any 3D printed or handpainted samples on display there or was it just going to be the announcement like we have seen online?
  14. Do I have to pay upfront for the models, is it a free pre-order or is a deposit taken? Quite interested in the 18 wagons in Castle and don't want to miss out, but not sure I can put down all the money at once right now.
  15. Very much looking forward to it, been great going the last couple of years since I got back into the hobby. Going the Friday again this year although bought my tickets early so I don't have to stand in the massive queue I wasn't expecting! May have another visit on the Sunday as the Friday is just manic with people there buying.
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